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Chandler and Michigan
Chandler Township is a civil township of Charlevoix County in the U. S. state of Michigan.
Chandler Township is a civil township of Huron County in the U. S. state of Michigan.
Chandler Township is the name of some places in the U. S. state of Michigan:
* Chandler Township, Charlevoix County, Michigan
* Chandler Township, Huron County, Michigan
In 1979, hotel clerk and Hope College senior Janet Chandler was found dead in a snowbank along Interstate 196 near Holland, Michigan.
* Zachariah Chandler, Michigan ( removed in favor of Gerald Ford in 2011 )
* Zachariah Chandler: U. S. Senator from Michigan and Secretary of the Interior under Ulysses S. Grant.
54, No. 2 ( Apr., 1969 ), pp. 109 – 126 in JSTOR, re: Michigan Senator Zachariah Chandler
* Chandler Township, Charlevoix County, Michigan
* Chandler Township, Huron County, Michigan
Zachariah Chandler ( December 10, 1813November 1, 1879 ) was Mayor of Detroit ( 1851 – 52 ), a four-term U. S. Senator from the state of Michigan ( 1857 – 75, 1879 ), and Secretary of the Interior under U. S. President Ulysses S. Grant ( 1875 – 77 ).
Chandler took the money, and in 1833 moved to Detroit, which was then the capital of Michigan Territory.
Chandler put out a call, in the Great Lake State for all radicals who were hot about the duplicitous actions of the National Administration and Congress, to meet in Jackson, Michigan, on July 6, 1854 for the express purpose of defeating the Kansas-Nebraska and Fugitive Slave Acts.
# REDIRECT Chandler Township, Charlevoix County, Michigan
# REDIRECT Chandler Township, Charlevoix County, Michigan
# REDIRECT Chandler Township, Huron County, Michigan
# REDIRECT Chandler Township, Huron County, Michigan
# REDIRECT Chandler Township, Michigan
It was established on December 9, 1861, following the embarrassing Union defeat at the Battle of Ball's Bluff, at the instigation of Senator Zachariah T. Chandler of Michigan, and continued until May 1865.
In 1857, Zachariah Chandler was the first Republican to serve as U. S. Senator from Michigan ( Class 1 ).
At the turn of the 20th century, Henry Chandler Cowles was one of the founders of the emerging study of " dynamic ecology ", through his study of ecological succession at the Indiana Dunes, sand dunes at the southern end of Lake Michigan.
He is the great-great-grandnephew of long-time U. S. Senator Zachariah Chandler of Michigan.
In later years, he was to place statues of Oliver P. Morton of Indiana ( 1900 ), John J. Ingalls of Kansas ( 1905 ), Zachariah Chandler of Michigan ( 1913 ), George W. Glick of Kansas ( 1914 ), Ephraim McDowell of Kentucky ( 1929 ), and Henry Clay of Kentucky ( 1929 ) in the collection.

Chandler and unincorporated
On May 10, 1863, Confederate Lieutenant General Thomas " Stonewall " Jackson died of complications from pneumonia at the Chandler plantation in Guinea Station ( also known as Guiney's Station ), in the unincorporated Caroline County community of Woodford.
* Chandler is an unincorporated community in the township at.
Its headquarters are in unincorporated Maricopa County, Arizona, near Chandler.

Chandler and community
The land was donated by David Chandler, the first settler of the short-lived community of Cedar City, and in 1879 it had 42 lots.
Albert Benjamin Chandler was born in the farming community of Corydon, Kentucky in 1898.
Chandler was raised by his father and relatives, and by age eight virtually supported himself financially from his paper route and doing odd jobs in his community.
Chandler upset many in the black community by voting against an anti-lynching bill soon after taking office.
This line was to follow the shortest route between Truro and Moncton, however political interference by Edward Barron Chandler and other politicians in nearby Dorchester saw the route for the railway altered to run through their community.
When Catherine Chandler ( played by Linda Hamilton ) is abducted, beaten, and slashed and left to die in Central Park upon being mistaken for Carol Stabler, she is rescued and cared for by Vincent ( played by Ron Perlman ) who has taken her to Father ( played by Roy Dotrice ), head of a hidden community of people dwelling in tunnels below the city of New York.
* The Blue Ribbon, founded by Mrs. Chandler in 1968, has a membership of more than 625 women who champion the performing arts and make substantial financial contributions to the Center's community programs and its resident companies annually.
Chandler was a supporter of railway development and was instrumental as a federally-appointed commissioner overseeing construction of the Intercolonial Railway in having its surveys diverted from a direct route between Amherst and Moncton to run through his community of Dorchester.
* The community of Reseda, California, was originally named Marian, after Mrs. Chandler.
Jake Edge from LWN. net called this move a " last gasp attempt to build a community of users and developers to continue Chandler development down the road ", speculating that the lack of developers was caused by the close control of the project by OSAF, and this end of its funding could attract attention again.
The book's title refers to the Chandler house, which never has been painted, a sign of their lower social status in the community.
Chandler: Red Tide did not meet sales expectations, with Steranko recalling in 2003 that, " When the book appeared it was not embraced by the comic-book community because it didn't have word balloons or captions.
Chandler – Gilbert Community College is a community college in the Maricopa County Community College District.
Set in a suburban community the series focused on two families-the Chandler and the Italian-Australian Rossi families-who were linked by a long-standing vendetta stemming from an accidental death in the 1950s.

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