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EA and Digital
Most video game publishers maintain development studios, such as Electronic Arts's EA Canada, Square Enix's studios, Activision's Radical Entertainment, Nintendo EAD and Sony's Polyphony Digital and Naughty Dog.
* Mirror's Edge, a 2008 video game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE
** EA Digital Illusions CE ( formerly Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment, DICE )
* Battlefield series ( 2002 – present ) by EA Digital Illusions CE
* Mirror's Edge ( 2008 ) by EA Digital Illusions CE
Roberts left Origin in 1996 and founded Digital Anvil along with EA PC national sales manager Marten Gerald Davies, Origin producer Tony Zurovec and his brother Erin Roberts.
EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment AB ( EA DICE, or just DICE ) is a Swedish video game developer, wholly owned by Electronic Arts, best known for the Battlefield video game series and Mirror's Edge.
Digital Illusions CE was renamed EA Digital Illusions CE, and CEO Patrick Söderlund became an EA Studio General Manager.
# REDIRECT EA Digital Illusions CE
The Gold Edition was discontinued but later repackaged and redistributed by EA Digital Illusions CE.
The series is developed by the Swedish company EA Digital Illusions CE, and published by Electronic Arts.
A mobile version of the game ( Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf ) first appeared in 2002, developed by IOMO and published by Digital Bridges under licence from EA.
* EA Digital Illusions CE ( EA DICE ), a Swedish computer game developer
Miskovsky performed the theme song " Still Alive " for Mirror's Edge ( Not to be confused with a song from Portal-of the same name, which was sung by Ellen McLain ), a first person action-adventure video game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE ( DICE ).

EA and CE
These three levels include: preparation of a Categorical Exclusion ( CE ), preparation of an Environmental Assessment ( EA ) and Finding of No Significant Impact ( FONSI ); or preparation and drafting of an Environmental Impact Statement ( EIS ).
If the proposed action is not included in the description provided in the CE established by the agency, or there are extraordinary circumstances, the agency must prepare an EA or an EIS, or develop a new proposal that may qualify for application of a CE.
* Donegan E, Lee H, Operskalski EA, Shaw GM, Kleinman SH, Busch MP, Stevens CE, Schiff ER, Nowicki MJ, Hollingsworth CG.
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EA and Sweden
EA also owns and operates major gaming studios in Tiburon in Orlando, Burnaby, Vancouver, Montreal and DICE in Sweden.
( This is not the first time that European teams are included in an EA game ; EA released both Elitserien 95 and Elitserien 96 for the Mega Drive in Sweden only and Elitserien and SM-liiga 2001 as an expansion pack for PC in Sweden and Finland which included those teams.

Digital and Illusions
In November 2004, Electronic Arts announced their intent to purchase all outstanding shares in Digital Illusions CE at a price of per share.
The board of directors of Digital Illusions CE recommended that the company's shareholders accept the offer.
Electronic Arts owned 62 % of Digital Illusions CE on March 31, 2005.
The game was developed by the Swedish company Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts on March 15, 2004 in North America and days later in other parts of the world.
* Patrick Söderlund, now managing director at Digital Illusions ( DICE ) wrote for the magazine in the mid-1990s.
** What Dreams May Come by Mass Illusions, POP, Digital Domain, Vincent Ward, Stephen Simon and Barnet Bain, US
* Battlefield ( series ), video games developed by Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts
Pinball Fantasies is an Amiga pinball game developed by Digital Illusions CE in late 1992, as a sequel to Pinball Dreams.
* Digital Illusions CE
Category: Digital Illusions CE games

Digital and CE
Winter Hill also broadcasts two other local digital multiplexes-MXR North West 12C and CE Digital Manchester 11C ( it is a digital transmitter for Radio Manchester ).
The station broadcasts on the analogue frequency 103FM, from a 4 KW transmitter on Saddleworth Moor and broadcasts on DAB Digital Radio from City Tower ( formerly Sunley Tower ) on the CE Manchester multiplex.
Battlefield 2 ( commonly abbreviated to BF2 ) is a first person shooter by the Swedish developer Digital Illusions CE ( DICE ).
Refraction Games later merged with Digital Illusions CE ( DICE ) and developed Battlefield 1942.

Digital and Stockholm
* Carta Marina, Lafreris edition 1572 at the World Digital Library ( Antoine Lafréry's ( 1512-1577 ) edition from 1572 digitized by the National Library of Sweden in Stockholm

Digital and Sweden
* World Digital Library, presentation of a map made at the first expedition to Kamchatka, National Library of Sweden
The band has also enjoyed success outside of the United States ; they had three charting singles in the U. K., while " 21st Century ( Digital Boy )" and " Punk Rock Song " charted in Sweden in 1995 and 1996, respectively.
* Digital terrestrial television in Sweden
In June, Serneholt released her second single, " I Need A House ", debuting at # 2 on the Swedish Digital Downloads Chart, but failing on the physical sales, reaching a disappointing # 40 in Sweden.
On 1 March 2007, to capitalise on the popularity of poker in Europe, The Poker Channel launched as a free-to-air channel on cable platforms in France ( Free and Numericable ) and Germany ( Kabel BW ), and in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark on DTH satellite platform, Canal Digital.
Canal Digital is a Scandinavian Pay TV and Internet Service Provider in Norway and Sweden that was founded in March 1997 as a joint venture between the French Pay TV company Canal + and the Norwegian Telecommunications Operator Telenor.
Canal Digital was started as a Direct Broadcast Satellite Television service to Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, but has since expanded into Cable Television in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, Digital Terrestrial Television in Finland and IPTV in Sweden and Denmark.
Broadcasters that were once exclusive to Canal Digital but later joined Viasat include Sveriges Television ( joined Viasat in 2003 ), TV4 AB ( 2005 – 2006 ), National Geographic Channel, ProSiebenSat. 1 in Norway and Sweden, TV 2 ( Denmark ) and TV 2 ( Norway ).
In June 2006, Canal Digital started broadcasting HD-kanalen from Sveriges Television and TV4 AB in Sweden, which did broadcast the 2006 FIFA World Cup in HD using MPEG-4 compression.

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