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Armida and al
* Armida al campo d ' Egitto by Antonio Vivaldi ( Venice, 1718 )
* Armida al campo by Antonio Bioni ( Breslau / Wrocław, 1726 )
* Armida al campo d ' Egitto ( 1718 ) by Vivaldi

Armida and by
The libretto to Armida was by Marco Coltellini the house poet for the imperial theaters.
Armida was translated into German and widely performed, especially in the northern German states, where it helped to establish Salieri's reputation as an important and innovative modern composer It would also be the first opera to receive a serious preparation in a piano and vocal reduction by Carl Friedrich Cramer in 1783.
Armida was soon followed by Salieri's first truly popular success ; a commedia per musica in the style of Carlo Goldoni La fiera di Venezia ( The Fair of Venice ).
His opera ' Rinaldo and Armida ' has recently been published in the Recent Researches of the Music of the Baroque Era series ( A-R Editions ), edited by Steven Plank.
* Armida abbandonata ( Naples, 1770 ) – libretto by Francesco Saverio de ' Rogati
At the beginning of the 20th century, the Casa de Cultura Jesús Reyes Heroles was inhabited by María Concepción Armida, who is being considered for beatification by the Catholic Church.
* Rinaldo in Armida by Josef Mysliveček ( Milan, 1780 )
* Rinaldo in Armida abbandonata by Niccolò Jommelli ( Naples, 1780 )
Rinaldo and Armida, by Francois Boucher, 1734 ; this painting gained Boucher entrance to the Academie ( Louvre Museum )
He contributed to the society's exhibitions upwards of three hundred portraits and other works, among them being " The Enchantress Armida ", exhibited in 1831 ; " Haidee aroused from her Trance by the sound of Music ", 1834 ; " Eros ", 1836 ; " Italian Boys playing at the National Game of Mora " and the " Prisoner of Chillon ", 1837 ; " The Scene in St. Peter's, Rome, from Byron's Deformed Transformed ", 1839 ; " The Convent of St. Isidore: the Monks giving away provisions ", 1841 ; and a " Scene in a Spanish Posada in Andalusia ", 1843.
Rinaldo and Armida, by François Boucher.
The witch Armida ( modeled on Circe in Homer and the witch Alcina in Ariosto's epic ) enters the Christian camp asking for their aid ; her seductions divide the knights against each other and a group leaves with her, only to be transformed into animals by her magic.
Two Christian knights seek out the hidden fortress, brave the dangers that guard it and, by giving Rinaldo a mirror of diamond, force him to see himself in his effeminated and amorous state and to return to the war, leaving Armida heartbroken.
* Armida by Benedetto Ferrari ( Venice, 1639 ) music lost
* Armida by Marco Marazzoli ( Ferrara, 1641 )
* Amori di Rinaldo con Armida by Teofilo Orgiani ( Brescia, 1697 ) music lost
* Armida abbandonata by Giovanni Maria Ruggieri ( Venice, 1707 )
* Armida regina di Damasco by Teofilo Orgiani ( Verona, 1711 ) music lost
* Armida in Damasco by Giacomo Rampini ( Venice, 1711 )
* Armida abbandonata by Giuseppe Maria Buini ( Bologna, 1716 )
* Armida delusa by Giuseppe Maria Buini ( Venice, 1720 )
* Das eroberte Jerusalem, oder Armida und Rinaldo by Georg Caspar Schurmann ( Brunswick, 1722 )

Armida and Giuseppe
* Giuseppe Sarti – Armida e Rinaldo
), Luísa gave her first concert, performing Giuseppe Sarti's Armida and Rinaldo.
* Giuseppe Maria Buini – Armida abbandonata

Armida and Venice
* Il trionfo di Armida by Tomaso Albinoni ( Venice, 1726 )
* L ' abbandono di Armida by Antonio Pollarolo ( Venice, 1729 )

al and campo
* 1996-Grossi calibri al campo militare
sus guerreros al campo lanzó
* Christmas at Camp 119 ( 1948 ) ( Natale al campo 119 )

al and by
The present Republican leadership as practiced by Mundt, Goldwater, Bridges, Dirksen, et al, is repeating the errors of the party leadership of the 1930s.
Several samples of citrated plasma were fractionated in our laboratory by Method 6 of Cohn et al.
The technique of cutting sections was essentially the same as that described by Coons et al ( 1951 ).
Reliability and validation work with the Children's Anxiety Scale by Castaneda, et al demonstrated results closely similar to the findings with the adult scale.
For example, while most of today's Altaic languages have vowel harmony, Proto-Altaic as reconstructed by Starostin et al.
* Revised Report on the Algorithmic Language Algol 60 by Peter Naur, et al.
In a study by Tajima et al.
* Roberto Piperno, " Three busts by Alessandro Algardi " Busts of members of the Frangipane family in S. Marcello al Corso
He is alleged to have often served as an Imam at his mosque in Saudi Arabia and is believed by American Authorities to have been a student of a Saudi cleric named Sulayman al Alwan, whose mosque is located in Al-Qassim Province.
In the autumn of 2001, after the September 11 attacks, al Jazeera television broadcast a tape they claim was made by Omari.
This phenomenon, known as gravity darkening or the von Zeipel effect, was confirmed for Altair by measurements made by the Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer in 2001, and analyzed by Ohishi et al.
A complete map was published in 2009 ( Flood, et al., 2009 ) using these previous results with high quality mapping obtained in 2006 ( by researchers at Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada who are project partners in this study.
The Church of Sant ' Andrea al Quirinale, designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini
A study by de Vendômois et al.
A review by Food Standards Australia New Zealand and others of the 2009 Vendômois et al.
A simple nomenclature system was introduced in 1978 by Angst, J., et al., to classify more easily individuals ' affectedness within the spectrum, following a clinical study by the Psychiatric University Clinic of Zürich.
Such a study was conducted by Sims et al.
This was first observed by Fuqua et al.
In 1169 Saladin was appointed as the new vizier of Egypt by the Fatimids and two years later he would seize power from the family of the last Fatimid caliph, al -' Āḍid.
The Yihewani ( Ikhwan al Muslimun a. k. a. Muslim brotherhood ) was the predominant Muslim sect backed by the Chiang government during Chiang's regime.
The second is a Grignard reaction, elaborated by Hoffman-La Roche from the original synthesis of Inhoffen et al.
In a study by Haggbloom et al.

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