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Beginning and 1960
Beginning in 1960, the matching requirements for the base allotment are being adjusted ( upward or downward, as required ) 25% a year, so that by 1963 the entire support allotment will be matched on the basis of a 40% pivot State share, with maximum and minimum State shares of 50% and 30%, respectively.
Beginning around 1960, the philosopher and historian of ideas Max Fisch ( 1900 – 1995 ) emerged as an authority on Peirce ; Fisch ( 1986 ) includes many of his relevant articles, including a wide-ranging survey ( Fisch 1986: 422 – 48 ) of the impact of Peirce's thought through 1983.
Beginning in the 1960 – 61 season, Zaragoza entered a period of great prosperity, showcasing some of the greatest players playing in Spain during that decade, which earned for themselves the designation of Los Magníficos.
Beginning as a university for teachers, Frostburg became a liberal arts school in 1960.
Beginning in 1960, the Duryeas invited the public to the harvest.
Other than the commercially released songs with Tony Sheridan issued on In the Beginning ( Circa 1960 ), only three recordings made by the group prior to 1962 have become public.
Beginning in 1960 a special daily strip with a holiday theme utilizing the Disney characters was offered each year through 1987.
Beginning in December 1960, the Soviets flew in military supplies, beginning with a battery of 105mm howitzers.
Beginning in 1960, he produced illustrations for Punch, The Evening Standard and The Daily Sketch.
Beginning around 1960 Bob Lange experimented with ways to make this basic overlap design from plastic, first with laces, then, in 1954, with Martin-style buckles.
Beginning from negligible roots prior to 1960, however, Protestant Pentecostalism has grown to become the predominant religion of Guatemala City and other urban centers and down to mid-sized towns.
* In the Beginning ( Circa 1960 ), an album of The Beatles and the Beat Brothers backing up singer Tony Sheridan
Beginning in 1960, Olson announced the CBS prime-time panel game To Tell the Truth ( on which he greeted each team of challengers with the question, " What is your name, please ?").
Beginning around 1960, a " cognitive revolution " in research on humans gradually spurred a similar transformation of research with animals.
Beginning in the run-up to the Mahler centenary in 1960, Cooke ( in association with Berthold Goldschmidt ) made his first attempt at producing a ' performing version ' of the unfinished draft of Mahler's 10th Symphony.
Beginning in 1960, Kaufman's rock ' n ' roll shows at the Brooklyn Paramount theater ( as co-host with Clay Cole ), Manhattan's Academy of Music theater on 14th Street and, predominantly, the Brooklyn Fox theater provided an inter-racial environment in which the performers and the audiences both thrived.
Beginning in the early 1960s, he supported Quebec independence from Canada and in 1960 helped found the pro-independence Rassemblement pour l ' indépendance nationale.
Beginning in 1957 under coach Jim Trimble ( who left the team after the 1962 season ), the Tiger-Cats played in every national final through 1967, except for those of 1960 and 1966, winning 4 Cups ( 1957, 1963, 1965 and 1967 ).
Beginning in 1960, Shepard worked for fourteen years for Columbia Records, eventually becoming co-director of CBS Masterworks.
Beginning around 1960, many of these families moved to the suburbs: they were attracted by perceived opportunities outside the city, and repulsed by the construction of massive housing projects in nearby Garfield, and by a misguided urban renewal project's wholesale demolition of East Liberty.
Beginning in 1960, in addition to the original 114 Hanna-Barbera cartoons, MGM had new shorts produced by Rembrandt Films, led by Gene Deitch in Eastern Europe.
Beginning with an edition of 1960, Lonergan introduced his own textbook for his Christology course, De Verbo Incarnato.
Beginning his time at university in 1960, Nakano joined the Democratic Socialist Party.
Beginning in 1960, Greenfield began a regular collaboration with Jack Keller ; they would write songs together every Monday and Wednesday for six straight years.
Beginning in about 1960, the Council of Appalachian Governors, a group of the nine governors of the Appalachian states of Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia, united to seek federal government assistance for the mountainous portions of their states, which lagged behind the rest of the United States in income, education, health care, and transportation.

Beginning and .
Beginning in Cloth Of The Tempest ( 1943 ) he experimented in merging poetry and visual art, using drawings to carry long narrative segments of a story, as in Sleepers Awake, and constructing elaborate `` poems-in-drawing-and-type '' in which it is impossible to distinguish between the `` art '' and the poetry.
Beginning with the October 1959 issue of the Journal, the method of production of copy for photo-offset reproduction was changed from varityping to hot typesetting.
Beginning July 4, there will be an orchestra playing nightly except Sunday and Monday for the summer season.
Beginning at least as far back as 1789 various Baptist bodies condemned slavery.
Beginning in the west of Antalya province, the south-facing Mediterranean coast of Turkey is separated from the interior by steep ranges, known as the Taurus mountains, that run along the entire length of the coast.
Beginning with the Bronze Age Collapse at the end of the 2nd millennium BC, the west coast of Anatolia was settled by Ionian Greeks, usurping the related but earlier Mycenaean Greeks.
Beginning with Three Act Tragedy ( 1934 ), Christie had perfected during the inter-war years a sub-genre of Poirot novel in which the detective himself spent much of the first third of the novel on the periphery of events.
Beginning in 2004, ITV broadcast a series of adaptations of Agatha Christie's books under the title Agatha Christie's Marple, usually referred to as Marple.
* 1791 – Beginning of the Haitian Slave Revolution in Saint-Domingue.
Beginning with the earliest explorations and excavations, researchers wrote that the Ancient Puebloans are ancestors of contemporary Pueblo peoples.
Beginning in 1999, the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia initiated a direct dialogue through a series of face-to-face meetings, often facilitated by the Minsk Group Co-Chairs.
Beginning in 1836, Alcott's membership in the Transcendental Club put him in such company as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Orestes Brownson and Theodore Parker.
Beginning with W. E. B.
* 1765 – Beginning of Burmese – Siamese War.
* 1942 – World War II: Beginning of the Battle of Stalingrad.
Routledge History of Philosophy: From the Beginning to Plato, Vol.
* 1363 – Beginning date of the Battle of Lake Poyang ; the forces of two Chinese rebel leaders — Chen Youliang and Zhu Yuanzhang — are pitted against each other in what is one of the largest naval battles in history, during the last decade of the ailing, Mongol-led Yuan Dynasty.
Beginning in 1906, Pennsylvania conservationist Major Israel McCreight of Du Bois, Pennsylvania argued that President Theodore Roosevelt ’ s conservation speeches were limited to businessmen in the lumber industry and recommended a campaign of youth education and a national policy on conservation education.
Beginning with Augustine of Hippo, many have seen a connection to Noahide Law, while some modern scholars reject the connection to Noahide Law () and instead see as the basis.
* John M. Valentine, Beginning Aesthetics: An Introduction To The Philosophy of Art.
Beginning in the 17th century, immigrants from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Germany and France began arriving in large numbers, bringing with them new styles and instruments.

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