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Caesar and song
During the concert, which also included veteran gospel singers Barry McGuire, The Archers, The Happy Goodman Family, The Speer Family, James Blackwood, James Cleveland, Doug Oldham, Mighty Clouds of Joy, and Shirley Caesar, Norman sang his " The Great American Novel ", " a Dylanesque protest song ", which he admitted " wasn't received with much enthusiasm ".
Iggy Pop later recorded a more civilized cover version of the song, with new lyrics composed by Pop, for his 1993 album American Caesar.
Moving to England in 1973, Starr continued to record, most notably the song " Hell Up in Harlem " for the 1974 film Hell Up in Harlem, which was the sequel to Black Caesar, an earlier hit with a soundtrack by James Brown.
Dandy characters often went by Zip Coon, after the song popularized by George Washington Dixon, although others had pretentious names like Count Julius Caesar Mars Napoleon Sinclair Brown.
* " The Boss ", a song by James Brown from the soundtrack of the 1973 film Black Caesar
The song " Sailin ' on the Sea of Your Love " earned Shirley Caesar and Green the award for Best Soul Gospel Performance by a Duo or Group, Choir or Chorus in 1985.
He also revealed it was a " watered down " version of the song which was previously performed on stage in the musical Dead Caesar.
" and " Sie sieht mich nicht ," the latter of which served as the theme song for Astérix & Obélix Take on Caesar ( 1999 ).
The title and central lyric of the song are based on an ancient salute used by Roman prisoners to be executed in the Colosseum, " Ave, Caesar, morituri te salutant " (" Hail Caesar, we who are about to die, salute you .").
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His appearance in small roles in Titanic and Julius Caesar led to his being cast in the leading role opposite Ann Blyth in the MGM musical The Student Prince in 1954, a part originally intended for Mario Lanza, whose disagreement with director Curtis Bernhardt over the way a certain song was to be sung had led to his dismissal by MGM.
Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin from Get It Right ( 1983 ), Little Caesar, have also recorded versions of the song.

Caesar and ),
:: L. Marcus Annius Verus Caesar ( after May 162 – 10 September 169 ), died young without issue
Friends of the young Alexios II now tried to form a party against the empress mother and the prōtosebastos ; Alexios II's half-sister Maria, wife of Caesar John ( Renier of Montferrat ), stirred up riots in the streets of the capital.
The most remarkable of his works are Mercury and Ignorance, the Deluge, Pharaoh's Host Drowned in the Red Sea ( after Titian ), the Triumph of Caesar ( after Mantegna ), and Christ retiring from the judgment-seat of Pilate after a relief by Giambologna.
* Alexios Mosele ( Caesar ), Byzantine heir-apparent
Of his late works for the stage only two works gained wide popular esteem during his life, Palmira, regina di Persia ( Palmira, Queen of Persia ) 1795 and Cesare in Farmacusa ( Caesar on Pharmacusa ), both drawing on the heroic and exotic success established with Axur.
On his arrival in Gaul ( 58 BC ), Caesar restored their independence.
Other famous victims are Philip II of Macedon ( 336 BC ), the father of Alexander the Great, and Roman consul Julius Caesar ( 44 BC ).
Caesar himself mentions few place-names ; and although the battle is called after Pharsalos, four ancient writers – the author of the Bellum Alexandrinum ( 48. 1 ), Frontinus ( Strategemata 2. 3. 22 ), Eutropius ( 20 ), and Orosius ( 6. 15. 27 ) – place it specifically at Palaepharsalos.
* invectives: often rude and sometimes downright obscene poems targeted at friends-turned-traitors ( e. g., poem 30 ), other lovers of Lesbia, well-known poets, politicians ( e. g., Julius Caesar ) and rhetors, including Cicero.
Although his term lasted only six months instead of twelve ( except for the Dictatorships of Sulla and Caesar ), all other magistrates reported to the dictator ( except for the tribunes of the plebs-although they could not veto any of the dictator's acts ), granting the dictator absolute authority in both civil and military matters throughout the Republic.
At some time in 285 at Mediolanum ( Milan, Italy ), Diocletian raised his fellow-officer Maximian to the office of Caesar, making him co-emperor.
Gentile government was strengthened by the city's refoundation under Herod the Great ( r. 37 – 4 BC ), when it had taken on the name of Augustus Caesar.
Popular films in the genre such as Little Caesar ( 1931 ), The Public Enemy ( 1931 ), and Scarface ( 1932 ) demonstrated that there was an audience for crime dramas with morally reprehensible protagonists.
Tacitus suggests that this was the original way the word " Germani " was used – as the name of a single tribal nation, ancestral to the Tungri ( who lived in the same area as the earlier Germani reported by Caesar ), and not a whole race ( gentis ).
Germanicus Julius Caesar ( 24 May 15 BC – 10 October AD 19 ), commonly known as Germanicus, was a member of the Julio-Claudian dynasty and a prominent general of the early Roman Empire.
The concept of Germany as a distinct region in central Europe can be traced to Roman commander Julius Caesar, who referred to the unconquered area east of the Rhine as Germania, thus distinguishing it from Gaul ( France ), which he had conquered.
The rediscovered Greek city of Buthrotum () ( modern-day Butrint ), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is probably more significant today than it was when Julius Caesar used it as a provisions depot for his troops during his campaigns in the 1st century BC.
With the help of political allies, Caesar later overturned this, and was instead appointed to govern Cisalpine Gaul ( northern Italy ) and Illyricum ( southeastern Europe ), with Transalpine Gaul ( southern France ) later added, giving him command of four legions.
His nephew Lucan wrote the Pharsalia ( about 60 ), an epic poem describing the civil war between Caesar and Pompey.
According to the story, told mainly by the Roman historian Livy and the Greek historian Dionysius of Halicarnassus ( who lived in Rome at the time of the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus ), her rape by the king's son and consequent suicide were the immediate cause of the revolution that overthrew the monarchy and established the Roman Republic.

