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Central and Asia
And, after becoming the right-hand man of Enver Pasha, he is sent by the latter to pave the way for a new Turkish Empire embracing `` the union of all Turks throughout Central Asia from Adrianople to the Chinese oases on the Silk Trade Route ''.
Central Asia is sunk in a somnolence from which nothing can awaken it ; ;
Caecilians are found in tropical Africa, Asia and Central and South America.
Afghanistan ( Persian / Pashto:, Afġānistān ), officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is a landlocked country forming part of South Asia, Central Asia, and to some extent Western Asia.
Sitting at an important geostrategic location that connects the Middle East culture with Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent ,< ref name = BBC-country-profile >
These languages are spoken in a wide arc stretching from northeast Asia through Central Asia to Anatolia and eastern Europe ( Turks, Kalmyks ).
The group is named after the Altai Mountains, a mountain range in Central Asia.
In the 10 years following the Battle of Manzikert in 1071, the Seljuk Turks from Central Asia established themselves over large areas of Anatolia, with particular concentrations around the north western rim.
These provinces may take the form of national churches ( such as in Canada, Uganda, or Japan ) or a collection of nations ( such as the West Indies, Central Africa, or Southeast Asia ).
They are especially numerous in tropical and subtropical regions ( notably Central America, eastern Brazil, the Andes, the Mediterranean, southern Africa, central Asia, and southwestern China ).
The Aramaic alphabet is historically significant, since virtually all modern Middle Eastern writing systems use a script that can be traced back to it, as well as numerous non-Chinese writing systems of Central and East Asia.
In general, the alphabets of the Mediterranean region ( Anatolia, Greece, Italy ) are classified as Phoenician-derived, adapted from around the 8th century BCE, while those of the East ( the Levant, Persia, Central Asia and India ) are considered Aramaic-derived, adapted from around the 6th century BCE from the Imperial Aramaic script of the Achaemenid Empire.
These scripts formed the basis of the historical scripts of Central Asia, such as the Sogdian and Mongolian alphabets.
MtDNA Haplogroup D is found frequently throughout East Asia and Central Asia, and is also common in some populations of North Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Americas ; in addition, it has been found with low frequency in some populations of Europe and Southwest Asia.
MtDNA Haplogroup G has been found most frequently among indigenous populations of easternmost Siberia, but it is also common among some populations of East Asia, Central Asia, the Altai-Sayan region of southern Siberia, and the sub-Himalayan region.
The Chauhan dynasty ruled Ajmer in spite of repeated invasions by Turkic marauders from Central Asia across the north of India.
Out of the Samanid dynasty came the Ghaznavids, whose warriors forged the first great Islamic empire from Ghazni ( Afghanistan ) that spanned much of the Iranian plateau, Central Asia and conducted many successful raids into India.

Central and since
Here the New York Central Railroad, one of the Nation's most important carriers, has alone lost 47.6 percent of its passengers since 1949.
Central city areas have become progressively poorer locales for the major denominations since the exodus of middle-class people from most central cities.
Abacá was first cultivated on a large scale in Sumatra in 1925 under the Dutch, who had observed its cultivation in the Philippines for cordage since the ninteenth century, followed up by plantings in Central America in 1929 sponsored by the U. S. Department of Agriculture.
A bricklayer in Paoua, Central African Republic. In the 40 years since independence, the CAR has made slow progress toward economic development.
Cameroon is probably the foreign country that most Central Africans identify with, since most people live in the western part of the country, close to the Cameroon border.
Norteño referred to the Mexicans of Northern Mexico as opposed to Sureño, although anyone from the US is NorteAmericano, since Mexico and Latin America ( Central and South ) long identified themselves as Americanos.
The Indians finished with a 96 – 66 record tied with the Red Sox for best in baseball, their seventh Central Division title in 13 years and their first post-season trip since 2001.
The Cubs successfully defended their National League Central title in 2008, going to the postseason in consecutive years for the first time since 1906 – 08.
Emperor Wu of Han ( r. 141 BC-87 BC ) went to war with the Dayuan for this reason, since the Dayuan were hording a massive amount of tall, strong, Central Asian bred horses in the Hellenized – Greek region of Fergana ( established slightly earlier by Alexander the Great ).
During the 1980s and 1990s there was a Central Advisory Commission established by Deng Xiaoping which consisted of senior retired leaders, but with their death this has been abolished since 1992.
The Central Committee had not played a notable role in Soviet politics since Nikolai Bukharin's downfall in 1929.
Khrushchev could have gone the other way, since some people were already calling for decreasing the Central Committee's role to " cadres and propaganda " alone ".
In Central America, two-thirds of lowland tropical forests have been turned into pasture since 1950 and 40 % of all the rainforests have been lost in the last 40 years.
The Dalai Lama has since lived in exile in Dharamshala, in the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India, where the Central Tibetan Administration is also established.
They escorted and protected nine black students ' entry to Little Rock Central High School, an all-white public school, for the first time since the Reconstruction era.
It has been in existence since breaking up from the United Provinces of Central America in 1840.
GeekSpeak is a radio program on the Central Coast of California, broadcast weekly by KUSP in Santa Cruz, California since 1998 and distributed on the internet since 2002.
On 1 July 2006, the Central American Free Trade Agreement ( CAFTA ) entered into force between the US and Guatemala and has since spurred increased investment in the export sector.
Originally built for the Central Coast Bears team in the NRL rugby league competition ( to this day, the seats are arranged to say ' Go Bears '), since 2005 it is now the home of the Central Coast Mariners A-League association football team and was the home venue of the Central Coast Rays rugby union Australian Rugby Championship team
Sitting on many trade and migration routes, Afghanistan may be called the ' Central Asian roundabout ' since routes converge from the Middle East, from the Indus Valley through the passes over the Hindu Kush, from the Far East via the Tarim Basin, and from the adjacent Eurasian Steppe.
Babur's decision to divide the territories of his empire between two of his sons was unusual in India, but it had been a common Central Asian practice since the time of Genghis Khan.

