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Armida and by
The libretto to Armida was by Marco Coltellini the house poet for the imperial theaters.
Armida was translated into German and widely performed, especially in the northern German states, where it helped to establish Salieri's reputation as an important and innovative modern composer It would also be the first opera to receive a serious preparation in a piano and vocal reduction by Carl Friedrich Cramer in 1783.
Armida was soon followed by Salieri's first truly popular success ; a commedia per musica in the style of Carlo Goldoni La fiera di Venezia ( The Fair of Venice ).
His opera ' Rinaldo and Armida ' has recently been published in the Recent Researches of the Music of the Baroque Era series ( A-R Editions ), edited by Steven Plank.
* Armida abbandonata ( Naples, 1770 ) – libretto by Francesco Saverio de ' Rogati
At the beginning of the 20th century, the Casa de Cultura Jesús Reyes Heroles was inhabited by María Concepción Armida, who is being considered for beatification by the Catholic Church.
* Rinaldo in Armida by Josef Mysliveček ( Milan, 1780 )
* Rinaldo in Armida abbandonata by Niccolò Jommelli ( Naples, 1780 )
Rinaldo and Armida, by Francois Boucher, 1734 ; this painting gained Boucher entrance to the Academie ( Louvre Museum )
He contributed to the society's exhibitions upwards of three hundred portraits and other works, among them being " The Enchantress Armida ", exhibited in 1831 ; " Haidee aroused from her Trance by the sound of Music ", 1834 ; " Eros ", 1836 ; " Italian Boys playing at the National Game of Mora " and the " Prisoner of Chillon ", 1837 ; " The Scene in St. Peter's, Rome, from Byron's Deformed Transformed ", 1839 ; " The Convent of St. Isidore: the Monks giving away provisions ", 1841 ; and a " Scene in a Spanish Posada in Andalusia ", 1843.
Rinaldo and Armida, by François Boucher.
The witch Armida ( modeled on Circe in Homer and the witch Alcina in Ariosto's epic ) enters the Christian camp asking for their aid ; her seductions divide the knights against each other and a group leaves with her, only to be transformed into animals by her magic.
Two Christian knights seek out the hidden fortress, brave the dangers that guard it and, by giving Rinaldo a mirror of diamond, force him to see himself in his effeminated and amorous state and to return to the war, leaving Armida heartbroken.
* Armida by Benedetto Ferrari ( Venice, 1639 ) music lost
* Amori di Rinaldo con Armida by Teofilo Orgiani ( Brescia, 1697 ) music lost
* Armida abbandonata by Giovanni Maria Ruggieri ( Venice, 1707 )
* Armida al campo by Giuseppe Boniventi ( Venice, 1708 )
* Armida regina di Damasco by Teofilo Orgiani ( Verona, 1711 ) music lost
* Armida in Damasco by Giacomo Rampini ( Venice, 1711 )
* Armida abbandonata by Giuseppe Maria Buini ( Bologna, 1716 )
* Armida al campo d ' Egitto by Antonio Vivaldi ( Venice, 1718 )
* Armida delusa by Giuseppe Maria Buini ( Venice, 1720 )
* Das eroberte Jerusalem, oder Armida und Rinaldo by Georg Caspar Schurmann ( Brunswick, 1722 )

Armida and Marco
On 11 January the opera L ' Armida, by Barberini house composer Marco Marazzoli, was presented in his honor and Marazzoli composed a work Le pretensioni del Tebro e del Po to commemorate recent events.

by and Marco
A number of Islamic writers and the 13th century Italian Marco Polo describe how this was obtained by sublimation from zinc ores and condensed onto clay or iron bars, archaeological examples of which have been identified at Kush in Iran.
Saint Benedict of Nursia ( c. 480 – 543 ), detail from a fresco by Fra Angelico, Saint Mark's Basilica | San Marco, Florence ( c. 1400 – 1455 ).
He also held the records for the oldest Serie A player and most Serie A appearances ( 570 matches ) for more than 20 years, until the season 2005 – 06 when the record was broken by S. S. Lazio goalkeeper Marco Ballotta and A. C. Milan defender Paolo Maldini respectively.
Vampira attended and was escorted by Paul Marco.
Other noteworthy recent Italian films include: Jona che visse nella balena directed by Roberto Faenza, Il grande cocomero by Francesca Archibugi, Il mestiere delle armi by Olmi, L ' ora di religione by Marco Bellocchio, Il ladro di bambini, Lamerica, Le chiavi di casa by Gianni Amelio, Io non ho paura by Gabriele Salvatores, Le fate ignoranti, La finestra di fronte by Ferzan Özpetek, La bestia nel cuore by Cristina Comencini.
Stories of kites were first brought to Europe by Marco Polo towards the end of the 13th century, and kites were brought back by sailors from Japan and Malaysia in the 16th and 17th centuries.
* Jacobi an Fichte, German Text ( 1799 / 1816 ), with Introduction and Critical Apparatus by Marco Ivaldo and Ariberto Acerbi ( Introduction, German Text, Italian Translation, 3 Appendices with Jacobi's and Fichte's complementary Texts, Philological Notes, Commentary, Bibliography, Index ): Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici-Press, Naples 2011, ISBN 978-88-905957-5-2.
* Manon Lescaut, libretto by Luigi Illica, Marco Praga and Domenico Oliva ( premiered at the Teatro Regio, 1 February 1893 )
Galeon was a Gecko-based web browser created by Marco Pesenti Gritti with a goal to deliver consistent browsing experience to GNOME desktop environment.
The project was started by Marco Pesenti Gritti with the goal of creating a web browser that would be fast and consistent with the GNOME desktop environment.
Kabir played pivotal roles in Columbia Pictures ' The Beast of War, a film on the Russian war in Afghanistan, directed by Kevin Reynolds, as well as the acclaimed Italian film Andata Ritorno, by Marco Ponti, winner of the prestigious David di Donatello Award.
Xanadu ( here called Ciandu, as Marco Polo spelled it ) on the French map of Asia made by Sanson d ' Abbeville, geographer of King Louis XIV, dated 1650.
Marco Polo also described a large portable palace made of gilded and lacquered cane or bamboo, and supported against the wind by two hundred silk cords, which could be taken apart quickly and moved from place to place.
One possible place of birth is Venice's former contrada of San Giovanni Crisostomo, which is sometimes presented by historians as the birthplace, and it is generally accepted that Marco Polo was born in the Venetian Republic with most biographers pointing towards Venice itself as Marco Polo's home town.

