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Bevington's and at
Bevington's editorial scholarship is so extensive that Richard Strier, an early modern colleague at the University of Chicago, was moved to comment: " Every time I turn around, he has edited a new Renaissance text.
* Bevington's homepage at the University of Chicago English Department website

slightly and out-of-date
Due to the out-of-date infrastructure, the share of the railway freight transport has been in decline in Slovenia despite growing slightly in absolute terms.
* A slightly out-of-date but still useful book that talks about XPCOM
* FEC Fundraising Rankings for 2004 Congressional Challengers, slightly out-of-date, as it lists Ameri as # 2, FEC filings from the campaign show almost $ 2. 2 million raised overall, making her # 1.

slightly and page
Daily strips have suffered as well, in 1910 the strips had an unlimited amount of panels, covering the entire width page, while by 1930 most " dailies " had four or five panels covering six of the eight columns occupied by a traditional broadsheet paper, by 1958 those four panels would be narrower, and those would have half of the space a 1910 daily strip had, and around 1998 most strips would have three panels only ( with a few exceptions ), or even two or one on an occasional basis, apart from strips being smaller, as most papers became slightly narrower.
During the 1930s women began to wear their hair slightly longer, in page boys, bobs or waves and curls.
In writing to George Devine, who directed the Old Vic production, Beckett suggests that “ the inquirer ( light ) begins to emerge as no less a victim of his inquiry than they and as needing to be free, within narrow limits, literally to act the part, i. e. to vary only slightly his speeds and intensities .” But the role of the light is even more ambiguous, for it has also been seen as “ a metaphor for our attention ( relentless, all-consuming, whimsical )” and a way of “ switching on and switching off speech exactly as a playwright does when he moves from one line of dialogue on his page to the next .” Neither of these analogies conflicts with the more popular views where the spotlight is believed by to represent God, or some other moral agent tasked with assessing, each character's case to be relieved from the binds of the urn by having them relive this relationship, which has ruined all their lives.
These horizontal lines or " rules " are sometimes classified according to their space apart with " wide rule " the farthest, " college rule " closer, " legal rule " slightly closer and " narrow rule " closest, allowing more lines of text per page.
The manuscript was copied, probably slightly before 1450, by someone who signed himself Salthows on the bottom portion of the final page, and contains annotations by four hands.
This assertion is supported by the fact that in seven of the extant manuscripts of Philobiblon it is ascribed to Holkote in an introductory page, in these or slightly varying terms: Incipit prologus in re philobiblon ricardi dunelmensis episcopi que libri composuit ag.
The script of the dedication page differs slightly from that of the main text, but is by the same hand and in the same " elaborated text uncial " style as some pages at Durham ( MS A II 17, part ii, ff 103-11 ).
Note: the audio-only recording on this page has slightly different lyrics, indicated in brackets below:
The price was raised slightly for # 6 — which also saw the page count upped to 24pg — due in large part to rising postal and paper costs.
As of January 11, 2010, the site directs all page requests, with the exception of links to uploaded PDFs on GNN's servers, to several slightly different though similarly stylized " goodbye " pages.
The title page of a slightly altered reprint version states that the story is “ Our first imaginary story ," and continues to say, " In 1942, a series of Superman shorts started showing throughout the U. S .!
* TV Quiz Kids, the puzzle page, featuring puzzles done in the style of game shows with slightly tweaked names, such as ' Bob Monkeyhouse's ', ' Fortunate Families ' ( referencing Bob Monkhouse's Family Fortunes ).
The noindex value of an HTML robots meta tag requests that automated Internet bots avoid indexing a web page .< ref >, About the Robots < META > tag </ ref > Reasons why one might want to use this meta tag include advising robots not to index a very large database, webpages that are very transitory, pages that one wishes to keep slightly more private, or the printer and mobile-friendly versions of pages.
I have seen this on multiple pages, including < nowiki > http :// www. touregypt. net / featurestories / apep. htm </ nowiki > and http :// www. thekeep. org /~ kunoichi / kunoichi / themestream / apep. html, and I got it from the former page and modified it slightly.
* OETA's Lawrence Welk Show page List the release dates past and future ( actual airdates on local PBS stations could be slightly later ) with capsule description of the edited shows being broadcast on public television.
: Cartoons from the next to last page of The Saturday Evening Post, in which Hazel, a slightly dimmed jewel of a domestic, puts her employers and their friends through their paces with no hesitation about taking the center of the stage.
In Justice Society of America 80 page Giant Sized ( 2010 ), it is revealed that Tom's mother, with whom it is discovered Wildcat had slightly more than a one night stand with, had the same powers as her son, but would change involuntarily every month during her monthly cycle.
Even the slightly delayed review from the New York Times ( most newspapers reviewed the book in April while the Times reviewed it in August ) was just short of entirely positive, with the reviewer praising the novel with the reservation that "... I reached page 569 convinced that an essential element was absent ".
This usage takes two unnamed parameters, but the same template can also be used with different numbers of parameters to give slightly different results, as explained in the documentation on the template page.
When the SFPP began to publish Sinn Féin in 1906 it was a large format ( slightly larger than a modern broadsheet ), 4-page newspaper with 7 columns per page.
* Memory management with page replacement algorithms becomes slightly more complex.
Upon the original establishment of the French compagnies d ' ordonnance, the Lances Fournies were formed around a man-at-arms ( a fully armored man on an armored horse ) with a retinue of a page or squire, two or three archers, and a ( slightly ) lighter horseman known as the serjeant-at-arms or coutilier ( literally " dagger man ," a contemporary term for mounted bandits and brigands ).
's emblem on its front page, the differences being it is drawn slightly rounder and carrying a rolled up newspaper instead of a branch.
To squeeze three or four strips on a page, some strips appear to have panels slightly cropped and other strips were stacked vertically, with The Three Bares inserted at the bottom as a filler.

