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Crazy and Bout
* " I'm Crazy ' Bout My Baby " w. Alex Hill m. Fats Waller
Although their first hit, " Crazy ' Bout You, Baby ," was written by Maugeri and Barrett themselves, they quickly became specialists in cover recordings of originally-R & B songs.
*" Crazy ' Bout You Baby " ( 1954 )
Some of his better known songs include " Judgement Day " ( 1956 ), and " Crazy ' Bout My Baby " from Snooky ( 1989 ), " How'd You Learn to Shake It Like That " from Tenth Anniversary Anthology ( 1989 ) and " Shake My Hand " ( 1999 ).
* Crazy ' Bout Flip ( Ocium, 1947 – 49 )

Crazy and Automobile
According to the Car Crazy episode " Le Mans Museum of the Automobile ", the paddle shifter interface could be found as early as 1912.

Crazy and Every
* Driving Like Crazy: Thirty Years of Vehicular Hell-bending Celebrating America the Way It's Suppose to Be – With an Oil Well in Every Backyard, a Cadillac Escalade in Every Carport, and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Mowing Our Lawn ( 2010 ) Reprint edition by Grove Press ISBN 0802144799
They appeared in four British films: What a Crazy World with Joe Brown, Just for You, The Cuckoo Patrol and Every Day's A Holiday ( US title Seaside Swingers ) with Mike Sarne, Ron Moody and John Leyton.

Crazy and Woman
The posse led by the sheriff caught up with the WSGA " Invaders " by early Monday morning of the 11th and besieged them at the TA Ranch on Crazy Woman Creek.
Douglas has tried her hand at writing and directing, with a comedy short The Perfect Woman ( 1993 ), the documentary Everybody Just Stay Calm — Stories in Independent Filmmaking ( 1994 ), and the satire Boy Crazy, Girl Crazier ( 1995 ); and she has been the producer for several projects including Illeanarama, a collection of her short films for the Sundance Channel.
Westlife has performed live duets with some of the biggest names in the music industry including: Sinéad O ' Connor (" Silent Night "), Donny Osmond (" Crazy Horses "), Mariah Carey (" Never Too Far / Hero Medley "), Secret Garden (" You Raise Me Up "), Lionel Richie (" Easy "), Ronan Keating (" The Dance "), Dolores O ' Riordan of The Cranberries (" Little Drummer Boy "), Roy Orbison (" Pretty Woman "), Delta Goodrem (" All Out Of Love "), Raymond Quinn (" That's Life "), Leehom Wang (" You Raise Me Up "), Mary Black (" Walking in the Air "), Kevin Spacey (" Fly Me to the Moon "), Do (" Heaven "), Boyzone (" No Matter What "), Various artists " All-Stars " (" That's What Friends Are For "; " Merry Christmas Everybody "; " I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday "), and even their fathers (" That's Life ").
* Crazy Woman Creek lies to the south of the Tongue River Basin, in Wyoming and is a tributary of the Powder River.
On July 20, Red Cloud's warriors attacked a wagon train of 37 soldiers and civilians, killing two, at Crazy Woman Fork of the Powder River.
The hotel was a frequent site of movie, music video, and television filming, having been a location for movies and television programs such as The Graduate ( where it was called the Taft Hotel ), Pretty Woman, L. A. Story, The Wedding Singer, Apollo 13, Hoffa, Beaches, True Romance, Angel, Beverly Hills, 90210, Scream 2, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, Catch Me If You Can, Crazy, The Mask, Without You I'm Nothing, Forrest Gump, Crazy in Alabama, S. W. A. T., D. E. B. S., The Best Man, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
Crazy Woman Creek is a tributary of the Powder River
Crazy Woman Creek is a creek in the United States, in Johnson County, Wyoming.
Crazy Woman VOR's FAA three-letter station designator is CZI.
* travel-to-wyoming. com on Crazy Woman Creek
pl: Crazy Woman Creek
At one point, Crazy Horse persuaded Black Buffalo Woman to run away with him.
In the fall of 1867, Crazy Horse invited Black Buffalo Woman to accompany him on a buffalo hunt in the Slim Buttes area of present-day northwestern South Dakota.
No Water was away from camp when Crazy Horse and Black Buffalo Woman left for the buffalo hunt.
No Water tracked down Crazy Horse and Black Buffalo Woman in the Slim Buttes area.
Crazy Horse and Black Shawl Woman were married in 1871.
* Thằng Bờm ( Little Bờm )- Sung by Sad Woman to Crazy Son.
Ford was given writing credit for " No Woman, No Cry " on the 1974 album Natty Dread, as well the songs " Crazy Baldhead " ( with Marley's wife Rita ), " Positive Vibration " and " Roots Rock Reggae " from the 1976 album Rastaman Vibration, along with " Inna De Red " and " Jah Bless " with Marley's son, Stephen.
The following day the posse led by the sheriff besieged the invading force at the " TA Ranch " on Crazy Woman Creek.
The name Crazy Mountains is said to be a shortened form of the name " Crazy Woman Mountains " given them, in compliment to their original Crow name, after a woman who went insane and lived in them after her family was killed in the westward settlement movement.
Further hits including “ Crazy Woman ”, “ Sister Mary ”, “ Midnight Lover ”, “ Hush Hush Maria ” and “ I Need You ” followed.
Later that year, he played Dr. Raymond Hartley in the mystery The Second Woman and the kindly judge who sentences a young boy who likes to play with firearms in Joseph H. Lewis's Gun Crazy.