by and Ferrara
* Mary ( 2005 film ), a film directed by Abel Ferrara about Mary mother of Jesus
by Orestes Ferrara ; ( 1929 ) online edition
Though Spain and the Emperor Rudolf II encouraged Alfonso II's illegitimate cousin, Cesare d ' Este, to withstand the Pope, they were deterred from giving him any material aid by Henry IV's threats, and a papal army entered Ferrara almost unopposed.
Created by law in 1988, it is managed by a consortium, the Consorzio per la gestione de Parco, to which Ferrara and Ravenna provinces belong as well as nine comuni: Comacchio, Argenta, Ostellato, Goro, Mesola, Codigoro, Ravenna, Alfonsine, and Cervia.
In 1999 the park was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and was added to " Ferrara, City of the Renaissance, and its Po Delta.
)- 1475, he studied civil law at the university of Pavia, and later went to Ferrara ( 1475 – 1479 ), where he became the protégé of Prince d ' Este of Ferrara, was a pupil of Theodor Gaza and attended lectures by the famous Battista Guarino.
According to Andrea del Centina, a math professor at the University of Ferrara in Italy, the revision included attempts to clarify her work by “ introducing certain simplifying hypotheses.
* Chelsea on the Rocks ( 2008 ) A documentary film directed by Abel Ferrara
The origin of Ferrara is uncertain, it was probably settled by the inhabitants of the lagoons at the mouth of Po river ; there are two early centers of settlement, one round the cathedral, the other, the castrum bizantino, being the San Pietro district, on the opposite shore, where the Primaro empties into the Volano channel.
His son Borso received the title of duke for the imperial fiefs of Modena and Reggio from Emperor Frederick III in 1452 ( in which year Girolamo Savonarola was born here ), and in 1471 was made duke of Ferrara by Pope Paul II.
The architecture of Ferrara benefitted from the genius of Biagio Rossetti, who was asked in 1484 by Ercole I to redesign the plan of the city.
Torquato Tasso in the St. Ann's hospital of Ferrara, by Eugène Delacroix.
Altarpiece, by the artist Michele di Luca dei Coltellini, was once in the now ruined church of Sant ' Andrea in Ferrara.
During the reign of Alfonso II, Ferrara once again developed an opulent court with an impressive musical establishment, rivaled in Italy only by the adjacent city of Venice, and the traditional musical centers such as Rome, Florence and Milan.
The city was much affected by the 1570 Ferrara earthquake.
Alfonso had no legitimate male heir, and in 1597 Ferrara was claimed as a vacant fief by Pope Clement VIII, as was also Comacchio.
In the five years between 2002 and 2007, the population of Ferrara grew by 2. 28 %, while Italy as a whole grew by 3. 85 %.
The Jewish residents of Ferrara paid 30, 000 ducats to prevent the pillage of the city by Klenau's forces ; this was used to pay the wages of Gardani's troops.
The Ferrara Bible was a 1553 publication of the Ladino version of the Tanach used by Sephardi Jews.
The town of Ferrara was also the setting of the famous film The Garden of the Finzi-Continis by Vittorio De Sica in ( 1970 ), that tells the vicissitudes of a rich Jewish family during the dictatorship of Benito Mussolini and World War II.
Stripping also was part of " genre " films, such as horror thriller Fear City ( 1984 ), by Abel Ferrara, about a mass-murderer who terrorizes dancers working at a seedy strip club in Times Square, New York.
In August 1435 a peace treaty was signed at Ferrara by the various belligerents.

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