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Due and limited
Due to the fragility of the Antarctic environment, only a limited amount of transport movements can take place and sustainable transportation technologies have to be used to reduce the ecological footprint.
Due to the rescue efforts by the Caymanians using canoes, the loss of life was limited to eight.
Due to the unconscious status of the patient, only a limited number of the nerves can be assessed.
Due to its limited passenger capacity, the wait to board at the entry station can take several hours.
Due to concerns about widespread and well-documented corruption in Chiang's government throughout his rule ( though not always with his knowledge ), the U. S. government limited aid to Chiang for much of the period of 1946 to 1948, in the midst of fighting against the People's Liberation Army led by Mao Zedong.
Due to the limited number of runes, some runes were used for a range of phonemes, such as the rune for the vowel u which was also used for the vowels o, ø and y, and the rune for i which was also used for e.
Due to the limited number of full-time orchestral jobs, many classical bassists are similarly not able to find full-time work with a single orchestra.
Due to the insistence of the National Democrats, worried about the potential power of Piłsudski if elected, it introduced limited prerogatives for the presidency.
Due to subterranean drainage, there may be very limited surface water, even in the absence of any rivers and lakes.
Due to the relative high cost of the equipment required, however, it has not become commonplace in most traditional practices today but rather limited to specialty-type practices.
Due to the fact that until recently this masterpiece has not been available in any English translation, its diffusion has been limited and its influence has never gone beyond ' Book III ', condemning serious enquiry to an understanding of Richard's argument, which is only partial.
Due to the ship's limited offensive power the Hideki class is confined to border patrol duties during peace time.
Due to the limited size of the SNO detector in comparison with Super-K the low cosmic ray neutrino signal is not statistically significant at neutrino energies below 1 GeV.
Due to the climate, carnivorous diets are an inefficient means of obtaining energy ; energy is limited, and most energy is lost between trophic levels.
Due to some commonly held separatist ideologies, some white supremacist organizations have found limited common cause with black supremacist or extremist organizations.
Due to the limited availability of WordNets, researchers have overlooked WordNet as a resource when they work on computational semantics.
Due to the constraints of the boundary conditions, there are only limited frequencies and forms for the wave function which can propagate in the waveguide.
Due to the absence of extracellular matrix and basal lamina, the development potential of these animals, very successful in their ecological niche, was of course limited, which would explain the low rate of evolution, referred to as bradytely, of their phenotype, their outward form as adults.
Due to the rapid pace of change, by the late 1980s, grievances over inflation, limited career prospects for students, and corruption of the party elite were growing rapidly.
Due to launch costs, most current amateur satellites are launched into fairly low Earth orbits, and are designed to deal with only a limited number of brief contacts at any given time.
Due to the costs of 70 mm film and the expensive projection system and screen required to use the stock, distribution for films using the stock was limited, although this did not always hurt profits.
Due to the optical properties of photographic lenses, only objects within a limited range of distances from the camera will be reproduced clearly.
Due to its original usage in scattered isolated regions where communication is limited to the local area, the Hakka language has developed numerous variants or dialects, spoken in Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Sichuan, Hunan, and Guizhou provinces, including Hainan island, Singapore and Taiwan.
Due to her pregnancy, Newton-John limited her publicity for the album.
Due to the late start and extensive delays releasing the second-generation MC88110, the m88k achieved very limited success outside of the MVME platform and embedded controller environments.

Due and budget
Due to increasing growth rates and tax revenues, the Senate of Berlin calculates an increasing budget surplus in 2008.
Due to lack of budget and care, the 389 km Temuco to Puerto Montt section was abandoned in 1992 but after a $ 44m upgrade it has been back in use since 6 December 2005 with daily service between Victoria ( north of Temuco ) and Puerto Montt ; today, however only the service between Victoria and Temuco still operates.
Due to high demand in import goods, Hungary also had a high trade deficit and budget gap, and it could not reach an agreement with the IMF, either.
Due to the increased shooting schedule, the film came in at $ 38, 936. 00 more than the Columbia budget for a total of $ 806, 774. 00.
Due to the deterioration of state budget, this became the last large-scale renovation of the temple complex in the imperial time.
Due to budget shortfalls this year the fire department is only staffing two profesional full-time firefighters on night shifts and weekends.
Due to budget constraints the City of Blue Ash decided to suspend their " Summerbration " event for 2010 as well as 2011, with hopes to resume the event in the near future.
Due to the success of previous titles in the series, Nintendo was able to invest a large budget and ample development time and resources into the game's production.
Due to budget constraints, the memorial is not regularly cleaned to remove lichens.
Due to budget constraints, he used an older handheld camera that was not soundproof, so blankets were frequently employed to dampen the camera noise.
Due to budget constraints, the film failed to materialize into a feature film, but he has since stated his interest in building up funds for the project.
Due to the limited budget, the restoration had been primarily focused on cleaning the sculptures, and Van Erp did not solve the drainage problem.
Due to budget constraints, the first game was released, essentially, without a plot.
Due to the volatile U. S. dollar, the global economic crisis and the Madoff scandal, the Jewish Agency for Israel has been forced to make significant cuts to its budget.
Due to the film's low budget ( A $ 380, 000 ), only Gibson was given a jacket and pants made from real leather.
Due to the structure of budget override votes and perhaps the size of the new main branch of the library, the two branch libraries — one in Wellesley Hills, which was purpose-built to be a branch library in the 1920s, another in Wellesley Fells — closed in the summer of 2006.
Due to time and budget constraints, many of the initially planned cutscenes and stories were cut from the final product.
Due to Upper Canada's considerable debt and chronic budget shortfalls, it was hoped that its finances could be salvaged by merging it with the then-solvent Lower Canada.
Due to what was seen as a low budget for the pilot and series in general, the existing sets and equipment from the Star Trek movies were re-used in the new show.
Due to deep postwar budget cuts, only 100, 000 conscripts were chosen in 1948.
Due to a military budget cut, the order was slightly amended in April 2010, but the total number of 126 units was not changed.
Due to a military budget cut, a new contract for less vehicles, is in evaluation process.
* 1993 – Due to major budget shortfalls, the government of Bob Rae introduces its so-called social contract ( nicknamed Rae Days ) which re-opens public-sector collective agreements with the intent of rolling back wages ; his New Democratic Party's traditional labour support is greatly weakened.
Due to budget limitations, Kubrick improvised in the use of his equipment.
Due to budget constraints, the East Bath House was closed during the 2009 season.

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