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Breckman and Warren
* Breckman, Warren.
* Marx, the Young Hegelians and the Origins of Radical Social Theory: Dethroning the Self by Warren Breckman
See also Warren Breckman, Eduard Gans and the Crisis of Hegelianism ,” Journal of the History of Ideas, vol.

Breckman and .
McLean had a series of conflicts with Saturday Night Live writer Andy Breckman, starting when Breckman opened for McLean on tour in 1980.
Breckman and McLean have penned competing renditions of the origins of this feud, both of which are available online.
* Andy Breckman ( born 1955 ), creator and producer of television series Monk, former Saturday Night Live writer, radio personality.
W. Breckman.
* Andy Breckman: creator of Monk.
Rat Race is a 2001 comedy film directed by Jerry Zucker, written by Andy Breckman, and stars an ensemble cast, including Rowan Atkinson, Whoopi Goldberg, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Jon Lovitz, Lanei Chapman, Seth Green, Kathy Najimy, Dave Thomas, Vince Vieluf, John Cleese, Breckin Meyer, Kathy Bates, Wayne Knight, Dean Cain, and Amy Smart.
It has been hosted by Ken Freedman and Andy Breckman since the early 1990s.
Monk creator and episode writer Andy Breckman appears as a spectator at the sidewalk card game.
He was hired to the show by Saturday Night Live writer and fellow WFMU DJ Andy Breckman.

Warren and
He syncretized Abolitionism, Free Love, spiritual universalism, ( Josiah ) Warren, & ( Charles ) Fourier into a grand utopian scheme he called the Universal Pantarchy ... He was instrumental in founding several intentional communities ,” including the Brownstone Utopia ” on 14th St. in New York, & Modern Times ” in Brentwood, Long Island.
Early in her career, industry advisors suggested she change her name to Warren ”, but then realized that there was already an actress named Jennifer Warren, so she performed for a short time under the single name Jennifer ”, but soon returned to using her birth name Warnes ".
Instead of financial stability inducing deregulation and financial instability after 1980, as later suggested by David Moss and Elizabeth Warren, Thomas Huertas and other critics of traditional bank regulation argued Regulation Q limits on interest rates ( mandated by the 1933 Banking Act ) created the disintermediation ” that began in the 1960s, led to the phase-out of Regulation Q through the Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act of 1980, and opened banking to greater competition.
Kuttner acknowledged de facto enroads ” before Glass-Steagall repeal ” but argued the GLBA ’ s repeal ” had permitted super-banks ” to re-enact the same kinds of structural conflicts of interest that were endemic in the 1920s ”, which he characterized as lending to speculators, packaging and securitizing credits and then selling them off, wholesale or retail, and extracting fees at every step along the way .” Stiglitz argued the most important consequence of Glass-Steagall repeal ” was in changing the culture of commercial banking so that the bigger risk ” culture of investment banking came out on top .” He also argued the GLBA created ever larger banks that were too big to be allowed to fail ”, which provided incentives for excessive risk taking .” Warren explained Glass-Steagall had kept banks from doing crazy things .” She credited FDIC insurance, the Glass-Steagall separation of investment banking, and SEC regulations as providing 50 years without a crisis ” and argued that crises returned in the 1980s with the pulling away of the threads ” of regulation.