Caesar and debut
The large ensemble cast also features Sid Caesar, Shecky Greene, Gregory Hines ( in his film debut ), Charlie Callas ; and Brooks regulars Dom DeLuise, Madeline Kahn, Harvey Korman, Cloris Leachman, Andreas Voutsinas and Spike Milligan.
When he heard Vladimir Horowitz blaze through the octave passages of Tchaikovsky's First Piano Concerto at his Vienna debut, he remarked: " He is an Octavian, but not Caesar.
He made his London debut on 20 April 1950 at the Arts Theatre as Maxim in Ivanov, and made his first appearances on the New York stage at the Ziegfeld Theatre on 19 December 1951 as an Egyptian Guard in Caesar and Cleopatra, and on 20 December 1951 as the Messenger in Antony and Cleopatra.
After stage roles in Long Day's Journey Into Night and Julius Caesar, he made his West End debut in A Passage to India in 1960.
After being a standout pitcher at Caesar Rodney High School, Snell made his professional debut with the rookie league Gulf Coast Pirates in following being selected by the Pirates in the 26th round of the Major League Baseball Draft.
Lucille Lortel made her Broadway debut in 1925 in the Theatre Guild's production of Caesar and Cleopatra with Helen Hayes.

Caesar and single
This allowed Caesar to parlay this single victory into a huge network of willing clients to better secure his hold over power and force the Optimates into near exile in search for allies to continue the fight against Caesar.
On November 25, 1864, Booth performed for the only time with his two brothers, Edwin and Junius, in a single engagement production of Julius Caesar at the Winter Garden Theatre in New York.
In October 45 BC, Caesar resigned his position as sole consul, and facilitated the election of two successors for the remainder of the year which theoretically restored the ordinary consulship, since the constitution did not recognize a single consul without a colleague.
Caesar even took steps to transform Italy into a province, and to link more tightly the other provinces of the empire into a single cohesive unit.
Only during particularly trying times, such as the invasion of Caesar, could the Gauls unite under a single leader like Vercingetorix.
As with all single alphabet substitution ciphers, the Caesar cipher is easily broken and in modern practice offers essentially no communication security.
The single most important works are Mantegna's Triumphs of Caesar housed in the Lower Orangery.
The battle figures in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar ( background of the story in Acts 4 and 5 ), and a fictionalised account of the battle is depicted in the sixth episode of the second season of the HBO television series Rome ( there is but a single battle and both Cassius and Brutus fall in battle instead of being suicides, though Brutus ' death is a lone, suicidal attack on the triumvirs ' advancing forces ).
Meanwhile, Caesar was in Rome, and only a single legion was in Transalpine Gaul, the endangered province.
Leaving his single legion under the command of his second-in-command Titus Labienus, Caesar hurried to Cisalpine Gaul.
He also had a single prominent scene as a commander of Roman centurions in the film described at the time as the most expensive ( and financially ruinous ) British film enterprise ever made, Gabriel Pascal's production of George Bernard Shaw's Caesar and Cleopatra, starring Vivien Leigh and Claude Rains.
* Caesar ( also "" or " Nobilissimus Caesar "), " Caesar " or " Most Noble Caesar "; initially the mere cognomen of a single individual, it was transformed into a title ; an honorific name later used to identify an emperor-designate ;
After a heavy defeat against king Pharnaces II of Pontus near Nicopolis, the survivor soldiers of Deiotarius army formed a single legion, which marched besides Julius Caesar during his victorious campaign against Pontus, and fought with him in the battle of Zela ( 47 BC ).
To this day there has never been a single Boondocks strip that I did not personally touch — I still obsess over the details of Huey, Riley, Caesar and Granddad.
For example, a Caesar cipher can be solved using a single letter of corresponding plaintext and ciphertext to decrypt entirely.
He and his nephew Androgeus, led the troops of Trinovantum ( London ) and Canterbury, encountered Caesar's own troops, and Nennius faced Caesar in single combat.
" A closeup of a statue of Caesar shows a single tear falling from one eye.
In 55 BC Volusenus was sent out by Caesar in a single warship to undertake a week-long survey of the coast of south eastern Britain prior to Caesar's invasion.
By that time, the world will be powered by nuclear power and there will be a single world government led by a person who will be the reincarnation of Julius Caesar.

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