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Atlas and Press
* Atlas Press, UK publisher
Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World, Princeton University Press, 2000.
( 1910 ) Norton's Star Atlas, 20th Edition 2003 as Norton's Star Atlas and Reference Handbook, edited by Ridpath, Ian, Pi Press, ISBN 978-0-13-145164-3, hardcover.
However, The Vermont Road Atlas and Guide ( Northern Cartographic, 1989 ) uses Warners Grant ( p. 63 ), as do Vermont Place-Names: Footprints of History by Esther M. Swift ( The Stephen Greene Press, 1977, pp 220 – 2 ), and the Vermont Atlas and Gazetteer ( Delorme, 9th ed., 1996, p. 55 ).
The Vermont Road Atlas and Guide ( Northern Cartographic, 1989 ) uses Warren Gore ( p. 63 ) as does Vermont Place-Names: Footprints of History by Esther M. Swift ( The Stephen Greene Press, 1977, pp. 222 – 3 ).
* Atlas Press
** Vol XI: Historical Atlas and Gazetteer ( Oxford University Press 1959 )
Robert Hewsen, a historian from Rowan College and the acknowledged authority in this field, wrote in his volume Armenia: A Historical Atlas, published by Chicago University Press:
Atlas Press, ISBN 0-947757-86-4
Atlas of Invertebrate Macrofossils ( Princeton: Princeton University Press ), 256 pages.
The Millennium Atlas of Butterflies of Britain and Ireland Oxford university Press
* For books in English check Atlas Press
* The Doll, Hans Bellmer, Atlas Press, London, 2006, trans.
Closely associated with Pluto Press since the early 1970s ( the IS had helped set up the company in its first period ), his talents were expended on works like State of the World Atlas, and The War Atlas ( with Dan Smith ).
London, Atlas Press, 1999.
* Writings of the Vienna Actionists Atlas Press publication edited by Malcolm Green, still available.
* James Clay and Douglas Orr, eds., North Carolina Atlas: Portrait of a Changing Southern State ( University of North Carolina Press, 1971 ).
Atlas Press, 1993
* The Magnetic Fields by Andre Breton and Philippe Soupault, translated and introduced by David Gascoyne: Atlas Press, London, 1985.
* Maxwell, G ( 2002 ) Lords of the Atlas: The Rise and Fall of the House of Glaoua 1893 – 1956, The Lyons Press
In 1990, the original French version was reprinted by the Centre Pompidou in Paris, and in 1995, an expanded English version was published by the Atlas Press in London, with additional material and annotations, and all of Dieter Roth's texts.

Atlas and tool
The Aterian industry is a name given by archaeologists to a type of stone tool manufacturing dating to the Middle Stone Age ( or Middle Palaeolithic ) derived from the Mousterian culture in the region around the Atlas Mountains and the northern Sahara, it refers the site of Bir el Ater, south of Annaba.
Wind Atlas Analysis and Application Program ( WAsP ) is a tool used in the wind energy industry to simulate wind flow over terrain and estimate the long-term energy production of wind turbines and wind farms.

Atlas and company
* Atlas Games ( company ), a publisher of role-playing and card games
* Atlas Comics ( 1950s ), the company that evolved into Marvel Comics
* Atlas Corporation, an architectural company
* Atlas Media Corporation, a non-fiction entertainment company based in New York City, USA
* Atlas Telecom, a worldwide communications company
* Atlas Van Lines, a moving company
* STN Atlas Elektronik GmbH was a German defence company producing electronics until 2003
* Western Atlas, US company, subsequently Atlas Wireline and Baker Atlas
* Tele Atlas, a Dutch mapping company
The company acquired Atlas Chemical Industries Inc., a major US competitor, in 1971.
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne engines powered the Space Shuttle, and the company also supplies booster engines for Delta II rockets and boosters and upper stage engines for Atlas III and V and Delta IV rockets.
These businesses included medical technology company Atlas Development Corporation and several computer-networking companies Xylan ( later Alcatel ), Netcom Systems ( later Spirent Communications ), Ixia Communications, j2 Global Communications, and Tekelec, as well as video-game publisher THQ, and software company Digital Insight.
Atlas Walnut company will also be opening a walnut processing facility in the near future.
Polar and its sister company, Atlas, also do extensive work for the U. S. Air Force ’ s Air Mobility Command ( AMC ).
In its heyday it was the company town in which the employees of the Atlas Powder Company lived.
In 1909, Atlas petitioned county courts to change the alliance into a borough, reportedly because the change would make it easier for the company to send and receive mail.
The Atlas Portland Cement Company plant closed in 1982, but city residents many of them former Atlas employees or their descendants — still identify strongly with the company and its history.
The company, Morgan Knitting Mills, Inc, grew into one of the largest employers in the area, second only to the Atlas Powder Company.
Cement for the Empire State Building and Panama Canal was created at the Atlas Portland Cement Company in the nearby unincorporated company town of Ilasco.
At the beginning of the 1930s BVD was purchased by the Atlas Underwear company located in Piqua, Ohio.

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