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Benjamin and American
* 1916 – Benjamin Libet, American scientist ( d. 2007 )
" The first well-known version of anarcho-capitalism was formulated by Austrian School economist and libertarian Murray Rothbard in the mid-twentieth century, synthesizing elements from the Austrian School of economics, classical liberalism, and nineteenth century American individualist anarchists Lysander Spooner and Benjamin Tucker ( rejecting their labor theory of value and the normative implications they derived from it ).
* 1939 – Benjamin Barber, American theorist
* 1839 – Benjamin Pierce, American politician ( b. 1757 )
In American history important spokesmen included Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, J. Hector St. John de Crèvecœur ( 1735 – 1813 ), and John Taylor of Caroline ( 1753 – 1824 ) in the early national period.
* 1863 – American Civil War: Grierson's Raid begins – troops under Union Army Colonel Benjamin Grierson attack central Mississippi.
Other Revolutionary War heroes who became figures of American folklore include: Benedict Arnold, Benjamin Franklin, Nathan Hale, John Hancock, Andrew Jackson, and John Paul Jones and Francis Marion.
* 1897 – Benjamin Lee Whorf, American linguist ( d. 1941 )
Benjamin Lee Whorf ( April 24, 1897 – July 26, 1941 ) was an American linguist and fire prevention engineer.
" Benjamin Franklin ," Dictionary of American Biography ( 1931 ) – vol 3, with hot links online
The First American: The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin ( 2000 )- excellent long scholarly biography excerpt and text search
The First Scientific American: Benjamin Franklin and the Pursuit of Genius.
* Mathews, L. K.Benjamin Franklin ’ s Plans for a Colonial Union, 1750 – 1775 .” American Political Science Review 8 ( August 1914 ): 393 – 412.
* Olson, Lester C. Benjamin Franklin's Vision of American Community: A Study in Rhetorical Iconology.
* Newman, Simon P. " Benjamin Franklin and the Leather-Apron Men: The Politics of Class in Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia ," Journal of American Studies, August 2009, Vol.
Runaway America: Benjamin Franklin, Slavery, and the American Revolution.
* Benjamin Franklin: First American Diplomat, 1776 – 1785 US State Department
* Benjamin Franklin at C-SPAN's American Writers: A Journey Through History
In America, The American Builder's Companion, written in the early 19th century by the architect Asher Benjamin, influenced many builders in the eastern states, particularly those who developed what became known as the Federal style.
In the United States Benjamin Latrobe, the architect of the Capitol building in Washington DC, designed a series of botanically American orders.
* 1963 – Benjamin Bratt, American actor
* 1922 – Benjamin A. Gilman, American politician
American Founding Fathers, or Framers of the Constitution, who were especially noted for being influenced by such philosophy include Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Cornelius Harnett, Gouverneur Morris, and Hugh Williamson.
In 1995 he received the Benjamin Franklin Medal for Distinguished Achievement in the Sciences of the American Philosophical Society.
" Scenes from Ellis Island " ( for guitar ensemble, piano, double bass, two violins and percussion ) was composed by American classical guitarist Benjamin Verdery, and was inspired by a visit to Ellis Island.

Benjamin and composer
Julian Bream of Britain managed to get nearly every British composer from William Walton to Benjamin Britten to Peter Maxwell Davies to write significant works for guitar.
* 1976 – Benjamin Britten, English composer ( b. 1913 )
* 1924 – Benjamin Lees, American composer ( d. 2010 )
* 1895 – Benjamin Godard, French composer ( b. 1849 )
* 1913 – Benjamin Britten, British composer ( d. 1976 )
The contemporary British composer George Benjamin has written a pair of orchestral pieces titled Palimpsest I and Palimpsest II.
* 1768 – Benjamin Carr, American composer, singer, teacher, and publisher ( d. 1831 )
* 1893 – Arthur Benjamin, Australian composer ( d. 1960 )
** Benjamin Britten, English composer ( d. 1976 )
** Benjamin Britten, English composer ( b. 1913 )
* January 10 – Benjamin Godard, French composer ( b. 1849 )
** English composer Benjamin Britten ’ s chamber opera version of The Turn of the Screw receives its world premiere at the Teatro La Fenice, Venice.
* August 28 – Benjamin Godard, French composer ( d. 1895 )
Among the graduates from this campus are two former U. S. Vice Presidents, Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale, former NAACP president Roy Wilkins, several Nobel prize winners, several athletes such as Ric Flair, Kevin McHale, Dave Winfield, Patty Berg, Brock Lesnar, Curt Hennig, Shelton Benjamin, Bobby Jackson of the NBA, and composer Yanni.
Edward Benjamin Britten, Baron Britten, OM CH ( 22 November 1913 – 4 December 1976 ) was an English composer, conductor, and pianist ; and one of the central figures of twentieth-century British classical music.
Forster included Buckingham and his wife May in his circle, which included J. R. Ackerley, a writer and literary editor of The Listener, the psychologist W. J. H. Sprott and, for a time, the composer Benjamin Britten.
* " Phaëton ", the second movement from Six Metamorphoses after Ovid by English composer Benjamin Britten
His career was closely associated with the composer Edward Benjamin Britten.
Auden and the composer Benjamin Britten.
* In 1951, British composer Benjamin Britten wrote a piece for solo oboe incorporating six of Ovid's mythical characters.
* Benjamin Britten, composer lived at 99 Offord Road.
The internationally renowned Aldeburgh Festival of arts, which takes place at nearby Snape Maltings, was created in 1948 by the resident and acclaimed composer Benjamin Britten.
The Festival was founded in 1948 by the composer Benjamin Britten, the singer Peter Pears and the librettist / producer Eric Crozier.
Nathaniel Ramsay / Key-Ramsey House Site ( CE-1300 ): Originally, the home of Francis Key, birthplace of John Ross Key and Father of Francis Scott Key composer of the “ Star Spangled Banner .” This structure was indicated in Benjamin Latrobe ’ s 1813 sketch of Charlestown, located where the Charlestown Parsonage for St. John ’ s Methodist Church stands today.

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