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Consumer and health
* Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council ( EPSCO ): Composed of employment, social protection, consumer protection, health and equal opportunities ministers.
The Irish health system, being administered centrally by the Health Service Executive, is seen to be poor by comparison to other countries in Europe, ranking outside expected levels at 25th according to the Euro Health Consumer Index 2006.
* Consumer Network-community forum with specific relevance to patients or health care consumers
In June 2006, the Health Consumer Powerhouse ranked the Irish health service as the second least " consumer-friendly " in the European Union and Switzerland, coming 25th out of 26 countries, ahead of Lithuania.
These include health statistics, National Accounts, Retail and Consumer Prices and Labour Market Statistics.
Moss chaired the Consumer Subcommittee of the Senate Commerce Committee where he sponsored a measure requiring detailed labeling on cigarette packages noting the health hazards of smoking and banning tobacco advertising on radio and television.
Distinguished Service Award, by the Family Law Section of the North Carolina Bar Association, in 1981 ; Governor's Award as Legislator of the Year, by the North Carolina Wildlife Federation, in 1985 ; Award of Excellence, by the Triangle J Council of Governments, in 1985 ; Distinguished Service Award, by the Research Triangle Group of the Sierra Club, in 1986 ; Service Award, by the Orange-Chatham Alliance for the Mentally Ill ; Triangle Conservation Award, by the Triangle Land Conservancy, in 1987 ; Consumer Advocate of the Year, by the North Carolina Consumers Council, in 1987 ; Honorary Citizenship of the City of Raleigh, by Mayor Avery Upchurch, in 1987, for efforts in the passage of the phosphate detergent limitation ; Resolution of Appreciation, by the Governor's Crime Commission, in 1987 ; Service Award, by the Joint Orange Chatham Community Action, Inc. Board of Directors, in 1988 ; Service Award, by the North Carolina Chapter of the Sierra Club, in 1988 ; Legislative Award, by the North Carolina Chapter, American Planning Association, in 1989 ; Legislative Award, by the N. C. Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the N. C. Pediatric Society, in 1989 ; Appreciation Award, by the Chatham County Advisory Council of the North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service, in 1990 ; " Best Bets For 1990 ", by the Center For Policy Alternatives, Sustainable Growth Program, in 1990, " For Leadership in Reducing Environmental Hazards by Sponsoring Legislation to Establish Free Disposal Sites for Used Tires "; Service Award, by the Environmental Quality and Natural Resources Committee of the Southern Legislative Conference, in 1991, " In Appreciation For His Outstanding Leadership As Chairman .... 1989-1991 "; Recycling Merit Award, by the North Carolina Recycling Association in 1991 ; Appreciation Award, by the North Carolina Property Mappers Association, in 1993 ; Jake Alexander Public Service Award, by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Students Against Driving Drunk, and the Governor's Highway Safety Program, in 1993 ; Distinguished Service Award, by the Family Law Section of the North Carolina Bar Association, in 1996 ; Legislator of the Year, by North Carolina Citizen Action, for " your years of outstanding leadership and dedication to the fair protection of North Carolina families, workers and environment ", in 1996 ; Certificate of Commendation, by the North Carolina Psychiatric Association, for " persistence and legislative commitment to improving mental health in North Carolina ", in 1997 ; Governor's Award as Legislator of the Year, by the North Carolina Wildlife Federation, in 1998 ; Friend of Education Award, by the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Association of Educators, in 1999 ; Public Service Award, by the Child Care Services Association, for " outstanding advocacy and service on behalf of young children and their families ", in 2003.
The five specialty journals are the Environmental and Energy Law and Policy Journal ( environmental law, energy law ; founded in 2005 ), the Houston Business and Tax Law Journal ( business law, tax law ; founded in 2001 ), the Houston Journal of Health Law and Policy ( health care law ), the Houston Journal of International Law ( international law ), and the Journal of Consumer & Commercial Law ( commercial law ).
Consumer sentiments are the attitudes of households and banchaut entities toward the economy and the health of the fiscal markets, and they are a strong constituent of consumer spending.
* Consumer driven health care
The U. S. data is evidenced in a 2007 Consumer Reports study on the U. S. health care system which showed that the underinsured account for 24 % of the U. S. population and live with skeletal health insurance that barely covers their medical needs and leaves them unprepared to pay for major medical expenses.
When added to the population of uninsured ( approximately 16 % of the U. S. population ), a total of 40 % of Americans ages 18 – 64 have inadequate access to health care, according to the Consumer Reports study.
Consumer Health Informatics ( CHI ) helps bridge the gap between patients and health resources.
Consumer Health Informatics include technologies focused on patients as the primary users to health information.
Consumer health informatics is the branch of medical informatics that analyses consumers ' needs for information ; studies and implements methods of making information accessible to consumers ; and models and integrates consumers ' preferences into medical information systems.
Consumer informatics stands at the crossroads of other disciplines, such as nursing informatics, public health, health promotion, health education, library science, and communication science, and is perhaps the most challenging and rapidly expanding field in medical informatics ; it is paving the way for health care in the information age.
In 1994, the U. S. FDA Consumer magazine said: " No health claims for Gerovital have been substantiated, and FDA considers it an unapproved new drug.
* Health Canada: Consumer products ( Product Safety Bureau branch ), pharmaceutical drugs, health supplements.
Our Mission is to promote right choices in a volatile and dynamic market place by providing consumer education for all through integrating experiential good practices and scientific knowledge for the safety and health of consumers and the environment .. Consumer VOICE Pakistan ( CVP ) publishes monthly Consumer VOICE magazine in Pakistan.
He has received the Rosemary Delbridge Memorial Award from the National Consumer Council ( U. K .) for the person “ who has most influenced Parliament and government to act for the welfare of society .” He also received the Key to Tohoko University ( Japan ) for distinguished contributions to human rights in mental health.

