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Colonel and June
Alexander I or Aleksandar Obrenović ( Cyrillic: Александар Обреновић ; 14 August 1876 11 June 1903 ) was king of Serbia from 1889 to 1903 when he and his wife, Queen Draga, were assassinated by a group of Army officers, led by Colonel Dragutin Dimitrijević
Captured by Confederate Colonel John S. Mosby's men at Culpeper, Virginia on June 24, 1864, Corbett was held prisoner at Andersonville prison for five months, when he was exchanged.
Many groups of Guatemalan exiles were armed and trained by the CIA, and commanded by Colonel Carlos Castillo Armas they invaded Guatemala on June 18, 1954.
The IEC held its inaugural meeting on 26 June 1906, following discussions between the British Institution of Electrical Engineers, the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, and others, which began at the 1900 Paris International Electrical Congress, and continued with Colonel R. E. B. Crompton playing a key role.
As of June 2008, service commanders were Colonel Boubacar Togola ( Armée de Terre ), Colonel Waly Sissoko ( Armée de l ’ Air ), Lieutenant-Colonel Daouda Sogoba ( Garde Nationale ) et du Colonel Adama Dembélé ( Gendarmerie Nationale ).
Indeed in June 1991 Colonel L. Nuia was dismissed for killing civilians and using Australian-donated helicopters to dump their bodies at sea, while in September 1993 the PNG government offered to pay compensation for Solomon Island civilians killed by PNGDF forces who had pursued BRA members across the border.
On 13 June 2010, Colombian troops rescued Police Colonel Luis Herlindo Mendieta Ovalle, Police Captain Enrique Murillo Sanchez and Army Sergeant Arbey Delgado Argote, after twelve years as prisoners.
With the aid of his advocate in Washington, DC, Elihu B. Washburne, Grant was promoted to Colonel by Governor Richard Yates on June 14, 1861, and put in charge of the unruly Twenty-first Illinois volunteer regiment.
The field commander of the Gordon regiment during the campaign, Lieutenant Colonel, John Cameron of Fassiefern, had been killed at the battle of Quatre Bras on 16 June.
He became Lieutenant Colonel ( or Podpolkovnik ) of the Soviet Air Force on 12 June 1962 and on 6 November 1963 he received the rank of Colonel ( Polkovnik ) of the Soviet Air Force.
* June 25 American Indian Wars Battle of the Little Bighorn: 300 men of the U. S. 7th Cavalry Regiment under Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer are wiped out by 5, 000 Lakota, Cheyenne and Arapaho led by Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse.
* June 30 Cary's Rebellion: Former governor Thomas Cary, after declaring himself Governor of North Carolina, sails an armed brigantine up the Chowan River to attack Governor Hyde's forces fortified at Colonel Thomas Pollock's plantation.
Colonel Monckton, in the only true British success that year, captured Fort Beauséjour in June 1755, cutting the French fortress at Louisbourg off from land-based reinforcements.
German anxiety that the British would exploit their victory at Messines by advancing to the Bassevillebeek ( Tower Hamlets ) spur beyond the north end of Messines Ridge, led Crown Prince Rupprecht on 9 June to propose a withdrawal to the Flandern Line in the area east of Messines ; construction of defences in the area began but on 13 June Colonel von Lossberg arrived as the new Chief of Staff of Fourth Army.
The next citations are not found until 1955, when the May June issue of Aviation Mechanics Bulletin included the line " Murphy's Law: If an aircraft part can be installed incorrectly, someone will install it that way ," and Lloyd Mallan's book, Men, Rockets and Space Rats, referred to: " Colonel Stapp's favorite takeoff on sober scientific laws — Murphy's Law, Stapp calls it —' Everything that can possibly go wrong will go wrong '.
On 29 June 1973, Colonel Roberto Souper surrounded the presidential palace, La Moneda, with his tank regiment but failed to depose the government.
Operation Dingson ( 5 18 June 1944 ) was conducted by about 178 Free French paratroops of the 4th Special Air Service ( SAS ), commanded by Colonel Pierre-Louis Bourgoin, who jumped into German occupied France near Vannes, Morbihan, southern Brittany, in Plumelec, at 1130 on the night of 5 June and Saint-Marcel ( 8 18 June ).
* Colonel, Army of the United States: June 17, 1942

