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Dave and Enterprise
Dave Stern's 2010 original series novel The Children of Kings was set aboard Pike's Enterprise.
On stardate 1512. 2, the USS Enterprise, commanded by Captain James T. Kirk, finishes a third day of mapping stars when novice navigator Lt. Dave Bailey ( Anthony Call ) spots a large spinning colored cube floating in space.
* The Enterprise Incident First draft report and analysis by Dave Eversole
This episode should not be confused with the identically titled Star Trek: Enterprise novel, Daedalus, by Dave Stern, which was published in 2003 and followed by a sequel, Daedalus ' Children, in 2004.
# 1997 — Dave Thomas, Beaumont Enterprise
Reporting directly to Livermore are Tom Iannotti ( Senior Vice President, HP Enterprise Services ), Dave Donatelli, ( Executive Vice President, Enterprise Servers, Storage & Networking ), Bill Veghte ( Executive Vice President, HP Software Division ), Gary Budzinski ( Senior Vice President, Technology Services ) and Jan Zadak ( Executive Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Strategy ).

Dave and with
They were disturbed by his idiotic bravado -- as, when his bodyguard, Yankee Schwartz, complained that he had been snubbed by Dave Miller, a prize-fight referee, chieftain of a Jewish gang and one of four brothers of tough reputation, who were Hirschey, a gambler-politician in loose beer-running league with Torrio and O'Banion, Frank, a policeman, and Max, the youngest.
As she reached Dave and felt his arm go around her, felt him pull her to the safety of his person, she knew with the certainty of despair that something bad had happened to Lauren.
Scherer also had a big night at bat with four hits in five trips including a double, Len Boehmer also was 4-for-5 with two doubles and Dave Ritchie had a home run and a triple.
Dave ate two pieces of pie as he did everything else, slowly, methodically and with interest.
Other singers, such as Arthur Brown, Procol Harum's Gary Brooker, Dave Terry aka Elmer Gantry, Vitamin Z's Geoff Barradale and Marmalade's Dean Ford, have recorded only once or twice with the Project.
In response to the question “ Which side does Abner part his hair on ?," Capp would answer, “ Both .” Capp said he finally found the right " look " for Li ' l Abner with Henry Fonda's character Dave Tolliver, in The Trail of the Lonesome Pine ( 1936 ).
Richards succeeded in stocking the franchise with a plethora of young talent which included Dave Nicholson, Pete Ward, Ron Hansen ( 1960 AL Rookie of the Year ), Milt Pappas, Jerry Adair, Steve Barber ( 20 wins in 1963 ), Boog Powell, Dave McNally and Brooks Robinson.
In 1975, the Birds acquired slugger Lee May in a trade with Houston, and traded Dave McNally, Rich Coggins and minor-league pitcher Bill Kirkpatrick to Montreal for star outfielder Ken Singleton, and future 20-game winner Mike Torrez.
On June 4, the Orioles replaced Dave Trembley as manager with third base coach Juan Samuel as interim manager.
Songwriters Tom Russell and Dave Alvin addressed Haley's demise in musical terms with " Haley's Comet " on Alvin's 1991 album Blue Blvd.
In game three, Indians starter Dave Burba went down with an injury in the 4th inning.
In 1991 the Cowboys replaced offensive coordinator Dave Shula with Norv Turner ; the Cowboys raced to a 6-5 start then defeated the previously-unbeaten Redskins despite injury to Troy Aikman.
Following a near-fatal swimming accident which incapacitated him for several months, Brubeck organized The Dave Brubeck Quartet in 1951, with Desmond on saxophone.
Three of the best-known figures in the sport are George Sappenfield, who privately called the game " Basket Frisbee ", " Steady Ed " Headrick who introduced the first formal disc golf target with chains and a basket, and Dave Dunipace who invented the modern golf disc.
However, in the original article on Young from the first edition of the Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock and Roll and a subsequent article in the 1983 Rolling Stone Record Guide, critic Dave Marsh used this album to accuse Young of deliberately manufacturing a self-mythology, arguing that while his highlights could be seen to place him on a level with other artists from his generation like Bob Dylan or The Beatles, the particulars of his catalogue did not bear this out.
In some cases, bassists supplement their performing and teaching income with other related music jobs, such as working as a bass repairer ( luthier ); as a contractor who hires musicians for orchestras or big bands, composing music ( e. g., Dave Holland ), songwriting, conducting ( e. g., David Currie ) or acting as a bandleader ( e. g., Charles Mingus ).
Dave spent time in Michigan with his grandmother, Minnie Sinclair, whom he credited with teaching him the importance of service and treating others well and with respect, lessons that helped him in his future business life.
In 1964 Dave Davies ( second from left ), lead guitarist of The Kinks, famously achieved a distorted sound on " You Really Got Me " by slashing the cones of his guitar amplifier with a razor blade.
" The live line-up was completed with Louis Clark and Dave Morgan ( guitar, synthesisers, vocals ) playing the string parts on synthesisers, and " Fred the Robot " voicing the " Prologue " and " Epilogue ".
Ernest Gary Gygax ( ; July 27, 1938 – March 4, 2008 ) was an American writer and game designer best known for co-creating the pioneering role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons ( D & D ) with Dave Arneson.
Gygax also collaborated on Tractics ( WWII to c. 1965, with Mike Reese & Leon Tucker ) and with Dave Arneson on the Napoleonic naval wargame Don't Give Up the Ship!