Consumer and informatics
# Lewis D, Eysenbach G, Kukafka R, Stavri PZ, Jimison H. Consumer health informatics: informing consumers and improving health care.

Consumer and use
In addition, because biomedical engineers often develop devices and technologies for " consumer " use, such as physical therapy devices ( which are also " medical " devices ), these may also be governed in some respects by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
In India, the Consumer Protection Act 1986 clearly differentiates a consumer as consuming a commodity or service either for his personal domestic use or to earn his livelihood.
Consumer advocacy groups such as Public Citizen or Food and Water Watch maintain that the safety of irradiated food is not proven, in particular long-term studies are still lacking, and strongly oppose the use of the technology.
Paint manufacturers began replacing white lead pigments with the less toxic substitute, titanium white ( titanium dioxide ), before lead was banned in paint for residential use in 1978 by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.
Consumer applications ( as in home use ) are considerably less demanding due to much smaller listening space and lower playback levels.
Consumer goods such as pharmaceuticals, perfume, fashion clothing can use either type of authentication method to prevent counterfeit goods from taking advantage of a popular brand's reputation ( damaging the brand owner's sales and reputation ).
Consumer electronics ( abbreviated CE ) are electronic equipment intended for everyday use, most often in entertainment, communications and office productivity.
Consumer can freely download software in smart phone or use web widget to check drug-drug interaction.
The Ethical Consumer Research Association once recommended that its readers do not buy Colgate because of its use of animal testing, though this is no longer the case.
Consumer electronics devices make use of flexible circuits in cameras, personal entertainment devices, calculators, or exercise monitors.
Consumer Reports graphs use a modified form of Harvey Balls for qualitative comparison.
Consumer use first became popular through dial-up connections in the 1980s and 1990s.
Consumer Reports recommended that policyholders use the money instead to buy lower-deductible insurance.
As of Spring 2010, all new Olympus cameras announced at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show and Photo Marketing Association International Trade Show can use SD cards.
In the U. S., the passage of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act in 1991 along with action by individual states reduced the use of junk faxes at that time.
Consumer behaviour is the study of individuals, groups, or organizations and the processes they use to select, secure, and dispose of products, services, experiences, or ideas to satisfy needs and the impacts that these processes have on the consumer and society.
The U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports its receives about 10 reports per year where nightlights close to flammable materials were cited as responsible for fires ; they recommend the use of nightlight with bulbs cooler than the four or seven watt bulbs used in some products.
Some older systems such as those that use MK or old MEM Consumer Units that used fuses had one fuse per spur so for instance:
It was founded by William Allen, who allowed the use of his laboratory at No. 2 Plough Court for the Society's scientific experiments ; Alex Hearn, founder of Kind Consumer and Oxford Entrepreneurs, and the other two principal founders were Richard Phillips and William Haseldine Pepys, both Quakers from the Lombard Street area.
In June 2002, recognising the potential of Fairtrade as a successful tool to alleviate poverty, Mel founded New Consumer Magazine, the UK ’ s leading ethical lifestyle magazine, enabling consumers to use their purchasing power to change the world.
Australian Consumer Association ( CHOICE ) confronted their concern about the consumers growing interest from green consumption to food production, like, use of pesticides, organic production, and genetic modification etc.
Consumer grade microphones use screened copper wire with one central conductor in an unbalanced configuration.
Consumer and many professional camcorders do not use PsF to record 24-frame / s video ; instead they either record it natively in progressive form or apply 2: 3 pulldown.
Consumer non-durable goods are purchased either for the immediate use or to keep it for very short span of time.

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