Colonel and
* 1982 Turkish military diplomat Colonel Atilla Altıkat is shot and killed in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada's capital.
* Colonel Shahin Musayev ( January February 1992 )
* Interior Troops Colonel Tahir Aliyev ( February March 1992 )
* 1968 Alexandros Panagoulis attempts to assassinate the Greek dictator Colonel Georgios Papadopoulos in Varkiza, Athens.
* 1650 Colonel George Monck of the English Army forms Monck's Regiment of Foot, which will later become the Coldstream Guards.
* 1863 American Civil War: Grierson's Raid begins troops under Union Army Colonel Benjamin Grierson attack central Mississippi.
* Charles Dickens used Selkirk as a simile in Chapter Two of The Pickwick Papers: " Colonel Builder and Sir Thomas Clubber exchanged snuff boxes, and looked very much like a pair of Alexander Selkirks — ' Monarchs of all they surveyed.
* 1967 Soviet space program: Soyuz 1 ( Russian: Союз 1, Union 1 ) is a manned spaceflight, Launched into orbit carrying cosmonaut Colonel Vladimir Komarov.
* 1944 Bernie Worrell, American keyboardist and composer ( Parliament-Funkadelic, Praxis, and Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains )
* 1873 American Indian Wars: while protecting a railroad survey party in Montana, the United States 7th Cavalry, under Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer clashes for the first time with the Sioux near the Tongue River ; only one man on each side is killed.
* 1967 Greek military junta of 1967 1974: A few days before the general election in Greece, Colonel George Papadopoulos leads a coup d ' état, establishing a military regime that lasts for seven years.
* 1965 Civil war breaks out in the Dominican Republic when Colonel Francisco Caamaño, overthrows the triumvirate that had been in power since the coup d ' état against Juan Bosch.
# Lieutenant Colonel ( Abbreviated: LTCOL ) O5
# Colonel ( Abbreviated: COL ) O6
Marlborough's anxiety was finally allayed when, just past noon, Colonel Cadogan reported that Eugene's Prussian and Danish infantry were in place the order for the general advance was given.
With support from Colonel Blood's batteries, the Hessian, Hanoverian and Dutch infantry now commanded by Count Berensdorf succeeded in pushing the French and Irish infantry back into Oberglauheim so that they could not again threaten Churchill's flank as he moved against Tallard.
The accomplished French officer, Colonel de la Colonie, standing on the plain nearby remembered " this village was the opening of the engagement, and the fighting there was almost as murderous as the rest of the battle put together.
Colonel Charles Edward (" Chuck ") Jones ( November 4, 1952 September 11, 2001 ) was a United States Air Force officer, a computer programmer, and an astronaut in the USAF Manned Spaceflight Engineer Program.
* 1648 Colonel Pride of the New Model Army purges the Long Parliament of MPs sympathetic to King Charles I of England, in order for the King's trial to go ahead ; came to be known as " Pride's Purge ".
* 1778 American Revolutionary War: 3, 000 British soldiers under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Archibald Campbell capture Savannah, Georgia.

Colonel and August
* David Edward Brewster ( 17 August 1815 –) became a military officer ( Lieutenant Colonel ) serving in India.
The control of the media by Colonel Gaddafi's regime came to an end after the fall of Tripoli in August 2011, resulting in a mushrooming of new media outlets.
Abuses committed by Alzuru's short-lived administration were countered by military forces under the command of Colonel Tomás de Herrera, resulting in the defeat and execution of Alzuru in August, and the reestablishment of ties with New Granada.
On August 11, 1857, Colonel Ebey was murdered and beheaded by Haida who traveled from the Queen Charlotte Islands when he was 39 years old.
* August 3 British expedition to Tibet: The British expedition under Colonel Francis Younghusband takes Lhasa in Tibet.
* August 16 Colonel Prentiss Ingraham, American author of dime fiction ( b. 1843 )
* August 4 American Indian Wars: While protecting a railroad survey party in Montana, the Seventh Cavalry, under Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer, clashes for the first time with the Sioux, near the Tongue River ( only 1 man on each side is killed ).
* August 23 Colonel George Monck forms Monck's Regiment of Foot, forerunner of the Coldstream Guards.
On the evening of August 12, a 25-man U. S. Marine patrol, led by Lieutenant Colonel Frank Goettge and primarily consisting of intelligence personnel, landed by boat west of the Lunga perimeter, between Point Cruz and the Matanikau River, on a reconnaissance mission with a secondary objective of contacting a group of Japanese troops that U. S. forces believed might be willing to surrender.
In August 1943 Tresckow met, for the first time, a young staff officer named Lieutenant Colonel Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg.
In August and September 1943, Colonel Henning von Tresckow drafted the " revised " Valkyrie plan and new supplementary orders.
In August 1896, the new chief of French military intelligence, Lt Colonel Picquart, reported to his superiors that he had found evidence to the effect that the real traitor was a Major Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy.
In the English Civil War the town supported the parliamentary side, although Shepton appears to have mostly escaped conflict apart from a bloodless confrontation between supporters of the King, led by Sir Ralph Hopton, and Parliament, led by Colonel William Strode, in the market place on 1 August 1642.
In August 1896, the new chief of French military intelligence, Lt Colonel Picquart, reported to his superiors that he had found evidence to the effect that the real traitor was a Major Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy.
In the aftermath of this, Colonel Isaac Ebey, a US military officer and the first settler on Whidbey Island, was shot and beheaded on 11 August 1857 by a small Haida fleet, in retaliation for the killing of a respected Haida citizen during similar raids the year before.
Karl-Otto Koch ( August 2, 1897 April 5, 1945 ), a Standartenführer ( Colonel ) in the German Schutzstaffel ( SS ), was the first commandant of the Nazi concentration camps at Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen, and later also served as a commander at the Majdanek concentration camp.
On 21 August 1941, Colonel Pierre-Georges Fabien committed the first overt violent act of communist resistance by assassinating a German officer at the Barbès-Rochechouart station of the Paris Métro.
Known mainly by the pseudonym, Colonel Rémy, he returned to France in August 1940, not long after the surrender of France.
The settlement was founded on 24 August 1864 and named by Colonel William Moule after Captain John Fane Charles Hamilton, the popular Scottish commander of HMS Esk, who was killed in the battle of Gate Pā, Tauranga.
The uprisings were ended on August 6, 1763 when British forces, under the command of Colonel Henry Bouquet, defeated Delaware and Shawnee forces at Bushy Run in western Pennsylvania.
On August 12, 1862 the 24th Missouri Infantry ( Union ) under the command of Colonel Boyd surprised six rebel soldiers near Van Buren.
Conscious that March Field was located in an area of increasing growth, and with the need for bombing and gunnery ranges for his units, base and 1st Wing commander Lieutenant Colonel Henry H. " Hap " Arnold began the process of acquiring land next to the Rogers dry lake for a new bombing range away from population areas in August 1932 ( the last tract was not acquired until 1939 ).
On August 24, 1781, Colonel Archibald Lochry were ambushed by Joseph Brant's raiders at Lochry Creek.

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