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Consistency and ),
* AC-3 algorithm ( Arc Consistency Algorithm 3 ), one of a series of algorithms used for the solution of constraint satisfaction problems
"" Were man but constant, he were perfect ": Constancy and Consistency in The Two Gentlemen of Verona ", Stratford-Upon-Avon Studies, 14 ( 1972 ), 31 – 57
* ACID ( Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability ), an initialism for the transactional properties of database management systems
Upon returning to his country, Quiroga gathered his friends Federico Ferrando, Alberto Brignole, July Jaureche, Fernandez Saldaña, Jose Hasd and Asdrubal Delgado, and with them founded the " Consistory of the Gay Saber " ( The Consistency of Poetic Knowledge ), a literary laboratory for their experimental writing where they found new ways to express themselves and their modernist goals.
* Consistency ( negotiation ), the psychological need to be consistent with prior acts and statements
* Mr. Consistency ( foaled 1958 ), American Thoroughbred racehorse
* See Consistency ( statistics ), which describes:
Gewirth is best known for his ethical rationalism, according to which a supreme moral principle, which he calls the " Principle of Generic Consistency " ( PGC ), is logically derivable from the nature and structure of human agency.
This database terminology makes assurances about the data state which are BASE ( Basically Available, Soft state, Eventual consistency ), this stands in contrast to other, more traditional relational databases whose data has ACID ( Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability ).
A transaction is a series of operations performed on a database that must be done together — this is known as atomicity and is a part of ACID ( Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability ), concepts considered to be the key transaction processing features of a database management system.
None of the characters or locations in these stories has ever turned up in the Eight Worlds sequence as yet ( outside of mentions in " Steel Beach "-see Consistency ), though, on one occasion, Varley indicated that he might end up tying the two together in the as-yet-unfinished " Irontown Blues ," presumably the final novel in the " Steel Beach " trilogy set within the Eight Worlds universe.
Consistency with familiar environments: The default editor key bindings were a subset of those provided by EMACS, and the mark-up language was a subset of Scribe_ ( markup_language ), making it easy for people familiar with those tools to use Sprint.

Consistency and American
# Status Consistency and Symptoms of Stress, by Elton F. Jackson American Sociological Review © 1962 American Sociological Association.

Consistency and ).
Consistency is also a key aspect in a group for success ( Wood, 1994 ).
The AC-3 algorithm ( short for Arc Consistency Algorithm # 3 ) is one of a series of algorithms used for the solution of constraint satisfaction problems ( or CSP's ).
In particular, the novels " Steel Beach " and " The Golden Globe " seem to revise large portions of the original history ( see Consistency, below ).

choice and composers
The particular advantage of the Selector system was that it enabled Classic FM to provide a balanced rotation of music, composers and performers and to reflect in the frequency of choice of track and in the choice of time when it was played its popularity and mood, and to avoid repetition or the personal preference of the presenter influencing the selection of the music played on the air.
The viola d ' amore used a great number of different tunings and writing music for it in scordatura notation was a natural choice for composers of the time.
As Olleson notes, " One could scarcely quarrel with his choice of composers of the past, Sebastian Bach and Handel ; and of those of his own time, Gluck, Emanuel Bach, Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.
It also sought to produce an innovative choice of repertory, and provide a home for American singers and composers.
This seemed a ludicrous charge because the station never discriminated against any group in its choice of featured composers or performers.
These qualities and his deep understanding of Persian music made him the poet of choice for all the great composers of his time.
His harmonic understanding put him in the forefront of post-impressionist composers, and though a disciple of Ravel, his particular voice and choice of medium set him distinctly apart.

choice and using
The ends of the beams should then be fixed to the tops of the walls using the builder ’ s preferred choice of attachments.
Now it is easy to convince oneself that the set X could not possibly be measurable for any rotation-invariant countably additive finite measure on S. Hence one couldn't expect to find an algorithm to find a point in each orbit, without using the axiom of choice.
Similarly, although a subset of the real numbers that is not Lebesgue measurable can be proven to exist using the axiom of choice, it is consistent that no such set is definable.
The pieces in this decomposition, constructed using the axiom of choice, are non-measurable sets.
It is possible to prove many theorems using neither the axiom of choice nor its negation ; such statements will be true in any model of Zermelo – Fraenkel set theory ( ZF ), regardless of the truth or falsity of the axiom of choice in that particular model.
One argument given in favor of using the axiom of choice is that it is convenient to use it because it allows one to prove some simplifying propositions that otherwise could not be proved.
Many theorems which are provable using choice are of an elegant general character: every ideal in a ring is contained in a maximal ideal, every vector space has a basis, and every product of compact spaces is compact.
He had submitted to using spoken dialogue, partly out of acceptance that he had no other choice but also because he recognised it as a better method for delivering a political message.
This made it an ideal choice for cowboys and explorers, who could carry a revolver and a carbine, both using the same ammunition.
Then it would be that by recursion ( using the axiom of countable choice ) that a sequence of polynomials could be found so that, letting of minimal degree.
In addition to the obvious step of using a minimum charge, rather than a full power one, significant cost savings may be obtained through careful powder choice.
The choice of which element to remove from the input is arbitrary, and can be made using almost any choice algorithm.
As with other instruments using friction pegs, the choice of wood used to make pegs is crucial.
Illicit diversion has been a problem, but to the many proponents of the utilization of morphine for OST, the benefits far outweigh the costs, taking into account the much higher percentage of addicts who are " held " or, from another perspective, satisfied by this treatment option, as opposed to methadone and buprenorphine treated addicts, who are more likely to forgo their treatment and revert to using heroin etc., in many cases by selling their methadone or buprenorphine prescriptions to afford their opiate of choice.
There is more than one method for doing division, but the method presented here has the advantage that the final result cannot be off-scale, because one has a choice of using the 1 at either end.
When the server serves data in a commonly used manner, for example according to the HTTP or FTP protocols, users may have their choice of a number of client programs ( most modern web browsers can request and receive data using both of those protocols ).
Proofs or constructions using induction and recursion often use the axiom of choice to produce a well-ordered relation that can be treated by transfinite induction.
It can be shown, using the axiom of choice, that is the smallest uncountable cardinal number.
Percutaneous nephrolithotomy or, rarely, anatrophic nephrolithotomy, is the treatment of choice for large or complicated stones ( such as calyceal staghorn calculi ) or stones that cannot be extracted using less invasive procedures.
Usually the semiconductor of choice is silicon, but some chip manufacturers, most notably IBM and Intel, recently started using a chemical compound of silicon and germanium ( SiGe ) in MOSFET channels.
Neoclassical economics has largely retreated from using cardinal utility functions as the basic objects of economic analysis, in favor of considering agent preferences over choice sets.
A common choice of estimate is the one provided by the principle of maximum likelihood, and using this yields the predictive density over a future sample x < sub > n + 1 </ sub >, conditioned on the observed samples x = ( x < sub > 1 </ sub >, ..., x < sub > n </ sub >) given by

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