slightly and at
She began to watch a blonde-haired man, also in shorts, standing right at the rear of the wrecked car in the one spot that most of the crowd had detoured slightly.
Scotty looked at the children, his mouth slightly opened, his eyes dull.
The gradient was about one half of a millidegree at 4.2 Af but increased to several millidegrees for bath temperatures slightly greater than the **yl point.
`` I have come to talk with you about the future of humor and comedy '', I told him, at which he started slightly, and then made us each a stiff drink, with a trembling hand.
Alphonse R. Hoge's measurements of several very young specimens from Brazil suggest that at birth the female is slightly larger than the male.
In contrast, for the girl the epiphysis was slightly advanced at Onset and delayed at Completion.
Of four dark brown ears, one twitched slightly at this.
With cash receipts from marketings expected to be slightly above 1960, farmers' gross income is estimated at $39.5 billion, $1.5 billion above 1960's record high.
Mr. Partlow could still feel a cold sweat on his slightly gray temples as he remembered what a near thing chemistry had been for him at Hanford.
Across Abydos lies Sestus on the European side, marking one of the narrowest points of the Dardanelles, slightly more than a nautical mile broad ( the narrrowest point is at Çanakkale ).
Though the general structure of all antibodies is very similar, a small region at the tip of the protein is extremely variable, allowing millions of antibodies with slightly different tip structures, or antigen binding sites, to exist.
After the Protestant victory at the Second Battle of Villmergen, the administration of the County changed slightly.
Powering the system was an Atari SALLY 6502 ( Atari's slightly custom 6502, sometimes described as a " 6502C ") processor running at 1. 79 MHz, similar to the processor found in home computers ( Atari 8-bit, Apple II, Commodore 64 ) and other consoles ( Atari 5200 and Nintendo Entertainment System ).
It is a dense, mobile, slightly transparent reddish-brown liquid, that evaporates easily at standard temperature and pressures to give an orange vapor ( its color resembles nitrogen dioxide ) that has a strongly disagreeable odor resembling that of chlorine.
A third paper, The Magic Comic, aimed at a slightly younger audience, followed in July 1939, but ceased publication in early 1941, due to paper rationing.
In 1846 Robert Smirke was replaced as the Museum's architect by his brother Sydney Smirke, whose major addition was the Round Reading Room 1854 – 1857 ; at in diameter it was then the second widest dome in the world, the Pantheon in Rome being slightly wider.
The surface of the water becomes slightly concave, with the consequence that the potential energy of the water at the greater radius is increased by the work done against gravity to achieve the greater height.
Those assigned to the Sunday office underwent the least revision, although noticeably fewer psalms are recited at Matins, and both Lauds and Compline are slightly shorter due to psalms ( or in the case of Compline the first few verses of a psalm ) being removed.
The total force is estimated at 25, 000 men ; a much larger proportion of foot soldiers and slightly less cavalry than the French.
The umbrella they are under is black during their conversation as they walk towards the house ( filmed from slightly above and to the front ), yet after cutting to a lower shot ( filmed from behind Jackie ), Michael walks onscreen from the right holding an umbrella that is not black but beige, with a brown band at the rim.
The scheme functions slightly differently in each area, and is managed by each branch, but the overall rule is that each participating pub is allowed to purchase beer from whatever brewery they wish, but if it the beer is to be promoted as a ' LocAle ' it must come from a brewery within a predetermined number of miles ( which is set by each CAMRA branch, but generally is around 20 or 25 miles, although, the North London branch has set it at 30 miles ) from brewery to pub door, even if it comes from a distribution centre further away ; in addition, each participating pub must keep at least one LocAle for sale at all times.
Place bets are paid at odds slightly worse than the true odds.

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