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CTV and article
* According to a September 14, 2007, article from CTV News, Canadian Liberal MP Belinda Stronach went to the United States for breast cancer surgery in June 2007.
* CTV article on on Elmasry's October 2004 statements

CTV and on
As Grey's Anatomy is on ABC, but is carried in Canada on CTV at the same time, for instance, the cable, satellite, or other broadcast distributor must send the CTV feed over the signal of the carried ABC affiliate, even where the ABC version is somehow different, particularly commercials.
Since 2000Actually the most important are: Cable Onda ( 40 % share ), Cable and Wireless ( started on late 2009 ) and CTV.
Robb Wells, the actor who plays Ricky on the Showcase hit comedy Trailer Park Boys hails from Moncton, along with Julie Doiron, an indie rock musician and Holly Dignard the actress who plays Nicole Miller on the CTV series " Whistler ".
Ottawa Police addressed this issue and planned on implementing a new policy regarding officer racially profiling persons, " the policy explicitly forbids officers from investigating or detaining anyone based on their race and will force officers to go through training on racial profiling "( CTV News, 2011 ).
Super Bowl XX was simulcast in Canada on CTV and also broadcast on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom.
This was also the first Super Bowl to be telecast in Canada, being simulcast on CTV.
Additionally, the Super Bowl was shown live in Canada on CTV, which also simulcasted NBC's coverage.
It was simulcast in Canada on CTV and in the United Kingdom on Channel 4.
Super Bowl XIX was simulcast in Canada on CTV.
The game was also broadcast in Canada on CTV and in the United Kingdom on Channel 4.
It was simulcast in Canada on CTV and in the United Kingdom on Channel 4.
This Super Bowl was simulcast in Canada on CTV and in Mexico on Televisa's Canal de las Estrellas, and later aired in the United Kingdom on Channel 4.

CTV and Dr
CFCF's schedule is now identical to flagship CTV station CFTO-TV in Toronto, with the only minor difference being Dr. Phil and The Dr. Oz Show switching their respective time slots.
Hence Dr. Phil only airs on CTV stations and Entertainment Tonight only on Global stations.

CTV and .
It is the island's largest commercial centre and home to the Cape Breton Post daily newspaper, as well as one television station, CJCB-TV ( CTV ), and several radio stations.
According to Canadian broadcaster, CTV, " IKEA's publications have developed an almost cult-like following online.
He was married to Sahar al-Rashid ; the daughter of Maher Abd al-Rashid, a top ranking military official, and had three sons ;< ref > http :// www. ctv. ca / servlet / ArticleNews / story / CTVNews / 20030722 / uday_qusay_030722 / CTV. ca Who were Uday and Qusay Hussein?
In the 1970s, CTV produced The Starlost.
The game was broadcast in the United Kingdom on Channel 4, in Mexico on the Canal de las Estrellas and in Canada on CTV.
In addition to the United States, this Super Bowl was also broadcast in Canada on CTV, in Mexico on Canal 5, in Australia on Network Ten and the United Kingdom on Channel 4.
It was simulcast in Canada on CTV and TVA ( in French ), in Mexico on Televisa's Canal 5, and later aired in the United Kingdom on Channel 4.
CFRA ( 580 AM ) in Ottawa ( formerly part of the CHUM network, which is now part of CTV ) has a large and dedicated listening audience.
The Starlost is a Canadian-produced science fiction television series devised by writer Harlan Ellison and broadcast in 1973 on CTV in Canada and syndicated to local stations in the United States.
By May, Kline had sold the idea to 48 NBC stations and the Canadian CTV network.
The region is considered to be a part of the Vancouver television market, receiving most stations that broadcast from across the Strait of Georgia, including the CBC, CTV, Citytv, and Global networks.

CTV and Michael
* Michael Kuss-CityNews at Six / CityNews at Eleven meteorologist ( now with CTV British Columbia )
* Michael Hainsworth-business reporter with CTV Toronto
The original producer was Michael Harris and the series was directed for its first four seasons by Sidney M. Cohen, who later became executive producer of Canada AM for CTV.

