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Cement and Industry
In 1963-64, First Indian Small Scale Industrial Unit with Japanese Plant for Rubber Belts for Conveyor / Elevator / Transmission was installed near National Capital Territory of Delhi and its MrBelts Conveyor Belting has been widely used in Steel, Cement, Fertilizer, Thermal Power, Sponge Iron Plants and Coal / Mineral establishments / Mines, Port Trusts and similar material handling applications of Industry for the last over 4 decades ;
Industry is growing, but is still on a small scale, and includes the Coca Cola bottling plant and the Al Ain Portland Cement Works.
* A. J. Francis, The Cement Industry 1796-1914: a History, David & Charles, 1977, ISBN 0-7153-7386-2
In Vallemí is the Cement National Industry, which has 150 lime extractor plants by the Paraguay River.
The chaebol was forced to sell or relinquish control in many of their subsidiary interests including the SsangYong Motor Company ; the Ssangyong Paper Co., now controlled by Hankook P & G ; Ssangyong Cement Industrial Co., Ltd, now owned by the shipping company, Afro-Asia ; Yongpyung Resort, Ssangyong Heavy Industries, Ssangyong Precision Industry Co., Ssangyong Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd, and Riverside Cement, now controlled by Texas Industries, Inc ; and Ssangyong Oil Refining Co., sold to Aramco in 1999.
Carlo Brauer, an excavator operator at the ENCI ( First Dutch Cement Industry ) quarry, discovered the giant teeth of the fossil creature in the shovel of his digger.
ENCI ( Eerste Nederlandse Cement Industrie-First Dutch Cement Industry ) is a Dutch company based in Maastricht, where they dig marl out of the hill St Pietersberg to make cement.

Cement and at
Cement manufacture causes environmental impacts at all stages of the process.
Cases in which there is some likelihood that at least a partial inspiration has been located include " The Death Car ," traced by Richard Dorson to Michigan, United States ; " the Solid Cement Cadillac " and the possible origin of " The Hook " in the 1946 series of Lovers ' Lane murders in Texarkana, Texas, USA.
* Irish Cement, Ireland's largest cement works at Platin.
In 1970 the Blue Circle Cement factory was opened at Derryloran.
Mortimer Cumberbach and Ignatius Davidson opened their C and D Cement Block Corp. on Booker Avenue at Straight Path on December 6, 1928 ; as late as the mid-1950s, C & D Cement Block was the only large business owned and operated by African-Americans in Suffolk County.
The Rosendale Cement Company's Mills at this place, have a capacity for manufacturing about 350 barrels daily, and give employment to about 60 men.
The New York Cement Company, at this place, manufacture about 500 barrels of cement per day and about 100, 000 barrels during the season.
Cement is located at ( 34. 935441 ,-98. 137320 ).
In the 1960s, at least three large cement companies surrounded the Nazareth borough area, Essroc ( formally Coplay Cement ), Hercules Cement, and Penn-Dixie Cement Companies.
Portland Superior Cement Silos at Superior Avenue and Highway 20 – Concrete, Washington.
Nell ran the tugboat for the mill-operation and Kate ran the fishing boat operation on the weekends, allowing them to still run the telephone company during the week. The Quakenbush sisters, Nell and Kate, circa 1930's at Lake Shannon with rock quarry operated by Superior Portland Cement in the background
Cement for the Empire State Building and Panama Canal was created at the Atlas Portland Cement Company in the nearby unincorporated company town of Ilasco.
During 2003, archaeological excavations at Oxwell Mains ( Lafarge Cement Works ) near Dunbar revealed the site of a Mesolithic house believed to be circa 9th Millennium BC.
Its main manufactures are cement at Lafarge Cement Oxwell Mains ( the only integrated cement plant in Scotland ) and the Scottish Ales of Belhaven Brewery.
In the 1990s the Rugby Cement works was dramatically expanded, and in 2000 other Rugby Cement plants at Southam and Rochester were closed, with all production moved to the Rugby plant, now one of the largest of its type in Europe.
Cement roofs were added at this time and the main source of income was agriculture.
The team, coached by former Loyola Marymount coach Ron Jacobs, played internationally as the Northern Consolidated Cement and San Miguel Beer, winning the 1984 ABC Club Basketball Championship Cup and participated in the 1985 World Cup for Champion Clubs at Girona, Spain.
Sourced from Appendix V, A Journey to Destiny 1890 – 1990 – 100 Years of Cement Manufacturing at Fyansford by Australian Cement Limited.

Cement and Center
* Cement Research Center

Cement and by
The success of " Roman Cement " led other manufacturers to develop rival products by burning artificial mixtures of clay and chalk.
Cement is made by heating limestone ( calcium carbonate ) with small quantities of other materials ( such as clay ) to 1450 ° C in a kiln, in a process known as calcination, whereby a molecule of carbon dioxide is liberated from the calcium carbonate to form calcium oxide, or quicklime, which is then blended with the other materials that have been included in the mix.
Cement consumed in China will amount to 44 % of global demand, and China will remain the world's largest national consumer of cement by a large margin.
* Cement by the Barrel and Cask, Concrete in Australia, 26 3: 10 – 13, 2000
Cement is used because it can treat a range of hazardous wastes by improving physical characteristics and decreasing the toxicity and transmission of contaminants.
* China Resources Cement, a cement company parented by China Resources
Aspdin's process was similar to a process patented in 1822 and used since 1811 by James Frost who called his cement " British Cement ".
The first cable transport system, installed on the Bastille in 1875, was built by the world-famous Porte de France Cement Company.
The of upland pasture were donated by Portland Cement to mark European Conservation Year.
In 1993, Gainsbourg made her English speaking debut in The Cement Garden, written and directed by her uncle, Andrew Birkin.
There is a lengthy spoken intro by Gainsbourg, taken from the film The Cement Garden, which inspired the title of the song.
Empire was founded in 1923 ; in that year miners formed a tent city while mining a claim originally established by the Pacific Portland Cement Company in 1910.
The village has been built up almost wholly by the Cement Works.
They both arrived in Skagit County in 1908 and shortly thereafter, Kate was hired by the Superior Portland Cement Company to manage their telephone exchange.
After her appearance as lust incarnate in the hit Bedazzled, she returned to the U. S. and appeared in the Western film Bandolero !, with James Stewart and Dean Martin, which was followed by the private-eye drama Lady in Cement with Frank Sinatra.
In October 2006, the owners of the Rugby Cement works, Cemex, were fined £ 400, 000 for excessive pollution after a court case brought by the Environment Agency.
The term " Portland Cement " was coined by Joseph Aspdin who in 1824 patented a hydraulic binder created by burning a mixture of limestone and clay, resembling the previously existing Roman cement and presenting a texture very close to that of the oolitic Portland stone.
The events produced by the Los Angeles branch often pushed the boundaries of pranksterism with several historic events, including " Cement Cuddlers ," an event where they filled a dozen teddy bears with cement and put them on toy store shelves, complete with bar-coded labels ; " Pet Cemetery Bingo "; " The Crucifixion of the Easter Bunny "; and " Klowns against Commerce ," which tested the limits to which a clown could abuse businessmen in downtown Los Angeles before being assaulted or arrested.
Nesher was founded in the early 1930s as a workers town for the Nesher Cement factory, established in 1922 by Michael Pollack, a Jewish industrialist from Russia.

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