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Dr and .
Dr. Gillian Tett, a Cambridge University trained anthropologist who went on to become a senior editor at the Financial Times is one of the leaders in this use of anthropology.
Two binary abaci constructed by Dr. Robert C. Good, Jr., made from two Chinese abaci
Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp | The anatomy lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp by Rembrandt shows an anatomy lesson taking place in Amsterdam in 1632.
* Animal ( Muppet ), a drummer character in The Muppet Show band, Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem
Johnston was born in Washington, Kentucky, the youngest son of Dr. John and Abigail Harris Johnston.
As reported in the Third Edition of Science and Sanity, The U. S. Army in World War II used Korzybski's system to treat battle fatigue in Europe with the supervision of Dr. Douglas M. Kelley, who went on to become the psychiatrist in charge of the Nazi prisoners at Nuremberg.
The obituary stated (" The merchant of death is dead ") and went on to say, " Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before, died yesterday.
Perhaps this meal was like the 1932ish Baghdad tea, where she stares " unbelievingly ", horrified by the first hint of the future, when her host Dr Jordan, Director of Antiquities, pausing while playing Beethoven, says " Our Jews are perhaps different from yours.
Most notably are the characters of Dr. Eric Leidner in Murder in Mesopotamia, Signor Richetti in Death on the Nile, and many minor characters in They Came to Baghdad were archaeologists.
The Main characters included an archaeologist, Dr. Eric Leidner, as well as his wife, multiple specialists, assistants and the men working the site.

Dr and C
According to his website, three extended periods of his fasting have been observed under control of scientific and medical teams, the first lasting 211 days in 1995 – 96, in Calicut, India, under the direction of Dr C. K. Ramachandran.
A third study allegedly lasted for 130 days in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at Thomas Jefferson University and the University of Pennsylvania under the direction of Dr. Andrew Newberg and Dr. George C. Brainard.
Trevor Huddleston, Sir Julian Huxley, Edward Hyams, the Bishop of Llandaff Dr Glyn Simon, Doris Lessing, Sir Compton Mackenzie, the Very Rev George McLeod, Miles Malleson, Denis Matthews, Sir Francis Meynell, Henry Moore, John Napper, Ben Nicholson, Sir Herbert Read, Flora Robson, Michael Tippett, the cartoonist ' Vicky ', Professor C. H. Waddington and Barbara Wootton.
The view was most widely promoted in a book published by Dr. William Crook that hypothesized a variety of common symptoms such as fatigue, PMS, sexual dysfunction, asthma, psoriasis, digestive and urinary problems, multiple sclerosis, and muscle pain could be caused by subclinical infections of C. albicans.
Those found at Nippur by Dr. Hilprecht, dating from 2000 B. C.
In the 1982 novel 2010: Odyssey Two, Arthur C. Clarke's first sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey, HAL 9000 is described by Dr. Chandra as being caught in a " Hofstadter – Möbius loop ".
Murphy and Dr C. G.
" A & C Black also note that British surgeons – a designation reserved for those who have obtained membership of the Royal College of Surgeons – are addressed as Mr, Mrs or Miss rather than Dr.
# 1914 – 1919 Dr. Frederic C. Howe ( Democrat )
Dr. C. S.
Beckett's pieces include numerous burlesques and pantomimes, the libretti of Savonarola ( Hamburg, 1884 ) and The Canterbury Pilgrims ( Drury Lane, 1884 ) for the music of Dr. ( afterwards Sir ) C. V. Stanford.
The mausoleum of Jokichi Takamine in Woodlawn Cemetery ( Bronx ) | Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx NYMany of the beautiful cherry blossom trees in the West Potomac Park surrounding the Tidal Basin in Washington, D. C. were donated by the mayor of Tokyo, Yukio Ozaki and Dr. Takamine in 1912.
Dr. Tilton's description of Carson's last days are included in J. S. C. Abbott's Life of Kit Carson.
Hans-Adam II, and Liechtenstein's Prime Minister, Otmar Hasler, appointed Dr. Bruce S. Allen and Leodis C. Matthews, both in the United States of America, as the first two Honorary Consuls in history for the Principality of Liechtenstein.
In his article, " Gray Barker: My Friend, the Myth-Maker ," John C. Sherwood claims that at age 18, he cooperated when Gray Barker urged him in the late 1960s to develop a hoax – which Barker subsequently published – about what Barker called " blackmen ", three mysterious UFO inhabitants who silenced Sherwood's pseudonymous identity, " Dr. Richard H. Pratt ".
In 1895, there were Bishop E. R. Hendrix and Dr. C. F. Reid from South Methodist Church, who established " Jonggyo Methodist Church "( 종교감리교회 ) and " Baewha School "( 배화학당 ).
He worked his way through with a job as assistant in the library, being recommended by Dr. R. C. Weldon.
However, Dr. Mary Gray, the chairman of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at American University in Washington, D. C., has said that he was a goldsmith.
Under the directions of Dr J. J. C.
Dr Paul C Weinberg of Mt.
* United States, Washington, D. C .: In September 2010, Dr. Mary Pat McKay, a professor of emergency medicine and public health at George Washington University, issued a statement that injuries from the transporters were becoming both more common and more serious.
Slotkin, a professor of Anthropology ; and a physician, Dr. W. C.
Under the direction of Dr. Hieu C. Truong, the RCM engineering division designed the two dollar coin to be made from two different metals.

