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Clash and Cambridge
This can be seen comparing the Bahá ' í approach to history and the future to that of the theory of The Clash of Civilizations on the one hand and the development of a posthegemony system on the other ( compared with work of Robert Cox, for example, in Approaches to World Order, ( Robert Cox & Timonthy Sinclair eds, Cambridge University Press, 1996 ).
#" What's My Name " ( live The Clash cover at Cambridge Junction, 20 October 1992 )

Clash and Science
" Science and Politics: ' Nuclear Winter ' Clash ", The New York Times, February 17, 1987.
* Talamanam Sound Clash Further Adventures in Hype ( 2003 DVD ) Tabla Beat Science
* " A Clash of Empires in Southeastern Alaska " Article # 700 from the January 28, 1985 Alaska Science Forum — accessed September 6, 2005.
* P. G. Abir-Am, ' Synergy or Clash: Disciplinary and Marital Strategies in the Career of Mathematical Biologist Dorothy Wrinch ', In Uneasy Careers and Intimate Lives, Women in Science 1789-1979, P. G. Abir-Am & D. Outram ( Eds ), Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick NJ, 1987 ; pp 239-280.

Clash and seem
In 1977, during the recording of The Clash, he received a black Rickenbacker from Patti Smith, which he also decorated in paint, but he didn't quite like the sound of it as it sounded too thin, and he also thought it was too lightweight ( he's stated that he prefers heavy basses, as they seem more resonant and robust ).

Clash and ever
In a 1995 interview with Kurt Loder, Love divulged that in the late 1980s, guitarist Joe Strummer of The Clash told her that she was " the worst guitar player he'd ever heard ", but she insisted she had improved by the early 1990s: " I'm fine ...
In direct contrast to cosmopolitan theories about an ever more connected world that no longer requires nation states, is the Clash of Civilizations theory.
Early in 1976, London SS broke up before ever performing publicly, spinning off two new bands: The Damned and The Clash, which was joined by Joe Strummer, former lead singer of The 101 ' ers.
In early 1988, rising star Sting had challenged Flair to a match at the first ever Clash of the Champions.
As a result, Crockett aired the first ever Clash of the Champions on TBS on March 27, 1988 to draw viewers away from WrestleMania IV, which also took place this night too, this was one of the few strategic tactics to actually work for the fledgling JCP as the buyrate for WrestleMania IV was much lower than that of the previous Survivor Series ' 87.
" Jared Swilley, bassist in Atlanta punk band Black Lips, has criticized the magazine saying in an interview with Clash that it is the " most bullshit piece of fuck garbage poor excuse for a magazine ever.
Sutton also holds the record for the quickest goal ever in an Old Firm Clash, scored at Ibrox in 2002, scoring inside just 18 seconds.
* Downloadable 15-minute interview with Kevin Clash from Wisconsin Public Television Kevin Clash talks about the development of his love of puppetry, how he became Elmo and what it's like to voice the most popular toy ever.
The teams met at the 1st ever Clash of the Champions live on TBS and the challengers upset the Horsemen, when heel miscommunication caused Anderson to get hit by a chair from Horsemen manager J. J. Dillon, and pinned by Luger.