Central and 19th
From the 19th century, up to the end of the 20th century, most of Central Asia has been part of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, both being Slavic majority countries.
One example of the fruitfulness of questioning assumptions comes from questioning the assumption that " China was weak in the 19th century " and pointing out the fact that at the time in which China was supposedly weak, it managed to considerably extend its borders in Central Asia.
An early example of espionage literature is Kim by the English novelist Rudyard Kipling, with a description of the training of an intelligence agent in the Great Game between the UK and Russia in 19th century Central Asia.
The Russian Empire began to expand into Asia from the 17th century, eventually taking control of all of Siberia and most of Central Asia by the end of the 19th century.
In the late 19th century and early 20th century, many Jamaicans migrated to Central America, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic to work in the banana and canefields.
With an area of, it is the largest lake in Central America, the 19th largest lake in the world ( by area ) and the 9th largest in the Americas.
Historian Adolf Pawiński, who in the late 19th century was director of Polish Central Archives of Historical Records, estimated in his book " Polska XVI wieku pod względem geograficzno-statystycznym ", that the size of Kraków Voivodeship was 19, 028 km < sup > 2 </ sup >.
In contrast to the Prussian-oriented periodicals, in the late 19th century such newspapers as Przyjaciel Ludu Łecki and Mazur were founded by members of the Warsaw-based Komitet Centralny dla Slaska, Kaszub i Mazur ( Central Committee for Silesia, Kashubia and Masuria ), influenced by Polish politicians like Antoni Osuchowski or Juliusz Bursche, to strengthen a Polish identity in Masuria.
During the 19th and early 20th centuries, Bankalar Caddesi ( Banks Street ) in Istanbul was the financial center of the Ottoman Empire, where the headquarters of the Ottoman Central Bank ( established as the Bank-ı Osmanî in 1856, and later reorganized as the Bank-ı Osmanî-i Şahane in 1863 ) and the Ottoman Stock Exchange ( 1866 ) were located.
While it had a significant presence in the Central Asia, it did not gain any significance in China and East Asia until modern missionaries from Europe and North America arrived in the 19th century.
By the end of the 19th century there was scarcely any part of Central America within reach of the coast untouched by logging, and activity also extended into Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Brazil.
The spread of Islam towards Central and West Africa has been prominent but slow, until the early 19th century.
Thus, the 19th century saw a new group of monarchs titled grand duke all around Central Europe.
When Jewish families in Central Europe were forced to adopt surnames in the 18th and 19th century, those who failed to choose a surname were often given pejorative or even cruel nicknames ( such as " Schweinmann " (" pig man ") or " Schmutz " ( a variant of " filthy ")) by the local registrar.
Alike the regions of Antofagasta and Arica / Parinacota, most of the population descended from settlement programs transplanted from the Central Valley of Chile in the late 19th century.
In the late 19th and 20th century, a mass migration of Chileans from the Central Valley of Chile transformed the once culturally isolated and rural agrarian part of the country to fulfilled economic development goals.
In the early 19th century Lieutenant Gabriel Moraga, commanding an expedition in the lower great California Central Valley, gave the name of San Joaquin ( meaning Joachim ) to the San Joaquin River that springs from the southern Sierra Nevada.
Other areas interesting to the tourist include: Mount Gilead State Park ; Amish farms and businesses near Johnsville and Chesterville ; the Mid-Ohio Race Track near Steam Corners ; the rolling Allegheny foothills of eastern Morrow County ; the site of the birthplace of President Warren G. Harding near Blooming Grove ; the site of the former Ohio Central College in Iberia ; the early 19th century architecture of buildings in Chesterville, Ohio ; the Revolutionary War Soldiers ' Memorial in Mount Gilead ; the Civil War monument in Cardington ; and the mid-19th century architecture of the Morrow County Courthouse and Old Jail in Mount Gilead.
* Big Four ( Central Pacific Railroad ), US railroad entrepreneurs of the 19th century
In the late 19th century, the Tuareg resisted the French colonial invasion of their Central Saharan homelands.
The surviving buildings grouped around Central Park are a continuing reminder of the wealth brought by the woolen industry and the town's aspirations to be a leading city in the state during the 19th century.
During the last half of the 19th Century, East Central Indiana consisted mostly of rural farming communities, including Hartford City.
He lives in the small Central Florida town of Fort Repose, which was founded by an ancestor during the 19th century.

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