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At and least
At least, the wheels dug in.
`` At least for South Florida ''.
At least a dozen men, some armed, are never far away from him.
At least I had been unable to lay hold on the experience of conversion.
At least I should like them to know that I know these discounts are being made.
At least they hadn't stepped up and asked to see papers in the hated, flat, dialect mispronunciation of Mussolini's home district -- Dogumenti, per favore.
At least, I have found it so.
At least in Indonesia, Khrushchev found an American proud to be at total war with Communism ''!!
At least the Union officer had been decent enough to provide a candle.
`` At least there is room here '', she said.
`` At least you could leave it for the movers '', Miss Ada said.
At least one state vehicle was in existence in 1917.
At least five years ago, Tom Robinson of Marlin made up an over/under double rifle for me in this caliber, using the now defunct Model 90 action in 20-gauge size.
At least he could buy the equipment for his workshop.
At least the moment was postponed when he had to face the mystery of the power tools.
At the least, however, one may conclude that Geometric potters sensed a logical order ; ;
At least she never knew what the bottom was like ''.
I know Negroes who prefer the South and white Southerners, because `` At least there, you haven't got to play any guessing games ''!!
At least he could climb up on the fence when his tormenters roared by again.
At least, I want to find out whether she's home yet or not ''.
At least 20 other Americans were reported to have been arrested in a mass political roundup.
At least two private colleges in the Atlanta area now or in the past have had integrated student bodies, but their tax-exempt status never has been challenged by the state.
At least this seemed to be the working hypothesis for `` Chicago And All That Jazz '', presented on NBC-TV Nov. 26.
At least 60 stations devote all of their time to reaching this audience in about half of the 50 states.
At least, he had the decency to blush, she thought.

At and one
At one and the same time, she was within it but still searching for the drawbridge that would give her entry.
At the heart of all of this was the square, which one such traveler declared to be `` as spacious, as pleasant and aromatick a Market as any in the Universe ''.
At one time she felt impelled to make dances that `` moved all over the stage '', much as Pollock's paintings move violently over the full extent of the canvas.
At one side of the stage a dancer jumps excitedly ; ;
At this period the thirty-year old Helion was ranked `` as one of the mature leaders of the modern movement '', according to Herbert Read, `` and in the direct line of descent from Cezanne, Seurat, Gris and Leger ''.
At one time it seemed as if the Soviet Union had done us a favor by providing a striking example of how not to behave towards other peoples and other nations.
At this point Mrs. Frances Cupply, one of Wright's handsome daughters by his first wife, came from the house and tried to calm Miriam as she tore down a no visitors sign and smashed the glass pane on another sign with a rock.
At the same time, I am aware that my recoil could be interpreted by readers of the tea leaves at the bottom of my psyche as an incestuous sign, since theirs is a science of paradox: if one hates, they say it is because one loves ; ;
At Camp Taylor in Kentucky a barracks was built in an hour and a half from timber that had been standing in Mississippi forests one week before.
At the same time another child -- this one of Shelley's brain -- was given to the world: Alastor, a poem of pervading beauty in which the reader may gaze into the still depths of a fine mind's musings.
At one university, the president cites the faculty review committee as `` a valued partner of the administration in guarding and promoting the quality of the faculty ''.
At one time, to most Americans, unless they were fortunate enough to live near a body of navigable water, boats were considered the sole concern of fishermen, rich people, and the United States Navy.
At present it's available in one model, the fine and familiar Smith & Wesson Magnum revolver ( about $110 ), long a top-quality handgun among target arms.
At one time about 10,000 people lived there.
At the same time he watched carefully to see how one attached pegboards to stone walls, but Mr. Blatz was usually standing in his line of vision and it all seemed so simple that he didn't like to disclose his ignorance.
At one astronomical unit from the sun ( the Earth's distance ) the dust orbits are probably nearly circular.
At the end of work one day, the personnel man took the applicants one at a time, asked them to sit behind the receptionist's desk and he then played the role of a number of people who might come to the receptionist with a number of queries and for a number of purposes.
At one time it was the ambition of every saxophone player in every high school band in America to blow like Bird.
At each step of the calculation the operating variables of only one stage need be varied.
At the same time, every device that can be employed to reduce the number of variables is of the greatest value, and it is one of the attractive features of dynamic programming that room is left for ingenuity in using the special features of the problem to this end.
At last, even the controlled Torrio was unable to hold still, and he tentatively suggested that O'Banion should take a percentage in the Stickney brothels in return for one from his Cicero beer concession.

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