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Bishop and Isaac
Bishop Ussher's chronology places Isaac at about 20 years of age.
The university was founded in 1878 as the Western University of London, Ontario, a denominational school of the Church of England, by Bishop Isaac Hellmuth and the Anglican Diocese of Huron.
The university was founded on 7 March 1878 by Bishop Isaac Hellmuth ( 1817 – 1901 ) of the Anglican Diocese of Huron as " The Western University of London Ontario.
In addition to writing and illustrating his own books, Pène du Bois illustrated books written by Jules Verne, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Rumer Godden, Claire Huchet Bishop and John Steinbeck, as well as magazine articles and advertisements.
Founded in 1873 by the Methodist Episcopal Church's Bishop Isaac Wiley and certified in 1882 by the Freedman's Aid Society, it is notable as one of the oldest predominantly black colleges west of the Mississippi River.
* Isaac Barrow ( bishop ) ( 1613 – 1680 ), Bishop of Sodor and Man and of St Asaph ; Governor of the Isle of Man
* The Bishop Who Ate His Boots Isaac Stringer Virtual Museum
According to the History of the Patriarchs by Severus, Bishop of Al-Ashmunyn ( Heliopolis ), John of Nikiû lived under the Patriarchs John of Semnûd, Isaac, and Simeon.
It included originally two members from the First Estate ( Champion de Cicé, Archbishop of Bordeaux and Talleyrand, Bishop of Autun ); two from the Second ( the comte de Clermont-Tonnerre and the marquis de Lally-Tollendal ); and four from the Third ( Jean Joseph Mounier, Abbé Sieyès, Nicholas Bergasse, and Isaac René Guy le Chapelier ).
* Isaac Mizrahi as Bruce Bishop
The shield in the centre of the College's coat of arms is that of Bishop Isaac Barrow.
But if the church belongs to the genteel age of architecture, the yew by the rectory is said to have been planted by Bishop Ken, when that old friend of Rector Isaac Mills held the living.
* Saint Isaac of Monteluco, Bishop of Spoleto
Pope Michael opposed the enthroning of the bishop Isaac as a Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch after the death of Iwanis I because he was already the Bishop of an eparchy ( Harran ).
Later on, Barnabas claimed to be the founder of the church and after a dispute with Isaac Wei, headed to Hong Kong where he declared himself " Bishop " and the head of the Church by setting up his own General Assembly.
Charles was born October 11, 1836 in Athens, Ohio on the same day as Bishop Isaac Wilson Joyce, another Ohio-born M. E.
: PG 33: Cyril of Jerusalem, Apollinaris of Laodicea, Diodorus of Tarsus, Peter II Bishop of Alexandria, Timotheus Bishop of Alexandria, Isaac the ex-Jew
: PG 86a: Presbyter Timothy of Constantinople, Joannes Maxentius, Theodorus Lector, Procopius Deacon of Tyre, Theodorus Bishop of Scythopolis, Presbyter Timothy of Jerusalem, Theodosius I of Alexandria, Eusebius of Alexandria, Eusebius of Emesa, Gregentius of Taphar, Patriarch Epiphanius of Constantinople, Isaac of Nineveh, Barsanuphius of Palestine, Eustathius monk, Emperor Justinian, Agapetus the Deacon, Leontius Byzantinus
: PG 132: Theophanes Kerameus, Nilus Doxapatris, John Bishop of Antioch, Emperor John II Komnenos, Isaac Catholicus of Magnæ Armeniæ
Sir Henry Rowley Bishop, by Isaac Pocock ( died 1835 )
The Bishop Barrow Trust was founded in 1668 by Dr. Isaac Barrow, Bishop of Sodor & Mann ( 1663-1669 ).

Bishop and Barrow
The Bishop raised an endowment of £ 500 ( Irish currency ), half being funded by the Barrow Trustees, most of the balance being provided by the Bishop's Douglas relatives, the Murrey family.
Founded in 1668 with funds from the Bishop Barrow Trust, it opened in 1833 with 46 boys.
The establishment of the College was funded principally by the Bishop Barrow Trust, originally set up in 1668 to provide education in the Isle of Man.
* Alf Bishop ( footballer born 1902 ), English footballer with Southampton and Barrow
Tommy Bishop ( born in St. Helens, Lancashire ) is an English rugby league footballer of the 1960s, and ' 70s, and coach of the 1970s and ' 80s, playing for Blackpool Borough, Barrow, and St. Helens in the English Rugby Football League Championship and the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks in the New South Wales Rugby League competition in Australia.
* Bishop Barrow Trust

Bishop and founds
* Mellitus becomes Bishop of London and founds the first St. Paul's Cathedral.
* 1979-Production of JESUS film commissioned by Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ ; Ted Fletcher founds Pioneers, a missionary agency with a focus on " unreached people groups "; Columban missionaries enter Pakistan at the request of the Bishop of Lahore

Bishop and Trust
Bishop McTyeire was named chairman of the Board of Trust for life by Vanderbilt as a stipulation of his endowment.
August 9, 1997: The Star-Bulletin publishes the " Broken Trust " essay by five community leaders critical of Bishop Estate trustees.
Nature Reserves managed by the Trust include Bishop Middleham Quarry, Hawthorn Dene and Low Barns, and include a range of important habitats, such as magnesian limestone grasslands, upland hay meadows and coastal denes.
* Bishop: People Don't Trust De Castro
The Bishop, the Board of Management and the Christ College Trust entered an agreement whereby ownership and management of the College passed to the University of Tasmania.
Stepney Historical Trust presented the plaque at a ceremony attended by the Chief Rabbi, the Bishop of Stepney Richard Chartres, Professor Bill Fishman, Councillor Albert lilley and the Retired Boxers Federation.
In February 2009 the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust recognized Bishop Douglass ’ s consistent raising of results by awarding it Most Improved status.
It has since been refurbished and opened to visitors as of October 2000, and is owned by the Bishop Low Trust.
Bishop Middleham Quarry is managed as a Nature Reserve by the Durham Wildlife Trust.
The seven charities were: Oxfam, Christian Aid, War on Want, Catholic Fund for Overseas Development, Save the Children, Bishop Ambrose Reeves Trust and the International Defence and Aid Fund.
Local historical interest is concentrated on the 18th century Bishop of Derry's ruined palace, the Mussenden Temple on the clifftop, and the Black Glen set within the Downhill Estate, which is now owned by the National Trust.
* Essex Police Memorial Trust: Brian ' Bill ' Bishop

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