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Collaborative and cooperative
Collaborative software is a broad concept that greatly overlaps with Computer-supported cooperative work ( CSCW ).

Collaborative and learning
* Collaborative learning
* Collaborative learning
* Collaborative learning
* Collaborative learning
* Collaborative learning
* Collaborative learning
Collaborative learning is a situation in which two or more people learn or attempt to learn something together.
Collaborative learning is heavily rooted in Vygotsky ’ s views that there exists an inherent social nature of learning which is shown through his theory of zone of proximal development.
Collaborative learning activities can include collaborative writing, group projects, joint problem solving, debates, study teams, and other activities.
* Collaborative Networked Learning is a form of collaborative learning for the self-directed adult learner.
According to Findley ( 1987 ) " Collaborative Networked Learning ( CNL ) is that learning which occurs via electronic dialogue between self-directed co-learners and learners and experts.
Findley's project conducted trend analysis and developed prototypes of collaborative learning environments, which became the basis for their further research and development of what they called Collaborative Networked Learning ( CNL ),
* Collaborative Learning Development Enables developers of learning systems to work as a network.
* Collaborative Learning in Virtual Worlds Virtual Worlds by their nature provide an excellent opportunity for collaborative learning.
* Collaborative learning in thesis circles in higher education is another example of people learning together.
Collaborative scripts structure collaborative learning by creating roles and mediating interactions while allowing for flexibility in dialogue and activities.
Collaborative scripts are used in nearly all cases of collaborative learning some of which are more suited for face-to-face collaborative learning — usually, more flexible — and others for computer-supported collaborative learning — typically, more constraining.
* Collaborative learning in thesis circles
Distributed cognition as a theory of learning, i. e. one in which the development of knowledge is attributed to the system of thinking agents interacting dynamically with artifacts, has been widely applied in the field of distance learning, especially in relation to Computer Supported Collaborative Learning ( CSCL ) and other computer-supported learning tools.

Collaborative and projects
Category: Collaborative projects
Collaborative research with other institutions includes projects with the CSIRO and the high profile Cooperative Research Centres.
Educational Collaborative Partnerships are established by mutual agreement between two or more parties to work together on projects and activities that will enhance the quality of education for students while improving skills critical to success in the workplace.
Collaborative projects include " The Double Trio ," composed of the " Arcado String Trio " and the Trio du Clarinettes.
Two of the earliest projects were the Collaborative Digitization Project in Colorado and NC ECHO-North Carolina Exploring Cultural Heritage Online, based at the State Library of North Carolina.
Since 1998, the university has undertaken 12 very important national projects, such as Action Plan project " Multi-media Distance Education System and Project "; Education Ministry approved large project " the Demonstrate Project of Internet Education Based on Satellite and Terrestrial Networks "; " Tenth Five-Year Plan " key project " real-time teaching system "; National Science Fund project " Study of Individual and Interactive Virtual Collaborative Learning Environment " and " Study and Application of Personality Mining in E-Learning ".
Category: Collaborative projects
After working with modern architect Walter Gropius at the Architects ' Collaborative, Gund began his career with significant projects that drew from a modernist vocabulary.
Collaborative programs of exhibitions, educational activities, and special projects allow both institutions to draw on their respective strengths and resources and to continue shaping a cultural discourse.
Collaborative writing can lead to projects that are richer and more complex than those produced by individuals.
Category: Collaborative projects
* Collaborative writing projects that allow readers to contribute to the text of a work
Collaborative groups may allow for more input and influence on projects from the public than the normal NEPA process, despite the fact that projects under the act go through an expedited NEPA process.
Category: Collaborative projects
* The West Oakland Food Collaborative operates a farmers market, and other projects to provide healthy food to the neighborhood.
Category: Collaborative projects
* Creation (" Collaborative or individual creative projects ")

cooperative and learning
With Dewey as the director and his wife as principal, the University of Chicago Laboratory school, was dedicated “ to discover in administration, selection of subject-matter, methods of learning, teaching, and discipline, how a school could become a cooperative community while developing in individuals their own capacities and satisfy their own needs .” ( Cremin, 136 ) For Dewey the two key goals of developing a cooperative community and developing individuals ’ own capacities were not at odds ; they were necessary to each other.
Sudbury model schools are non-coercive, non-indoctrinative, cooperative, democratically run partnerships between children and adults, including full parents ' partnership, where learning is individualized and child-led, and complement home education.
In fact, orientation for incoming students is a mandatory week-long writing and thinking workshop, designed to readjust students to pedagogical, cooperative bidirectional learning.
The Hadow reports ( 1923 – 1933 ) with their suggestions such that " a good school ' is not a place of compulsory instruction, but a community of old and young, engaged in learning by cooperative experiment '.
Kettering places a strong emphasis on experiential learning and cooperative education, with undergraduate students required to complete five co-op terms to graduate.
* use of cooperative learning groups
Studio art in one sense refers to the artwork that is created in the workplace of the artist ; in contrast to art work created while attending a university, or other place of learning, in an art gallery, or within artists cooperative are some examples.
" " Care " in this context is synonymous with upbringing and is seen as a cooperative endeavor between parents and society to prepare children physically ( eating properly, keeping clean ) and mentally ( communication, social awareness, empathy, and self reflection ) before beginning more formal learning at age seven.
The University of Regina is well-reputed for having a focus on experiential learning and offers internships, professional placements and practicums in addition to cooperative education placements in 41 programs.
Bonwell and Eison ( 1991 ) suggested learners work in pairs, discuss materials while role-playing, debate, engage in case study, take part in cooperative learning, or produce short written exercises, etc.
Despite these problems, there is optimism about the future of co-op education ; " Social, economic, and historic forces are making cooperative education more relevant than ever ", including emphasis on university-industry-government cooperation, a fluid and demanding workplace, new technology, the need for continuous on-the-job learning, globalization, and demands for accountability.
These principles assert that cooperative education fosters self-directed learning, reflective practice, and transformative learning ; and integrates school and work learning experiences that are grounded in adult learning theories.
Although school-to-work, service learning, and co-op have different goals, each of his points also applies to cooperative education:
The Community Service Scholarship Program at California State University-Fresno combines cooperative education with service learning.
She asserts that it is time for cooperative education to develop and define its body of knowledge, investigate its unique phenomena-e. g., the concept of learning from experience, and clarify and strengthen the qualifications of co-op practitioners.
For, cooperative education is inherently committed to improving the economy, people's working lives, and lifelong learning abilities.
Studies have shown that cooperative learning is strongly suggested in a diverse learning atmosphere.
Experiential learning is related to, but not synonymous with, experiential education, action learning, adventure learning, free choice learning, cooperative learning, and service learning.

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