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EA and Tiburon
* EA Tiburon, makers of the popular Madden NFL series and NCAA Football series
EA also owns and operates major gaming studios in Tiburon in Orlando, Burnaby, Vancouver, Montreal and DICE in Sweden.
On the same day, the company announced layoffs of 1500 employees, representing 17 % of its workforce, across a number of studios including EA Tiburon, Visceral Games, Mythic and EA Black Box.
** EA Tiburon ( Florida )
Madden NFL ( known as John Madden Football before 1993 ) is an American football video game series developed by Electronic Arts Tiburon for EA Sports.
At EA Tiburon in Orlando, Florida a team of 30 developers and more than 100 game testers works on each new game in the series, which contains more than 10 million lines of source code.
Most games under this brand are developed by EA Canada, the studio of Electronic Arts in Burnaby, British Columbia, as well as at EA Blackbox, Vancouver, British Columbia and EA Tiburon in Maitland, Florida.
* Madden NFL, an American football video game series developed by Electronic Arts Tiburon for EA Sports
* NFL Street ( series ), a series of sports video games developed by EA Tiburon and published by Electronic Arts, featuring street football
In November 2010, development of the franchise was moved from EA Canada studio to Florida-based Tiburon studio.
NFL Street is American football video game developed by EA Tiburon and published by Electronic Arts.
This is the front cover art of Madden NFL 2004, a sports game developed by EA Tiburon.
* EA Tiburon, an Electronic Arts studio in Orlando, Florida ; developer of the Madden NFL series of video games
It was developed by EA Tiburon and released on August 31, 2004 for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox and on September 4, 2004 for the GameCube.
Control of the Madden and NASCAR titles went to the internal EA studio Tiburon Entertainment in Orlando, Florida.
It was developed by EA Tiburon and released on August 30, 2005 for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

EA and founded
* EA Black Box in Burnaby, British Columbia, founded as Black Box Games in 1998, acquired June 2002.
* EA Freestyle in San Francisco, California, founded as EA Sports BIG.
* EA Romania in Bucharest, Romania, founded as JAMDAT Mobile Romania in 2005, acquired in 2006.
* EA Phenomic in Ingelheim, Germany, founded as Phenomic Game Development in 1997, acquired August 2006.
* EA Salt Lake in Salt Lake City, Utah, founded as Headgate Studios, founded in 1992, acquired December 2006.
* Visceral Games in Redwood City, California, also has offices in Montreal, Canada and Shanghai, China ; founded as EA Redwood Shores in 1998.
* Bullfrog Productions in Surrey, England, founded in 1987, acquired in 1995, merged with EA UK and effectively closed in 2001.
* EA Seattle in Seattle, Washington, founded in 1982 as Manley & Associates, acquired January 29, 1996, closed in 2002
* Westwood Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada, founded in 1987, acquired from Virgin Interactive Entertainment in August 1998, merged into EA Los Angeles in 2003.
* EA Chicago in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, founded in 1990 as NuFX, acquired in 2004, closed November 6, 2007.
Roberts left Origin in 1996 and founded Digital Anvil along with EA PC national sales manager Marten Gerald Davies, Origin producer Tony Zurovec and his brother Erin Roberts.
Instead, the intellectual property rights were licensed to THQ, who in turn had its own studio, Pacific Coast Power & Light ( founded by former EA employee Don Traeger ), develop the game.
Danger Close Games ( formerly known as EA Los Angeles ) is a video game developer founded originally in 1995 as DreamWorks Interactive LLC, a subsidiary of DreamWorks SKG.
The Evangelical Alliance ( EA ) is a London-based charitable organization founded in 1846.
EA Mobile was founded in 2004 by a group of EA company veterans.
EA Black Box was founded when EA acquired Black Box Games in 2002, as a part of EA Canada.
In 2001 Orr resigned from EA and subsequently founded cell phone game design company Sorrent, an abbreviation of Scott Orr Entertainment.

EA and Entertainment
Most video game publishers maintain development studios, such as Electronic Arts's EA Canada, Square Enix's studios, Activision's Radical Entertainment, Nintendo EAD and Sony's Polyphony Digital and Naughty Dog.
In early 2009 EA Games announced that they have bought the rights for a game from Red Eagle Entertainment, who had started programming it a few months earlier.
On February 12, 2010 it was announced that Obsidian Entertainment, developers of Neverwinter Nights 2, would be working with Red Eagle Games on the new Wheel of Time video game under the EA Partners-Program.
Later, EA announced that BioWare would be merged with Mythic Entertainment, another division of EA, so that they could have all of their RPG development in one business unit.
On June 20, 2006 EA purchased Mythic Entertainment, who are finished making Warhammer Online.
** EA Digital Illusions CE ( formerly Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment, DICE )
* EA Casual Entertainment
EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment AB ( EA DICE, or just DICE ) is a Swedish video game developer, wholly owned by Electronic Arts, best known for the Battlefield video game series and Mirror's Edge.
BioWare Mythic ( formerly Mythic Entertainment, EA Mythic, Inc. and Interworld Productions ) is a video game developer in Fairfax, Virginia which is most widely recognized for developing the 2001 massively multiplayer online role-playing game Dark Age of Camelot.
Electronic Arts purchased Mythic Entertainment and renamed the company EA Mythic on June 20, 2006.
EA Mythic renamed themselves back to Mythic Entertainment on July 10, 2008.
Mythic Entertainment ( August 2006-July 2008, EA Mythic ) is best known for its 2001 MMORPG, Dark Age of Camelot, although it has developed many other smaller titles as well.
Although most games in the series have been developed internally at EA studios, some SKUs have come from outside developers including the very first one, Tiger Woods PGA Tour ' 99, which was developed by Adrenalin Entertainment in conjunction with EA for the PS1, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 for the PS1, which was developed by Stormfront Studios.
On 1 June 2012, EA announced Need for Speed: Most Wanted only a few days prior to the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012 Set to come out on Oct. 30th 2012.
Jacobs left EA in June 2009 after the company decided to merge BioWare with Mythic Entertainment.
Sierra Entertainment and Electronic Arts got halves of the rights for each work: Sierra got the book adaptation rights, while EA got the movie adaptation rights.

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