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Conklin and Jeff
Arden's character clashed with the school's principal, Osgood Conklin ( played by Gale Gordon ), and nursed an unrequited crush on fellow teacher Philip Boynton ( played originally by future film star Jeff Chandler and, on television, by Robert Rockwell ).
* Conklin, Jeff ; " Dialog Mapping: An Approach for Wicked Problems ," CogNexus Institute, 2003b.
* Conklin, Jeff ; Wicked Problems & Social Complexity, Chapter 1 of Dialogue Mapping: Building Shared Understanding of Wicked Problems, Wiley, November 2005.
* Conklin, Jeff, Min Basadur, and GK VanPatter ; Rethinking Wicked Problems: Unpacking Paradigms, Bridging Universes ( Part 1 of 2 ), NextDesign Leadership Institute Journal, 2007.
* Conklin, Jeff, Min Basadur, and GK VanPatter ; Rethinking Wicked Problems: Unpacking Paradigms, Bridging Universes ( Part 2 of 2 ), NextDesign Leadership Institute Journal, 2007.
* Conklin, Jeff ; " Dialogue Mapping: Building Shared Understanding of Wicked Problems ," Wiley ; 1st edition, 18 November 2005, ISBN 978-0-470-01768-5.
* Conklin, Jeff ; Building Shared Understanding of Wicked Problems, Rotman Magazine, the alumni magazine of Rotman School of Management ( Winter 2009 ).

Conklin and ;
Comedian / actors Chester Conklin ; Jimmy Finlayson ; Ford Sterling and director Del Lord were also Keystone Cops.
( Two original Keystone Cops in this movie were Heinie Conklin as an elderly studio Guard ; and Hank Mann as a prop man.
Self-fillers began to arrive around the turn of the century ; the most successful of these was probably the Conklin crescent-filler, followed by A.
Marcus Peck ; 1831, William F. Averill ; 1832, Eleazer Flint ; 1833, Carpenter G. Conklin ; 1834, William L. Stewart ; 1835, Marcus Peck ; 1836, William F. Averill, Eleazer Flint ; 1837, William F. Averill ; 1838, Jacob Hegeman ; 1839, Marcus Peck, John Wood ; 1840, Jacob Wheeler, Ebenezer Barringer ; 1841, Rescome H. Wheeler, Ebenezer Barringer ; 1842, George Carnryck ; 1843, Marcus Peck ; 1844, Jacob Wheeler, Eleazer Wooster ; 1845, Eleazer Wooster ; 1846, George Carnryck ; 1847, Marcus Peck ; 1848, Jacob Wheeler, Willard Foster, Joseph Bly ; 1849, Cornelius Schermerhorn ; 1851, B. F. Foster, Adam Mott ; 1852, Jacob Boyce ; 1853, Cornelius Schermerhorn ; 1854, Lewis Sliter, William S. Stewart ; 1855, William Moul, John L. Lape, Thomas Brewer ; 1856, Jacob Wheeler ; 1857, Cornelius Schermerhorn ; 1858, William M. Horton ;: 859, Joel B. Peck, William Moul ; 1860, S. D. Seymour, Joshua Coons ; 1862, George Sliter ; 1863, William Moul ; 1864, B.

Conklin and on
Except for Chandler, the entire radio cast of Arden, Gordon, Richard Crenna ( Walter Denton ), Gloria McMillan ( Harriet Conklin ), and Jane Morgan ( landlady Margaret Davis ) played the same roles on television.
The Exchange Street and Washington Street bridges were flooded and the height of the river surpassed the flood walls on North Shore Drive, Court Street, and Conklin Ave.
It is generally separated into three sides, southwest, southeast, and Conklin Heights as the students on each side go to separate schools.
Most of the township is served by zip code 49345, northern portions are served by 49330 ( Kent City ), and a very small portion on the western part is served by 49403 ( Conklin ).
It was a station on the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad, with its post office first opening in June 1887 and continues to service most of the township with ZIP code 49403. A view of Conklin
The Town of Conklin is on the south border of the county, southeast of Binghamton, New York.
The Conklin Town Hall was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2006.
* Conklin The hamlet of Conklin by the Susquehanna River on NY-7.
* Conklin Station A hamlet north of Corbettsville on NY-7.
* Conklin Center A hamlet north of Conklin village on NY-7.
* Conklin Cove a hamlet on Owasco Lake near the north town line.
In October 1888 the Wyandance Brick and Terra Cotta Corp. was organized on the site of the abandoned Walker and Conklin brickyard to produce solid and hollow building bricks.
Ball had initially wanted both actors to reprise their roles on television, however, both were unavailable at the time the show went into production as Benaderet was already playing Blanche Morton on Burns and Allen, and Gordon was under contract by CBS to play Mr. Conklin on the radio and television versions of Our Miss Brooks.
In the Grip of Terror ( Permabooks, 1951 ) was an offbeat collection of horror tales, and he collaborated with Lucy Conklin on The Supernatural Reader in 1953, a year before her death.
The bible-reading Mrs. Conklin compared the new hamlet to the biblical city of Babylon and proposed that name in apparent defiance of the area's rather bawdy reputation as a stop-over place for travelers on Long Island's south shore.
Groff Conklin described Foundation and Empire as " fine swashbuckling galactic adventure on some extremely hard-headed, scientific and mature social-political thinking.
Conklin ( 1967 ), and was not improved on for many years
A recording of Monti's tune was made by Freddie Martin and His Orchestra ( Whispering: Gene Conklin ) in Holywood on November 6, 1948.
Gordon went on to create the role of pompous principal Osgood Conklin on Our Miss Brooks, carrying the role to television when the show moved there in 1952.

Conklin and
* 1886 Chester Conklin, American comedian and actor ( d. 1971 )
* October 11 Chester Conklin, American comedic actor ( b. 1886 )
* January 11 Chester Conklin, American actor ( d. 1971 )
* Chester Conklin ( 1886 1971 ), American comedian and actor
During the first game, the Oilers blew a 3 0 lead, lost Dwayne Roloson for the series after Roloson suffered a knee injury, and lost 5 4 when Rod Brind ' Amour scored after backup Ty Conklin misplayed the puck.
The Town of Conklin was established in 1824 from the Town of Chenango by Nicholas Conklin ( 1782 1858 ).
* Conklin Forks A hamlet in the western part of the town at the junction of County Roads 8 and 141.
Ralph Conklin, 1915 1918
Edwin Grant Conklin ( November 24, 1863 November 20, 1952 ) was an American biologist and zoologist, born at Waldo Ohio, and educated at Ohio Wesleyan University and Johns Hopkins University.
Howard Conklin Baskerville ( April 10, 1885 April 19, 1909 ) = ( Monday, 30 Farvardin 1288 Persian solar year ) was an American teacher in the Presbyterian mission school in Tabriz, Iran, who died fighting for Iranian democracy.
Despite being visibly outplayed in nearly every aspect by Ty Conklin, whom he credited for not allowing the goaltending situation to become much worse than it was, Osgood's immense playoff experience was referred to throughout the season, and as the unquestioned starting goaltender in the 2009 playoffs he played nearly every minute of 23 games, finishing with a 15 8 record.
) Occasionally Conklin would rig competitions at the school such as that for prom queen so that his daughter Harriet would win.
* Harry " The Tyrant " Conklin lead vocals ( 1981 1985, 1994 2011 )

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