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Completeness and
" A Completeness Theorem in Modal Logic ", Journal of Symbolic Logic 24 ( 1 ): 1 14.
" Completeness in the theory of types ", Journal of Symbolic Logic 15: 81 91.
Completeness is a common property of market models ( for instance the Black Scholes model ).
How to Play any Mental Game, or A Completeness Theorem for Protocols with Honest Majority, Proceedings of STOC 1987, pp. 218 229, 1987.
* Theater Adhoc, A theatrical insight in the ideals and dilemmas of the world of Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine The Humor and Tragedy of Completeness ( mainly in Dutch translations on request )

Completeness and all
Completeness states that all true sentences are provable.
The Completeness theorem establishes an equivalence in first-order logic, between the formal provability of a formula, and its truth in all possible models.
* Completeness: a proof that all true mathematical statements can be proved in the formalism.
* Completeness: all pa consequences are demonstrable from the initials ( T17 ).
* Completeness ; the degree to which all necessary concepts of the application domain are represented in the way of modeling.
* Completeness checks-controls that ensure all records were processed from initiation to completion.
# Completeness: the budget must include all instances of revenues and expenditures separately.

Completeness and can
Completeness can be sacrificed in favor of any other quality.
Completeness here means that a deterministic Turing machine using only logarithmic space can transform any other problem in NL into an equivalent 2-satisfiability problem.

Completeness and be
* Completeness: if the statement is true, the honest verifier ( that is, one following the protocol properly ) will be convinced of this fact by an honest prover.
* Completeness: if the string is in the language, the prover must be able to give a certificate such that the verifier will accept with probability at least 2 / 3 ( depending on the verifier's random choices ).
Completeness seems to be at the center of shalom as we will see in the meaning of the term itself, in some derivatives from its root, shalam, in some examples of its uses in Jewish and Christian Scriptures, and in some homophone terms from other Semitic languages.
" The Gelukpa allow that it is possible to take the mind itself as the object of meditation, however, Zahler reports, the Gelukpa discourage it with " what seems to be thinly disguised sectarian polemics against the Nyingma Great Completeness and Kagyu Great Seal meditations.
# Completeness: if the statement is true, the honest verifier ( that is, one following the protocol properly ) will be convinced of this fact by an honest prover.
It says that one who hears its reading will attain Ultimate Completeness, and one who abuses it will be sentenced to Hell.

Completeness and order
# REDIRECT Completeness ( order theory )
* Completeness ( order theory )
# REDIRECT Completeness ( order theory )

Completeness and is
Completeness and accuracy is described by the weakest apparent magnitude V ( largest number ) and the accuracy of the positions.
# Completeness: any statement is either provable or refutable ( i. e. its negation is provable ).
; Completeness: The design must cover as many important situations as is practical.
; Completeness: The design must cover as many important situations as is practical.
* ( Completeness ) Every universally valid second-order formula, under standard semantics, is provable.
Completeness of the market is also important because in an incomplete market there are a multitude of possible prices for an asset corresponding to different risk-neutral measures.

and all
This religion preaches the view of Ahimsa to live and let live, thereby not harming sentient beings, i. e. uncompromising reverence for all life.
In 2009, the American Anthropological Association's Commission on the Engagement of Anthropology with the US Security and Intelligence Communities released its final report concluding, in part, that, " When ethnographic investigation is determined by military missions, not subject to external review, where data collection occurs in the context of war, integrated into the goals of counterinsurgency, and in a potentially coercive environment all characteristic factors of the HTS concept and its application it can no longer be considered a legitimate professional exercise of anthropology.
* UKAgriculture. com Advance the education of the public in all aspects of agriculture, the countryside and the rural economy
The ANOVA F test ( of the null-hypothesis that all treatments have exactly the same effect ) is recommended as a practical test, because of its robustness against many alternative distributions.
In human computer interaction, computer accessibility ( also known as Accessible computing ) refers to the accessibility of a computer system to all people, regardless of disability or severity of impairment.
Historian John Huddleston estimates the death toll at ten percent of all Northern males 20 45 years old, and 30 percent of all Southern white males aged 18 40.
* 1921 Black Friday: mine owners announce more wage and price cuts, leading to the threat of a strike all across England.
* 1966 Braniff Airlines Flight 250 crashes in Falls City, Nebraska killing all 42 on board.
* 1906 The all black infantrymen of the U. S. Army's 25th Infantry Regiment are accused of killing a white bartender and wounding a white police officer in Brownsville, Texas, despite exculpatory evidence ; all are later dishonorably discharged.
England went on to win the series 3 2 after it had been all square before the Final Test, which England won by 6 wickets.
In 1905 England's captain Stanley Jackson not only won the series 2 0, but also won the toss in all five matches and headed both the batting and the bowling averages.
Australia's ageing post-war team broke up after 1926, with Collins, Charlie Macartney and Warren Bardsley all departing, and Gregory breaking down at the start of the 1928 29 series.
After re-establishing its credibility in 1989, Australia underlined its superiority with victories in the 1990 91, 1993, 1994 95, 1997, 1998 99, 2001 and 2002 03 series, all by convincing margins.
* 1937 The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 is passed in America, the effect of which is to render marijuana and all its by-products illegal.
* 1933 The recently elected Nazis under Julius Streicher organize a one-day boycott of all Jewish-owned businesses in Germany, ushering in a series of anti-Semitic acts.
"--- what Jesus ’ immortal spirit did after His death and before His Resurrection is a mystery to all but the Latter-day Saints ---" ( Elder Spencer J. Condie, Liahona ,-Church magazine July, 2003 ) "--- unto the wicked he did not go, and among the ungodly and the unrepentant-- his voice was not raised.
304 232 BC ), commonly known as Ashoka and also as Ashoka the Great, was an Indian emperor of the Maurya Dynasty who ruled almost all of the Indian subcontinent from ca.

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