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David and Lempert
Though foreign-driven economic approaches have mostly focused on exports and on resource exploitation and development rather than on sustainable economic development and stability within the regions and the micro-environments, some economic teams, such as one led by David Lempert, have sought to focus on sustainability.
This neo-Malthusian model incorporating Kuznets ' work, yields a helix model of the relationships over time rather than just a curve </ Lempert, David, " A Demographic-Economic Explanation of Political Stability: Mauritius as a Microcosm ," Eastern Africa Economic Review, Vol.
In more micro-studies that follow the work of Malthus, scholars such as David Lempert have presented " alpha-helix " models of population, economics, and political response, including violence, in cyclical forms that add aspects of culture change into the model.
* David Lempert, A Demographic-Economic Explanation of Political Stability: Mauritius as a Microcosm, Eastern Africa Economic Review, Vol.

David and
Anaximenes () of Miletus ( b. 585 BCE, d. 528 BCE ) was an Archaic Greek Pre-Socratic philosopher active in the latter half of the 6th century BC .< ref name =" lindberg28 "> Lindberg, David C. The Greeks and the Cosmos .” < u > The Beginnings of Western Science </ u >.
115 .</ ref > Anaximenes, like others in his school of thought, practiced material monism .< ref name =" lindberg29 "> Lindberg, David C. The Greeks and the Cosmos .” < u > The Beginnings of Western Science </ u >.
The Atlanta Falcons Adviser Board is made up of eleven members: Arthur M. Blank, Henry L. Hank ” Aaron, Steve Bartkowski, Glenda Hatchett, David E. Homrich, Felker W. Ward, Jr., Carl Ware, Bill Bolling, Dr. Robert M. Franklin, Ingrid Saunders Jones and Andrew Young ( Ambassador ).
Modern opponents of instruments do not make the same assessment of instruments as these writers, who argued that God had allowed David the evil ” of using musical instruments in praise.
David Rosenthal posits the transitivity principle ” as a possible answer to this question.
As David De Vore states, The Gothic hero becomes a sort of archetype as we find that there is a pattern to their characterization.
From 1950 to 1955, Simon studied mathematical economics and during this time, together with David Hawkins, discovered and proved the Hawkins Simon theorem on the conditions for the existence of positive solution vectors for input-output matrices.
* < cite id = Rogers2004 > Rogers, Alan R .; Iltis, David & Wooding, Stephen ( 2004 ), Genetic variation at the MC1R locus and the time since loss of human body hair ”, Current Anthropology 45 ( 1 ): 105 108 .</ cite >
" David Ake warns that the creation of norms ” in jazz and the establishment of a jazz tradition ” may exclude or sideline other newer, avant-garde forms of jazz.
* Downie, David ( 2013 ) Stratospheric Ozone Depletion .” The Routledge Handbook of Global Environmental Politics.
Moose meat tastes, wrote Henry David Thoreau in The Maine Woods ”, like tender beef, with perhaps more flavour ; sometimes like veal ”.
* Thigpen, David E., Jam Master Jay: The Heart of Hip-Hop ,” Pocket Books, 2003.
In Portraits of White Racism, David Wellman has defined racism as culturally sanctioned beliefs, which, regardless of intentions involved, defend the advantages whites have because of the subordinated position of racial minorities ”.
: Hubbard, David The Literary Sources of the Kebra Nagast ” Ph. D. dissertation St Andrews University, Scotland, 1956
As Hesmondhalgh and Melville wrote, " Tricky showed his debt to hip-hop aesthetics by reconstructualizing samples and slices of both the most respected black music ( Public Enemy ) and the tackiest pop ( quoting David Cassidy ’ s How Can I Be Sure ?”).
The Committee head for selecting the location, New Jersey Democrat David Wilentz, gave the official reason for choosing Chicago as, It is centrally located geographically which will reduce transportation costs and because it has been the site of national conventions for both Parties in the past and is therefore attuned to holding them .” In the end, however, the conversation between Johnson and Daley had been leaked to the press and published in the Chicago Tribune and several other papers.
Geriatric suicide .” The Gerontologist 18: 488-495 ; Bukstein, O. G., David A. Brent, Joshua A. Perper, Grace Moritz, Marianne Baugher, Joy Schweers, Claudia Roth, and L. Balach.
Pinker ’ s research on visual cognition, begun in collaboration with his thesis adviser Stephen Kosslyn, showed that mental images represent scenes and objects as they appear from a specific vantage point ( rather than capturing their intrinsic three-dimensional structure ), and thus correspond to the neuroscientist David Marr ’ s theory of a two-and-a-half-dimensional sketch .” He also showed that this level of representation is used in visual attention, and in object recognition ( at least for asymmetrical shapes ), contrary to Marr ’ s theory that recognition uses viewpoint-independent representations.
According to the historian David Childs, Brandt was anxious that his government should be a reforming administration and a number of reforms were embarked upon ”.
The magic he offers in tonight ’ s show operates on an uncommonly personal level .” When asked about his performance style, David explained, I'd like to bring magic back to the place it used to be 100 years ago .”' Time magazine commented, " his deceptively low-key, ultracool manner leaves spectators more amazed than if he'd razzle-dazzled.
" USA Today called David The hottest name in magic right now ”.
" In this period, Henry David Thoreau wrote that t is hard to have a Southern overseer ; it is worse to have a Northern one ; but worst of all when you are the slave-driver of yourself .”