Clash and
* 1952 Joe Strummer, English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor ( The Clash, The Mescaleros, and The Pogues ) ( d. 2002 )
* 1955 Paul Simonon, English bassist ( The Clash )
Essendon's Home ( left ) and the 2007 2011 Clash ( right ) Jumpers
* 1955 Mick Jones, English singer-songwriter and guitarist ( The Clash, Big Audio Dynamite, General Public, Carbon / Silicon, and London SS )
* 1955 Terry Chimes, English musician ( The Clash )
* 1957 Keith Levene, English musician, songwriter, and producer ( Public Image Ltd, The Flowers of Romance, and The Clash )
* 1955 Topper Headon, English musician and songwriter ( The Clash and Mirkwood )
* April 8 The punk band The Clash's debut album The Clash is released in the UK on CBS Records.
* March 29 The " Clash of Titans ": George Mikan and Bob Kurland duel at Madison Square Garden.
San Jose Clash forward Eric Wynalda scores the league's first goal in a 1 0 victory over D. C. United.
* September 17 Kevin Clash, American actor and puppeteer
* Kevin Clash as the puppet character Artie ( 1980 1984 ) and as himself and acted in many of the sketches
* January 1 The Clash headline the gala opening of the London music club, The Roxy.
* December 22 Joe Strummer ( 50 ), singer and guitarist of The Clash
John Graham Mellor ( 21 August 1952 22 December 2002 ), best remembered by his stage name Joe Strummer, was a British musician who was the co-founder, lyricist, rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist of the British punk rock band The Clash.
# " London Calling " The Clash
The team is one of the ten charter members of MLS which competed in the league's first season in 1996 ( originally as the San Jose Clash ) and took part in the first game in MLS history, defeating D. C. United 1 0.
The Clash finished 1997 at the bottom of the Western Conference standings with a 12 20 record.
Image: SanJoseClash. png | San Jose Clash logo ( 1995 99 )
Referring to the party of the title of the song, the lyrics mention several punk and reggae groups: " The Wailers will be there, The Damned, The Jam, The Clash Maytals will be there, Dr. Feelgood too.
* Urofsky, Melvin I., Conflict Among the Brethren: Felix Frankfurter, William O. Douglas and the Clash of Personalities and Philosophies on the United States Supreme Court, Duke Law Journal ( 1988 ): 71 113.

Clash and by
Chicano performance art blends humor and pathos for tragi-comic effect as shown by Los Angeles ' comedy troupe Culture Clash and Mexican-born performance artist Guillermo Gomez-Pena and Nao Bustamante is a Chicana Artist known internationally for her conceptual art pieces and as a participant in Work of Art: The next Great Artist produced by Sarah Jessica Parker.
Keynes Hayek: The Clash That Defined Modern Economics, ( W. W. Norton & Company ) 382 pages ISBN 978-0-393-07748-3 ; covers the debate with Keynes in letters, articles, conversation, and by the two economists ' disciples.
Ubisoft has since released three new projects using the Might and Magic brand — a fifth installment of the Heroes series, developed by Nival Interactive, an action-style game called Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, developed by Arkane Studios and a puzzle RPG called Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, developed by Capybara Games.
The front cover for the book " The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order " by Samuel P. Huntington.
The Sex Pistols, originally scheduled to play, were dropped by the organizers who said the band had gone " too far " in demanding top billing and certain amenities ; The Clash backed out in solidarity.
As described by Dave Laing, " The model for self-proclaimed punk after 1978 derived from the Ramones via the eight-to-the-bar rhythms most characteristic of The Vibrators and Clash.
As a reaction to an anti-Sandinista statement by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her proposal to ban the use of the word itself, punk rock group The Clash used the title Sandinista!
* Clash of the Titans: How the Unbridled Ambition of Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch Has Created Global Empires that Control What We Read and Watch Each Day by Richard Hack ( New Millennium Press, 2003 ) ISBN 1-893224-60-0
The Replacements ' music was influenced by classic rock artists such as The Rolling Stones, Faces, Big Star, Slade, Badfinger, and The Beatles as well as punk rock bands such as The Ramones, Johnny Thunders, Dead Boys and The Clash.
* La Bataille de la Moskowa ( Martial Enterprises, 1974 ) Later republished by Games Designers Workshop and Clash of Arms.
Their first album, Let Them Eat Bingo, included the number one single " Dub Be Good to Me ", which caused a legal dispute revolving around allegations of infringement of copyright through the liberal use of unauthorised samples: the bassline was a note-for-note lift from " The Guns of Brixton " by The Clash and the lyrics borrowed heavily from " Just Be Good to Me " by The S. O. S.
Reviewed by A. Bilsborough ( 2001 ) Clash of the Titans.
: Alan Smale, “ A Clash of Eagles ” ( in Panverse 2, edited by Dario Ciriello )
* Clash by Night, with audio interview excerpts of director Fritz Lang
In the 2010 film Clash of the Titans, Io was portrayed by British actress Gemma Arterton.
The Clash of Civilizations is a theory, proposed by political scientist Samuel P. Huntington, that people's cultural and religious identities will be the primary source of conflict in the post-Cold War world.
Even earlier, the phrase appears in a 1926 book regarding the Middle East by Basil Mathews: Young Islam on Trek: A Study in the Clash of Civilizations ( p. 196 ).
* Clash ( 1929 book ), a 1929 book by Ellen Wilkinson

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