CTV and leading
In late 2004, with CTV beginning to dominate the ratings, Canwest reorganized its Canadian operations and hired a number of new executives, all formerly of various U. S. media firms, leading to a major overhaul of Global announced in December 2005.
When Cold Case premiered, the show's similarities to Cold Squad ( including but not limited to a tough female cop with dirty blonde hair leading a team investigating cold cases ) led Cold Squad creators Julia Keatley and Matt MacLeod to retain an intellectual property attorney to look into the situation ( CTV also aired Cold Case as well ).

CTV and expert
He later joined CTV National News as its international affairs expert and weekend news anchor.

article and on
She read everything else she could get her hands on, including an article ( she thinks it was in the Atlantic Monthly ) by Mark Twain on `` White Slavery ''.
One was an article on the U.N. by Alice Widener from the Cincinnati Enquirer.
-- I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed your June 25 article on Liberace, and to thank you for it.
Some members of the organization called attention also to the article on hymns of inspiration, the Daily Prayer and Three Minutes A Day, as being very helpful.
Thank you for the article by George Sokolsky on the public apathy to impudence.
Lester Markel is on the right track in his article `` Interpretation Of Interpretation '' ( SR, Mar. 11 ).
Congratulations on the article `` Do We Need A College Of Propaganda ''??
The Council on National Defense of the American Medical Association contributed a brief article to each issue entitled, `` This Is Your A.M.A. ''.
Spread article on flat surface to required width before measuring length at center.
In this article we will concentrate on the advances in the application of electronics in bio-medical research laboratories because this is where tomorrow's commonplace equipment originates.
An excellent article was published recently in the Journal Of The Church Peace Union by a South African journalist on the inhuman economic conditions of the blacks in South Africa, amounting to virtual slavery, and the economic complicity of both the government and the people of the United States in these conditions.
`` Without any officious and improper interference on the subject, the price of labor or the wages of mechanics will be regulated by the demand for the manufactured article and the value of that which is paid for it ; ;
Sir Ronald Fisher proposed a formal analysis of variance in a 1918 article The Correlation Between Relatives on the Supposition of Mendelian Inheritance.
* StudentPulse 2010 article on challenges facing Angola
*: The article on Whorf states " Drawing on Nietzsche's ideas of perspectivism Alfred Korzybski developed the theory of general semantics which has been compared to Whorf's notions of linguistic relativity.
Its domain is the powerset of A ( with the empty set removed ), and so makes sense for any set A, whereas with the definition used elsewhere in this article, the domain of a choice function on a collection of sets is that collection, and so only makes sense for sets of sets.
The protons and neutrons, in turn, are held to each other in the nucleus by the nuclear force, which is a residuum of the strong force that has somewhat different range-properties ( see the article on the nuclear force for more ).
Although originally considered a subspecies of A. ramidus, in 2004 anthropologists Yohannes Haile-Selassie, Gen Suwa, and Tim D. White published an article elevating A. kadabba to species level on the basis of newly-discovered teeth from Ethiopia.
* http :// www. vatican. va / roman_curia / congregations / cfaith / cti_documents / rc_con_cfaith_doc_20070419_un-baptised-infants_en. html an article explaining the Catholic opinion on the idea of limbo
The chemical structures of the 22 standard amino acids, along with their chemical properties, are described more fully in the article on these proteinogenic amino acids.
To quote the Encyclopædia Britannicas article on Arianism: " In modern times some Unitarians are virtually Arians in that they are unwilling either to reduce Christ to a mere human being or to attribute to him a divine nature identical with that of the Father.
Antoninus in many ways was the ideal of the landed gentleman praised not only by ancient Romans, but also by later scholars of classical history, such as Edward Gibbon or the author of the article on Antoninus Pius in the ninth edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica:
Note, however, that the fifth article did not completely deny perseverance of the saints ; Arminius, himself, said that " I never taught that a true believer can … fall away from the faith … yet I will not conceal, that there are passages of Scripture which seem to me to wear this aspect ; and those answers to them which I have been permitted to see, are not of such as kind as to approve themselves on all points to my understanding.

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