David and Foreign
Bardot was awarded a David di Donatello Award for Best Foreign actress for the role.
Although he presided over a large majority, Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman was overshadowed by his ministers, most notably Herbert Henry Asquith at the Exchequer, Edward Grey at the Foreign Office, Richard Burdon Haldane at the War Office and David Lloyd George at the Board of Trade.
In October 2007, Nauruan Foreign Minister and Trade Minister David Adeang travelled to Cuba to strengthen relations between the two island nations.
", by David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy no.
On February 21, 2008, British Foreign Secretary David Miliband admitted that two US extraordinary rendition flights refuelled on Diego Garcia in 2002.
The Britannica has an Editorial Board of Advisors, which includes 12 distinguished scholars: author Nicholas Carr, religion scholar Wendy Doniger, political economist Benjamin M. Friedman, Council on Foreign Relations President Emeritus Leslie H. Gelb, computer scientist David Gelernter, Physics Nobel laureate Murray Gell-Mann, Carnegie Corporation of New York President Vartan Gregorian, philosopher Thomas Nagel, cognitive scientist Donald Norman, musicologist Don Michael Randel, Stewart Sutherland, Baron Sutherland of Houndwood, President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and cultural anthropologist Michael Wesch.
In 1997, the acute employment problem at St Helena was brought to the attention of the British public following reports in the tabloid press of a " riot " following an article in the Financial Times describing how the Governor, David Smallman ( 1995 1999 ), was jostled by a small crowd who believed he and the Foreign Office had rejected plans to build an airport on the island.
He secured more votes than the candidate of the Continuing Social Democratic Party ( SDP ), led by former Foreign Secretary David Owen.
In the 1970s he also acted in radio comedies, including the weekly topical satire Week Ending ( in which he regularly played such figures as then UK Foreign Secretary Dr David Owen ) and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ( as the " B Ark Captain " in the sixth episode, in an in-joking reference to his Week Ending role as Owen ).
* David di Donatello for Best Foreign Film ( winner )
* 1968: David di Donatello for Best Foreign Producer ( Stanley Kramer )
* 1968: David di Donatello for Best Foreign Actor ( Spencer Tracy )
* 1968: David di Donatello for Best Foreign Actress ( Katharine Hepburn )
was also honored abroad: the film won the Best Foreign Language Film award at the Blue Ribbon Awards in Japan, Cinema Writers Circle Awards in Spain, César Awards in France, and David di Donatello in Italy.
On 17 July 1978, the castle was the site of a meeting between the Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammed Ibrahim Karmel and Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan and Cyrus Vance of the USA in preparation for the Camp David Accords.
* David Ransom, The Trojan Horse: A Radical Look at Foreign Aid, pub.
Public access to the foreshore is prohibited, apparently part of the security arrangements for former Foreign Secretary, David Owen.
These include the philosopher Isaiah Berlin, the writer Vikram Seth, the financial commentator Martin Wolf, current Leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband and former UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband.
* 1857-Bible translated into Tswana language ; Board of Foreign Missions of Dutch Reformed Church set up ; four missionary couples killed at the Fatehgarh mission during the Indian Mutiny of 1857 ; Publication of David Livingstone's book Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa
and at the David di Donatello ceremony Ingmar Bergman won in the category Best Foreign Director and Andersson, Sylwan, Thulin and Ullmann won the Special David award.
Foreign dignitaries, such as Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and West Berlin Mayor Ernst Reuter were brought to the bell, and they commented that the bell symbolized the link between the United States and their nations.
He returned to the Cabinet as First Lord of the Admiralty in the coalition government formed in May 1915, then in David Lloyd George's coalition government he was Foreign Secretary ( 1916 1919 ).

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