Dave and Software
When Romero saw the demo, entitled " Dangerous Dave in Copyright Infringement ", he realized that Carmack's breakthrough could have potential, the team that would later form Id Software immediately began moonlighting, going so far as to " borrow " company computers that were not being used over the weekends and at nights while they designed their own remake of Super Mario Bros. 3.
Around this time, Scott Miller of Apogee Software learned of the group and their exceptional talent, having played one of John Romero's Softdisk games, Dangerous Dave, and contacted Romero under the guise of multiple fan letters that Romero came to realize all originated from the same address.
XML-RPC, the protocol, was created in 1998 by Dave Winer of UserLand Software and Microsoft.
* Userland Manila, a popular web-based content management system produced by Dave Winer's UserLand Software
In 1991, Jumpman Lives !, written by Dave Sharpless, was released by Apogee Software.
Two entities emerged to fill the void, with neither Netscape's help nor approval: The RSS-DEV Working Group and Dave Winer, whose UserLand Software had published some of the first publishing tools outside of Netscape that could read and write RSS.
* RSS 0. 91 is the simplified RSS version released by Netscape, and also the version number of the simplified version originally championed by Dave Winer from Userland Software.
* Dave Fulton, co-founder of Fox Software in Perrysburg
He is best known as a co-founder of id Software and was a designer for many of their games, including Wolfenstein 3D, Dangerous Dave, Doom and Quake.
Responses include those from Jon Lech Johansen on February 6, MP3. com founder Michael Robertson on February 8, Warner Music boss Edgar Bronfman and the open DRM Coral Consortium on February 9, head of Yahoo Music Dave Goldberg on February 11, Fred Amoroso of Macrovision on February 16 and the Free Software Foundation on March 7.
Originally called Infection, the game was invented by Dave Crummack and Craig Galley in 1988 for Wise Owl Software, which then sold the rights to Virgin Mastertronic UK.
* Dave D. Taylor, game programmer formerly employed by id Software
Dave D. Taylor is an American game programmer, best known as a former id Software employee and noted for his work promoting Linux gaming.
* Dangerous Dave in Copyright Infringement, 1990, DOS, EGA, non-published ( the demo that launched Commander Keen and id Software )
In the readme, the port is credited to " Dave Taylor and the rest of the folks at id Software.
Doom was ported to Linux by id Software programmer Dave Taylor in 1994.
* October 10 — id Software releases Doom II and Dave D. Taylor creates a Linux port of the original Doom, becoming the first major game for the new operating system.
He later left Fawcette and joined Dave Winer's UserLand Software, which was a content management and blogging software startup.
Written by Dave Visti of 80 / 20 Software, it achieved brief popularity in the 1990s as one of the few BASIC compilers legally available for download from BBSes.
The company was renamed Portal Software in 1993 and Dave Labuda joined the new company as co-founder.
FTP Software was a software company incorporated in 1986 by James van Bokkelen, John Romkey ( author of the MIT PC / IP package ), Nancy Connor, Roxanne van Bokkelen ( née Ritchie ), Dave Bridgham and several other founding shareholders.
The company was co-founded by ex-id Software programmer Dave Taylor, and Jonathan Clark.
* Software: Willy Crowther, Dave Walden, Bernie Cosell

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