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Eagle and Eye
* May 7 – Eagle Eye Cherry, Swedish-born musician
* Eagle Eye ( 2008 ): The events of the movie take place between 26 January and 12 April 2009.
A Bell Eagle Eye, offered to the US Coast Guard.
Bell, teamed with AgustaWestland, is developing the commercial BA609, and the firm has also developed a tiltrotor unmanned aerial vehicle ( UAV ), the TR918 Eagle Eye.
* 1998-Bell Eagle Eye ( UAV )
* Scenes from Eagle Eye starring Billy Bob Thornton and Shia Leboeuf were filmed in Perris.
In 1936, the post office relocated to the building now occupied by the Eagle Eye Thrift Shop at 65 Main Street.
Sutherland found himself in demand as a leading man throughout the 1970s in films such as the Venice-based psychological horror film Don't Look Now ( 1973 ), the war film The Eagle Has Landed ( 1976 ), Federico Fellini's Casanova ( 1976 ) and the thriller Eye of the Needle ( which was filmed on location on the Isle of Mull, West Scotland ) and as the ever-optimistic health inspector in the science fiction / horror film Invasion of the Body Snatchers ( 1978 ) alongside Brooke Adams and Jeff Goldblum.
* Eagle Eye Cherry
In the movie Eagle Eye ( 2008 ) starring Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan, Monaghan plays a single mom who works as a paralegal.
Examples include The Thirteenth Floor, Jurassic Park, I, Robot, Eagle Eye, Hackers, The Net, Futureworld, eXistenZ and Virtuosity.
* Mark Moriarty, troublemaking character from the 1993 DOS game Eagle Eye Mysteries
* Linda Gaboriau, The Eye Is an Eagle
* Morpheus is also referred to in " Comatose ( In the Arms of Slumber )" from the album " Desireless " by Eagle Eye Cherry.
Jacob Peter Beckley ( August 4, 1867 – June 25, 1918 ), nicknamed " Eagle Eye ", was a Major League Baseball player at the turn of the 20th century.
Patrick dropped out of college when drama class sparked his interest in acting, receiving his first professional acting job in the 1986 television film, Eye of the Eagle.
* TR918 Eagle Eye UAV
* July 10 – Bell Eagle Eye
* March 6 – Bell Eagle Eye scaled prototype tiltrotor UAV.
D. J. Caruso ( Eagle Eye, Disturbia ) directed.
* Live in Montreux 2002 ( Eagle Eye, 2006 )
She has appeared in films such as Kids, Men in Black II, 25th Hour, Sin City, Clerks II, Rent, Death Proof, The Rundown, Eagle Eye, Alexander, Seven Pounds, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and Unstoppable.
Dawson researching her role in Eagle Eye, 2007
In 2008, Dawson starred with Will Smith in Seven Pounds and in the Steven Spielberg produced Eagle Eye.
In addition, all staff and students also receive a copy of Eagle Eye, the school's official newsletter, from the Corporate Communications Department.

Eagle and Mysteries
* The first use of motion control photography in video games, used by Stormfront Studios in Eagle Eye Mysteries, produced by Scott Orr and published by Electronic Arts.
* Stormfront was the first video game developer to use motion control photography in a video game, in the Electronic Arts game Eagle Eye Mysteries, ( 1993 ).
* Eagle Eye Mysteries in London ( 1994 ) for PC and Macintosh, published by Creative Wonders ( EA Kids )
* Eagle Eye Mysteries, which featured The first use of motion control photography in video games, by Stormfront Studios.
* Eagle Eye Mysteries in London

Eagle and 1993
* Eagle Bus ( 1958 – 1993 )
He is also a Collar of the Estonian Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana, a recipient of the Polish Order of the White Eagle ( 1993 ) and a Knight Grand Cross of the Croatian Grand Order of King Tomislav.
* Eagle Vision ( 1993 – 1997 )
In 1993, Chrysler launched the Jeep Grand Cherokee as a competitor for Ford's Explorer, and as a result, many buyers who went into the Jeep-Eagle showrooms were either interested in buying the Grand Cherokee, or got distracted from the Eagle cars by the more popular Jeep vehicles.
In 1978, the number of merit badges needed for Eagle was lowered to the original 21, and the number of required merit badges was set at 11 ( this was changed to 12 in 1993 ).
Eagle joined the Labour Party in 1978, and was elected the secretary of the Crosby Constituency Labour Party ( CLP ) for two years in 1983, and was also elected as the campaigns organiser with that CLP for three years in 1993.
* 1993 Eagle Vision
" Since 1993, Regnery Publishing has been a division of Eagle Publishing, which also owns the weekly magazine Human Events.
In 1993 the squadron began the changeover to anti-shipping and by 1994 was operating from RAF Lossiemouth assigned to SACLANT with the Tornado GR4B with the Sea Eagle missile.
In 1993, Human Events was acquired by Eagle Publishing.
In 1993 the Seibolds sold the airline to SkyWest Airlines and it continued to see growth until it merged with Eagle Canyon Airlines in 1998.
The Plymouth Breeze used the cab forward design, originally introduced by the full-size LH cars ( Chrysler Concorde, Dodge Intrepid, and Eagle Vision ) in 1993.
Eagle Vale Leisure Centre was opened in 1993 as a multipurpose gym and aquatic centre.
* 1993 — The Eye Is an Eagle ( Pierre Morency, L ' Œil américain )
* Dong Cheng Xi Jiu a. k. a. Eagle Shooting Heroes a. k. a. 13 Eagle Shooting Heroes ( 1993 )
A Chrysler-designed vehicle, the Eagle Vision, was added in 1993.
In 1993, 1st Lt Jeannie M. Flynn became the first female to complete training in the F-15E Strike Eagle at Luke.
# 1993 — Diane Bowen, Bryan-College Station Eagle
After roles in The Heavenly Kid ( 1985 ), Iron Eagle ( 1986 ), Promised Land ( 1987 ) with director Michael Hoffman, Iron Eagle II ( 1988 in an uncredited role for the first few minutes of the movie ), Born on the Fourth of July ( 1989 ), Backdraft ( 1991 ), and Crossing the Bridge ( 1992 ), Gedrick appeared in television series such as Class of ' 96 ( 1993 ) and Sweet Justice ( 1994 ).
In 1993, Chrysler introduced the LH platform series of full-size sedans that was based on the AMC-developed and Renault-derived Eagle Premier.
Dwight York himself had his name legally changed to Issa al Haadi al Mahdi in 1990, and then again to Malachi York in 1993, but also adopted a number of titles and pseudonyms, including The Supreme Grand Master Dr. Malachi Z. York, Nayya Malachizodoq-El, and Chief Black Eagle ( York claimed that the Nuwaubian Moors are descendants of the Olmecs via Egypt over an ancient land bridge to Georgia.
On June 2, 1993, The Patriot and the Eagle defeated Kenta Kobashi and Tsuyoshi Kikuchi to win the AJPW All Asia Tag Team Championship.

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