Crazy and I
But I refuse to be brutally honest and mention Chief Crazy Horse and his Five Colts ''.
* Chris Thompson-backing vocals, acoustic guitar on " I Want It All ", " Crazy Little Thing Called Love " and " Heroes ", additional percussion
His CB handle was " Crazy Cooter " and he often started his CB transmissions with " Breaker one, Breaker one, I might be crazy but I ain't dumb, Craaaazy Cooter comin ' atcha, come on.
He also made one LP, I Feel a Song Going Off ( 1969 ), re-released as The Crazy World of Marty Feldman.
I knew what was happening in the Philadelphia area, and " Crazy Man, Crazy " had been a hit about a year before that.
On January 15, 2010, Bridges performed the song " I Don't Know " from Crazy Heart on The Tonight Show with Conan O ' Brien.
* Placet — A planet that revolves in a figure-8 orbit around the twin suns Argyle I and Argyle II, and is subject to several different spatio-temporal anomalies in Fredric Brown's Placet is a Crazy Place.
For the third time, Bakshi revisited his screenplay for If I Catch Her, I'll Kill Her, which he retitled Cool and the Crazy.
She filmed Third Finger, Left Hand ( 1940 ) with Melvyn Douglas and appeared in I Love You Again ( 1940 ), Love Crazy ( 1941 ) and Shadow of the Thin Man ( 1941 ), all with William Powell.
During her tenure at Columbia through 1953, Vaughan was steered almost exclusively to commercial pop ballads, a number of which had chart success: " That Lucky Old Sun ", " Make Believe ( You Are Glad When You're Sorry )", " I'm Crazy to Love You ", " Our Very Own ", " I Love the Guy ", " Thinking of You " ( with pianist Bud Powell ), " I Cried for You ", " These Things I Offer You ", " Vanity ", " I Ran All the Way Home ", " Saint or Sinner ", " My Tormented Heart ", and " Time ", among others.
It yielded the number-one hits " Crazy in Love ", and " Baby Boy "; and the top-five singles " Me, Myself and I " and " Naughty Girl ".
* " All I Want ", " Way Down the Line " and " Change the World " were all featured in the 1999 video game Crazy Taxi.
# " Here I Go Again " / " Baby You're Driving Me Crazy " ( 1969 )
The album covered songs mainly by Patsy Cline – which included " Crazy ", " I Fall to Pieces ", and " She's Got You " – that were primarily taken from her 12 Greatest Hits album.
She is most remembered for " Railroad Blues ," ( 1925 ) a song that featured one of Smith's most inspired vocal performances on record, and " The World Is Jazz Crazy and So Am I " ( 1925 ).
Joseph Edgar Foreman ( born July 28, 1974 ), better known by his stage name Afroman, is an American rapper who came to prominence with his singles " Because I Got High " and " Crazy Rap ".
* On his song " World Gone Crazy ", rapper Aaron Yates ( AKA " Tech N9ne ") references his last name being the same, and also references a woman drowning her babies in the lyrics: " Sick mothers drowning they babies " & " Why I got the same last name as Andrea?
# " Shine On You Crazy Diamond I – VII " ( Gilmour / Waters / Wright )
In Billy Joel's " You May Be Right ( I May Be Crazy )", the in-song narrator describes his dangerous past with the phrase " I was stranded in the Combat Zone ".

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