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At and height
At the height of the first snowstorm we had, it was impossible for me to get medical attention needed during an emergency.
At the present time we do not know by what biochemical mechanism TSH acts on the thyroid, but for bio-assay of the hormone there are a number of properties by which its activity may be estimated, including release of iodine from the thyroid, increase in thyroid weight, increase in mean height of the follicular cells and increase in the thyroidal uptake of Af.
At the height of the French Revolution, he was accused by Jean-Paul Marat of selling adulterated tobacco, and of other crimes and was eventually guillotined a year after Marat's death.
At the height of their popularity the band consisted of singer Jimmy Somerville backed by Steve Bronski and Larry Steinbachek, both of whom played keyboards and percussion.
At the height of the rainy season, the front may reach as far as Kanem Prefecture.
At this point, the water pushes northward up the Tonle Sab and empties into the Tonle Sap, thereby increasing the size of the lake from about 2, 590 square kilometers to about 24, 605 square kilometers at the height of the flooding.
At the height of the boom, it was possible for a promising dot-com to make an initial public offering ( IPO ) of its stock and raise a substantial amount of money even though it had never made a profit — or, in some cases, earned any revenue whatsoever.
At its pre-war height, the movement often pursued pseudoscientific notions of racial supremacy and purity.
At their greatest height they reach an elevation of about, the highest point in southern Finland.
At the party's height it boasted 3, 000 cumainn, an average of 75 per constituency.
" At the height of his fame on Diff ' rent Strokes, he earned as much as US $ 100, 000 per episode.
At their height, the Assyrians dominated all of Syria-Palestine, Egypt, and Babylonia.
At its height, the British Empire covered a quarter of the Earth's land area and comprised a quarter of its population.
At the height of its popularity, an entire year's worth of shows would be taped in two separate week-long sessions, then individual shows would be assembled from edited sections.
At the height of the inflation, one US dollar was worth 4 trillion German marks.
At the height of the Persian tradition of illustrated book production ( 1300 to 1600 C. E.
At the height of his popularity as a director, Whale directed The Road Back, a sequel to All Quiet on the Western Front, in 1937.
At the height of her career, she was known as " The Queen of Rock and Roll " as well as " The Queen of Psychedelic Soul ", and became known as Pearl amongst her friends.
At first the kingdom was little more than a loose collection of towns and cities captured during the crusade, but at its height in the mid-12th century the kingdom roughly encompassed the territory of modern-day Israel, Lebanon and Palestine.
At its height it encompassed an area covering not only much of Chad, but also parts of modern southern Libya, eastern Niger, northeastern Nigeria and northern Cameroon.
At the height of the strikes, nearly 30, 000, 000 working days were lost in Britain during 1979, but that had fallen dramatically to some 5, 000, 000 during 1981 as a result of the Thatcher government's union reform policies.
At its highest point, it reaches a height of 1, 834 feet ( 559 m ).
At its height Cahokia is believed to have had a population of between 40, 000 and 80, 000 people, making it amongst the largest pre-Columbian cities of the Americas.
At the height of Viking expansion into Dublin and Jorvik 875-954 AD the longship reached a peak of development such as the Gokstad ship 890.

At and career
At the outset of his career, Steinberg had dedicated himself to the advancement of contemporary music by vowing to do a Schonberg work every year.
At the age of eleven, he joined his father on a ship as an apprentice ; his seagoing career would be marked by headstrong disobedience.
* 1974 – At Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, Hank Aaron hits his 715th career home run to surpass Babe Ruth's 39-year-old record.
At the start of his career, he won public attention by creating small, intimate modestly scaled works in unconventional media and with eccentric subject matter.
At the time of his birth, Chaplin's parents were both entertainers in the music hall tradition: Hannah, the daughter of a shoemaker, had a brief and unsuccessful career under the stage name Lily Harley, while Charles Sr., a butcher's son, worked as a popular singer.
At the time, Pud Galvin had the second most career wins with 364.
At Biograph, Griffith's career in the film industry would change forever.
At first he considered a career in law, but came to have, in his words, " an insurmountable aversion to everything but the pursuits of Philosophy and general Learning ; and while family fanceyed I was poring over Voet and Vinnius, Cicero and Virgil were the Authors which I was secretly devouring.
At this stage of his career Churchill was opposed to what he saw as excessive defence spending.
At age 11, he began his acting career, appearing on the British television soap opera Coronation Street, which was produced at Granada Studios by Granada Television in Manchester.
At the same time, the system's commercial regimentation and focus on glamorous escapism discouraged daring and ambition beyond a certain degree, a prime example being the brief but still legendary directing career of the iconoclastic Erich von Stroheim in the late teens and the ‘ 20s.
At one point during his career, in an effort to get fit after an injury, in March 1980 he joined the football club Scunthorpe United, where he played as a centre half and made 11 appearances in the Football League.
At this point in his career, he was " trying to do things now that are much bigger and outside himself ".
At the end of 2002, Uncle Kracker left the band to pursue a solo career, and Detroit underground rapper Paradime replaced him.
At the time of his retirement he was the 6th winningest coach in NFL history with 168 career wins, including playoffs.
At this low point in her career she was invited by Edgar Degas to show her works with the Impressionists, a group that had begun their own series of independent exhibitions in 1874 with much attendant notoriety.
At the same time, Søren also almost faced impeachment after insulting Carsten Anker, the host of the Norwegian Constituent Assembly ; and in September 1818 he returned to Gjerstad with his political career in ruins.
At this stage in his career, he opposed the unification of Germany, arguing that Prussia would lose its independence in the process.
At the ceremony Weber told Smith, " You spent half of your career up in the air.
At the beginning of Stephen King's career, the general view among publishers was such that an author was limited to a book every year, since publishing more would not be acceptable to the public.
At creation, each character gets to spend a number of points ( based mainly on age, Education, and Intelligence ) on skills determined by interests or career choice.
At this stage of his career, he had played 13 Tests with mediocre results.
At this stage of his career, he had yet to perform consistently with bat and ball simultaneously, apart from his breakthrough series in the Caribbean.

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