Dr and G
Unlike his translation of the Pastoral Care, Alfred here deals very freely with his original and though the late Dr. G. Schepss showed that many of the additions to the text are to be traced not to Alfred himself, but to the glosses and commentaries which he used, still there is much in the work which is solely Alfred's and highly characteristic of his style.
Dr. R. G.
Coca-Cola founders Asa G. Candler and Dr. John S. Pemberton are seen together at Asa G. Candler & Co. pharmacy, 47 Peachtree St., Atlanta in the only extant albumen photograph from 1888.
Following the primary show, Dr. Friedman would engage in discussion with a number of selected debaters drawn from trade unions, academy and the business community, such as Donald Rumsfeld ( then of G. D. Searle & Company ) and Frances Fox Piven of City University of New York.
Frankenstein draws heavily on a forged document feel, as do Dracula, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and many of the works of Jules Verne, Edgar Allan Poe and H. G.
( 1970 ) with several horror features: The Abominable Dr. Phibes ( 1971 ), with Vincent Price, and Soylent Green ( 1973 ), the last film featuring Edward G. Robinson.
Next year, H. G. Apenzeller from North Methodist church, who arrived 5 April 1885, started to evangelize with Dr. Scranton and his mother.
* The St Piran Trust has undertaken research which has led them to the conclusion that Saint Piran was indeed Saint Ciarán of Saighir or perhaps a disciple, as indicated by Dr James Brennan of Kilkenny and Dr T. F. G. Dexter, whose thesis is held in the Royal Cornwall Museum.
From this inscription the archaeologist Dr. G. Q. Giglioli nearly concludes that Vitruvius and Mamurra are from the same family ; his argument is presented by Ettore Pais:
* June 10 – Alcoholics Anonymous is founded in Akron, Ohio by William G. Wilson and Dr. Robert Smith.
Henry VIII: The King and His Court, by Alison Weir, questions the paternity of Henry Carey ; Dr. G. W.
Henry VIII: The King and His Court, by Alison Weir, questions the paternity of Henry Carey ; Dr. G. W.
Ali G cannot comprehend why his erection is not actually a bone, accuses Dr. Koop of being a " player hater " when the doctor breaks the news that all people will eventually die, and tries to convince the Surgeon General that his deceased pet cat was actually human.
Other personalities who were attracted by his talks were American poets Harriet Monroe and Ella Wheeler Wilcox ; Dr. Lewis G. Janes, president of Brooklyn Ethical Association ; Sara C. Bull, wife of Ole Bull, the Norwegian violinist ; Sarah Bernhardt, the French actress and Madame Emma Calvé, the French opera singer.
From the left: Dr. Thomas Heazle Parke, Robert H. Nelson, Henry M. Stanley, William G. Stairs, and Arthur J. M. Jephson
Some of the more prominent members of the association were Dr. G. G. Bradley, Master of University College, T. H. Green, a prominent liberal philosopher and Fellow of Balliol College, and Edward Stuart Talbot, Warden of Keble College.
" This second committee included Dr. John Percival, Dr. G. W. Kitchin, A. H. D. Ackland, T. H. Green, Mary Ward, William Sidgwick, Henry Nettleship, and A. G. Vernon Harcourt.
The floor was covered in order to be protected and was studied again by Thiersch in 1901, Furtwängler in 1904, E. Sukenik in 1928, and finally by the German archaeologist Dr. G. Welter, in 1932.

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