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Compressible and data
* Compressible the PST data is encrypted with a byte-substitution cipher with a fixed substitution table.

Compressible and is
Compressible flow is the area of fluid mechanics that deals with fluids in which the fluid density varies significantly in response to a change in pressure.

Compressible and .
Compressible flow describes the behaviour of fluids that experience significant variations in density.
Compressible flows play a big role in determining the behaviour of nozzles.
* Compressible subsonic current: < math > 0. 3 < M < 0. 8 </ math >
Source: Aerodynamics of a Compressible Fluid.
* Liepmann H. W. and A. E. Pucket, Introduction to Aerodynamics of a Compressible Fluid, John Wiley and Sons, Inc. 1947
* Richard von Mises, Mathematical Theory of Compressible Fluid Flow.
* 1917 James Hopwood Jeans, The Configurations of Rotating Compressible Masses.

According and Miller
According to Roy Andrew Miller ( 1996: 98-99 ), the Clauson – Doerfer critique of Altaic relies exclusively on lexicon, whereas the fundamental evidence for Altaic consists in verbal morphology.
According to her diaries, Vol. 1, 1931 – 1934, Nin shared a bohemian lifestyle with Henry Miller during her time in Paris.
According to Miller, whose paper in 1956 popularized the theory of the “ magic number seven ”, short-term memory is limited to a certain number of chunks of information, while long-term memory has a limitless store.
According to Drew Miller of Stylus, the soundtrack " unconscious voice " to the characters ' psyches and complements the subtext.
According to Simon, " Willie's tone and way of playing provided a fullness and richness so distinctive that none of the later Miller imitators could ever accurately reproduce the Miller sound.
" According to singer Tony Bennett who sang with it while in the service, the 314 was the immediate successor to the Glenn Miller led AAF orchestra.
According to Donald Miller " the economic disruption would have been far greater had Bomber Command targeted the suburban areas where most of Dresden's manufacturing might was concentrated ".
According to Mark Crispin Miller, Graceland became for Presley " the home of the organization that was himself, was tended by a large vague clan of Presleys and deputy Presleys, each squandering the vast gratuities which Elvis used to keep his whole world smiling.
According to The Iron City Ladies Club, the first post office was established around 1889 with John L. Miller as the postmaster.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the CDP has a total area of. The area is hilly in some areas but has good grass and trees in most places because much of Miller Place was farm land before the population of Long Island grew.
The tract, titled, A Tract, Showing that the Seventh Day Should Be Observed as the Sabbath, Instead of the First Day ; " According to the Commandment ", was widely read by Miller ’ s followers.
According to Nat Fleischer in The Ring, December 1951, page 3, this was an extremely dirty fight, with " wrestling, heeling, eye gouging, tripping, thumbing-in fact every dirty trick known to the old timers .." Referee Ray Miller " let the bout get out of hand ..." " The pattern of the ' contest ' never varied.
According to Miller: " Skippy changed radically when we were in New York.
According to Martin Wiggins, Miller came from outside the BBC's tradition of painstaking research and accurate historical verisimilitude.
According to sound historian David Simons, after Columbia took over the 30th Street Studios in the late 1940s and A & R manager Mitch Miller had tweaked it to perfection, Miller issued a standing order that the drapes and other fittings were not to be touched, and the cleaners had specific orders never to mop the bare wooden floor for fear it might alter the acoustic properties of the hall.
According to Sergeant Miller, “ We continued to treat the patients, continued moving ammunition and grenades to where they were needed.
According to Craig Miller, the GeoNet Volcano Network Coordinator, the environment around the volcano has been relatively benign, even to the point that vegetation has been regrowing since the last eruptions in 2000, which may explain why the toy is still in good condition.
According to Boggs " it was nothing to be proud of " and " let's just say it was a few Miller Lites.
" According to Dick Miller, all of the dialogue between his character and Mel Welles was ad-libbed.
According to the documentary on the Splash: 20th Anniversary Edition DVD in 2004, producer Brian Grazer had pitched the film to numerous studios but was turned down repeatedly until Walt Disney Productions, then headed by Ron Miller, agreed to produce the film.
According to the Modigliani – Miller theorem, on the other hand, there is no right ratio, so corporate managers should seek to minimize tax liability and maximize corporate net wealth, letting the debt ratio chips fall where they will.
According to dancer Ann Miller, quoted in the " making-of " documentary That's Entertainment!

According and digital
According to one definition of digital signal, the modulated signal is a digital signal, and according to another definition, the modulation is a form of digital-to-analog conversion.
According to Intel, there were a few missing entries in the lookup table used by the digital divide operation algorithm.
According to Nielsen Soundscan, by 2009 CDs accounted for 79 percent of album sales, with 20 percent coming from digital, representing both a 10 percent drop and gain for both formats in 2 years.
According to the most common definition of digital signal, both baseband and passband signals representing bit-streams are considered as digital transmission, while an alternative definition only considers the baseband signal as digital, and passband transmission of digital data as a form of digital-to-analog conversion.
According to the Sloan Career Cornerstone Center, Computer engineers working in this area develop new methods for protecting various information, such as digital images and music, fragmentation, copyright infringement and other forms of tampering.
According to transmedia creator Anita Ondine Smith, the NFB is a pioneer in interactive web documentaries, helping to position Canada as a major player in digital storytelling.
According to a Los Angeles Times article, part of this effort was to allow directors more creative control as collaborators on their projects and to give them the creative freedom to use traditional animation techniques — a reversal of former CEO Michael Eisner's decision that Disney would do only digital animation, which Catmull thought was the wrong idea of how Pixar's films did well.
According to the album's liner notes, " The Raven " was the first rock song ever to feature a digital vocoder.
According to reports, the reason Ant & Dec decided to purchase the rights was to stop a digital channel showing repeats featuring the duo during their time in the series, though this has neither been confirmed or denied by the duo themselves.
According to Grotta, every pixel can be changed, moved or deleted, and that is the very essence of what digital imaging is all about.
According to the American Bar Association outline on Online Transaction Management, the primary points of US Federal and State statutes enacted regarding digital signatures has been to " prevent conflicting and overly burdensome local regulation and to establish that electronic writings satisfy the traditional requirements associated with paper documents.
According to the state-run media, a key consideration of AVS was to reduce foreign dependence on core intellectual properties used in digital media technology.
According to Thomas S. Ray and others, this may allow for more " open-ended " evolution, in which the dynamics of the feedback between evolutionary and ecological processes can itself change over time ( see evolvability ) although this claim has not been realized – like other digital evolution systems, it eventually comes to a point where novelty ceases to be created, and the system at large begins either looping or ceases to ' evolve '.
According to an Imation executive, Imation's " new scalable storage solutions help SMBs cost-effectively embrace the rapidly expanding digital world, yet frees them up to run a productive business.
According to their web site, SDMI existed to develop “ technology specifications that protect the playing, storing, and distributing of digital music such that a new market for digital music may emerge ”
According to an article in the New York Times, the most distinguishable element of music in the 2000s is Auto-Tune ; in such a way, the decade has been more musically innovative with regards to advances in digital technology and music production rather than songwriting styles.
According to reports, the duo decided to purchase the rights to stop digital channels showing repeats of the programmes.
According to Fangoria. com the digital effects were redone from 2006 to 2008.
According to Mario Costa, the concept of the sublime should be examined first of all in relation to the epochal novelty of the digital technologies, and the technological artistic production: new media art, computer-based generative art, networking, telecommunication art.

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