Warren and Times
Fellow individualist anarchist Josiah Warren was responsible for Andrew's conversion to radical individualism, and in 1851 they established Modern Times in Brentwood, NY.
He returned to Warren on August 1, 2009, where he was given a key to the city and performed the songs " Everlong ", " Times Like These ", and " My Hero ".
* Warren Times Observer, the local newspaper
Psychedelic art poster designer Warren Dayton pioneered several political, protest, and pop-culture art T-shirts featuring images of Cesar Chavez, political cartoons, and other cultural icons in an article in the Los Angeles Times magazine in late 1969.
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead: The Dirty Life and Times of Warren Zevon, a biography / oral history compiled by ex-wife Crystal Zevon, was published in 2007 by Ecco Books.
* The Wind ( 2003 ) with Warren Zevon ( slide guitar on two tracks: " Dirty Life and Times " and " Prison Grove ")
Contributors included editors and writers who went on to careers at The New Republic, Time, Slate, The New York Times Book Review, and The New Yorker: Peter Beinart, Lev Grossman, Fred Kaplan, Robert S. Boynton, Warren St. John, Jonathan Mahler, Jennifer Schuessler.
* Hugo Young, Leading British Columnist, Is Dead at 64, Warren Hoge, The New York Times
* " Briefing " James F. Clarity & Warren Weaver Jr .. New York Times ( 1857-Current file ).
* Dean, John ; Schlesinger, Arthur M. Warren Harding ( The American President Series ), Times Books, 2004, ISBN 0-8050-6956-9
* King, Wayne and Warren Weaver Jr. " Briefing: Boorstin and the Emperor ", New York Times, May 2, 1986.
* Richard Frothingham, The Life and Times of Joseph Warren ( 1865 ) at Google Books
Warren St. John, columnist for the New York Times described it as a " a satirical ode to the masculine prowess of ninjas ".
* 1st cousin twice removed to Warren McClamroch Hoge, editor in various capacities for the New York Times and currently their correspondent at the United Nations.
He is perhaps best known for the subsequent devotional The Purpose Driven Life which has sold over 30 million copies, making Warren a New York Times bestselling author .< ref >
On March 12, 2007, The New York Times reported that The Sensible World of Soccer ( 1994 ) was named to a list of the ten most important video games of all time by Stanford Professor Henry Lowood and the four members of his committee — the game designers Warren Spector and Steve Meretzky ; Matteo Bittanti, an academic researcher ; and Christopher Grant, a game journalist.
" While Screenonline states that Lee Oswald — Assassin ( 1966 ) " could be argued be of historical interest only ", due to its basis in the flawed Warren Commission report, The Times praised it as being " possibly the first drama-documentary ".
According to the New York Times, Warren assured the audience that we have safely placed Senator McCain in a cone of silence ” and that he could not hear the questions.
However, McCain was not in the building at the time ; he was still in transit, without supervision by the forum staff .< REF NAME =" NYT-cone "> Despite Assurances, McCain Wasn ’ t in a ‘ Cone of Silence ’, August 17, 2008, New York Times .</ ref > According to CNN, Warren said " we flat out asked him " if he heard any of the questions.
* Warren Hoge, New York Times journalist
* John W. Dean, Warren G. Harding, The American Presidents Series, Arthur M. Schlesinger, General Editor ( Times Books, 2004 )
Warren Marshall of the Columbus Times remarked: " Blackgirl -- the ultimate definition of today's ` 90's girls.
The American columnist William Safire popularized the term in his column in The New York Times, but wrongly attributed it to Florida Governor Fuller Warren.

Warren and Theory
In recent times, two other musicologists, James Hepokoski and Warren Darcy, have presented, without reference to Keller, their analysis, which they term Sonata Theory, of the sonata-allegro form and the sonata cycle in terms of genre expectations, and categorized both the sonata-allegro movement and the sonata cycle by the compositional choices made to respect or depart from conventions.
The toy piano has been used extensively by alternative rock and post-rock bands such as Agitpop, Evanescence, Radiohead, Little Bang Theory, Warren Zevon, Tori Amos, Sigur Rós, Vampire Weekend, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Old Canes, and The Dresden Dolls.
* Two Sorts of Naturalism ”, in Rosalind Hursthouse, Gavin Lawrence, and Warren Quinn, eds., Virtues and Reasons: Philippa Foot and Moral Theory ( Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1996 ), pp. 149 – 79 ; translated into German (“ Zwei Arten von Naturalismus ”), Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie v ( 1997 ), 687-710
He claims that the Warren Commission was forced to adopt the Single Bullet Theory for political reasons.
* The main purpose of the controversial video game JFK Reloaded ( 2004 ) was to have the player attempt to re-enact the shooting according to the Single Bullet Theory, in order to duplicate the Warren Commission's conclusions.
* Warren Stutzman and Gary Thiele, " Antenna Theory and Design, 2nd.
" With Austin Warren, Wellek published a landmark volume entitled Theory of Literature, one of the first works to systematize literary theory.
Shannon expanded the ideas of this article in a 1949 book with Warren Weaver titled The Mathematical Theory of Communication ( ISBN 0-252-72546-8 ).
* James Hepokoski and Warren Darcy, Elements of Sonata Theory: Norms, Types, and Deformations in the Late-Eighteenth-Century Sonata ( Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006 ), ISBN 0-19-514640-9
Pierre Joseph Proudhon ´ s mutualism and american individualist anarchists such as Josiah Warren, Lysander Spooner and Benjamin Tucker adopted the liberal Labor Theory of Value of classical economics but used it to criticize capitalism instead favoring a non-capitalist market system.
* KLI Theory Lab – Authors, William Warren Bartley III ( 1934 – 1990 )

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