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Chuck and Jones
* Animation: Chuck Jones
Animator Chuck Jones, who lived near his Lone Star studio as a boy, remembered his father saying he watched Chaplin shoot a scene more than a hundred times until he was satisfied with it.
Colonel Charles Edward (" Chuck ") Jones ( November 4, 1952 – September 11, 2001 ) was a United States Air Force officer, a computer programmer, and an astronaut in the USAF Manned Spaceflight Engineer Program.
Charles Martin " Chuck " Jones ( September 21, 1912 – February 22, 2002 ) was an American animator, cartoon artist, screenwriter, producer, and director of animated films, most memorably of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies shorts for the Warner Bros. Cartoons studio.
He later started his own studio, Chuck Jones Productions, which created several one-shot specials, and periodically worked on Looney Tunes related works.
Film historian Leonard Maltin has praised Jones ' work at Warner Bros., MGM and Chuck Jones Productions.
Chuck Jones ' character styles were more controlled and calmed down, while Bob Clampett's were crazy, wacky and insane.
In his autobiography, Chuck Amuck, Jones credits his artistic bent to circumstances surrounding his father, who was an unsuccessful businessman in California in the 1920s.
Chuck Jones joined Leon Schlesinger Productions, the independent studio that produced Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies for Warner Bros., in 1933 as an assistant animator.
' The Outpost ', Private Snafu cartoon directed by Chuck Jones in 1944
Of his versions of Bugs and Daffy, Chuck Jones has said, " Bugs is who we want to be.
MGM closed the animation division in 1970, and Jones once again started his own studio, Chuck Jones Productions.
From 2001-2002 Cartoon Network aired The Chuck Jones Show which features shorts directed by him.
Cartoon Network aired a 20-second segment with black dots tracing Jones ' portrait with the words " We'll miss you-Cartoon Network " fading in on the right-hand side, which aired during a four-hour installment of The Looney Tunes Show that featured nothing but Chuck Jones ' most memorable cartoon shorts.
Jones ' life and legacy were celebrated January 12, 2012 with the official grand opening of The Chuck Jones Experience at Circus Circus Las Vegas.
Animator Milt Gray described this as a smear campaign by Chuck Jones.
Michael Barrier claims that Clampett had given himself too much credit, but also that Jones had had ill feelings towards him ever since their days at Termite Terrace, due to the fact that Bob Clampett was made an animation director before Chuck Jones.
Robert McKimson claimed in an interview that many animators but mostly Clampett contributed to the crazy personality of Bugs, while others like Chuck Jones concentrated more on the more calmed down gags.
* Jones, Chuck ( 1989 ).
* Jones, Chuck ( 1996 ).

Chuck and reused
The boulder to the face gag was reused from Rabbit Punch which was also directed by Chuck Jones five years earlier.

Chuck and animation
Machinima has been used in music videos, of which the first documented example is Ken Thain's 2002 " Rebel vs. Thug ", made in collaboration with Chuck D. For this, Thain used Quake2Max, a modification of Quake II that provided cel-shaded animation.
According to director Chuck Jones, this film demonstrated for the first time that animation can create characters with a recognizable personality, independent of their appearance, milieu, or voice.
Without limited animation, such ground-breaking films as Yellow Submarine, Chuck Jones ' The Dot and the Line, and many others could never have been produced.
Chuck Jones ' 1942 cartoon The Dover Boys had demonstrated that animation could freely experiment with character design, depth, and perspective to create a stylized artistic vision appropriate to the subject matter.
Such critics of Hanna-Barbera's style of limited animation as Chuck Jones referred to it disparagingly as " illustrated radio ," yet when one show was cancelled, the studio usually had another one ready to replace it because they were so cheap to produce.
* In 1995, a 60-minute television film was made with a mix of live action and animation and the characters from the story were designed by Chuck Jones.
On the Animation Podcast, Disney director John Musker discussed Frank Thomas, and mentioned that at one time, fellow animation great Chuck Jones had christened Thomas the " Laurence Olivier of animators.
Interested representatives from movie studios and television networks regularly toured the lab as did musicians Laurie Anderson and Peter Gabriel, puppeteer Jim Henson and animation legends Chuck Jones and Shamus Culhane.
For the dogfight between Porco and Donald Chuck ( the character was renamed Donald Curtiss in the anime ), Miyazaki wrote ; " If this were animation, I might be able to convey the grandeur of this life-or-death battle.
Several animation sequences appear as rough sketchbook pages, including a dream sequence influenced by the work of Otto Messmer, and a George Herriman-influenced sequence set to Chuck Berry's " Maybellene ".
MGM shut down its animation department in 1957, but new Tom and Jerry cartoons were produced by Gene Deitch and later Chuck Jones during the 1960s.
After the last of the Deitch cartoons were released, Chuck Jones, who had been fired from his thirty-plus year tenure at Warner Bros. Cartoons, started his own animation studio, Sib Tower 12 Productions, with partner Les Goldman.
Cartoon alumnus Chuck Jones began producing a series of Looney Tunes specials at his Chuck Jones Productions animation studio, the first of which was Carnival of the Animals.
The DVDs also feature several special features including interviews / documentaries of the people behind the cartoons such as Friz Freleng, Bob Clampett, Tex Avery, Robert McKimson, Chuck Jones, musical conductor Carl Stalling, and voice-artist Mel Blanc, pencil tests, and audio commentaries by animation historians Jerry Beck, Michael Barrier, and Greg Ford, as well as current animators Paul Dini, Eric Goldberg, and John Kricfalusi.
The story had an influence on other humorists, notably Mad founder Harvey Kurtzman ( who borrowed the story's sound effects ), playwright George Axelrod ( who employed Mitty-like fantasies in The Seven Year Itch ) and animation director Chuck Jones ( who created a Mitty-like child character for Warner Bros. cartoons ).
He also created the voice of Thomas Timberwolf for the internet series TimberWolf created by animation legend, Chuck Jones ', final projects.
Along with the main plot, there is animation by Chuck Jones in the film featuring the Looney Tunes characters Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig.
In 1997, Chris Moeller, who was working on King of the Hill and who had been producing animation shorts with Dark Bunny Productions, met Chuck Austen and pitched their idea for a science fiction comedy to animation studio Film Roman.
Pierce spent the majority of his career as a writer for the Warner Bros. " Termite Terrace " animation studio, working alongside fellow luminaries such as Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese.
The idea for this sequence came from animation director Chuck Sheetz, who suggested it because the length of the final version of the episode was too short.

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