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Elaborate and was
Elaborate and showy dishes were the result, such as tourte parmerienne which was a pastry dish made to look like a castle with chicken-drumstick turrets coated with gold leaf.
Although Fenning was executed, Hone's 240 page book on the subject, The Important Results of an Elaborate Investigation into the Mysterious Case of Eliza Fenning — a landmark in investigative journalism – demolished the prosecution's case.
Elaborate defensive works were never built, and the fort was turned over to Canada in 1870, which named it Stanley Barracks in 1893.
Elaborate point scoring systems often led to controversies where the Gold Cup winner was not declared for hours or even days after the completion of the final heat.
Elaborate modification to the structure were made again after Savoy was annexed by France in 1860.
Elaborate Phaetons, Victoria and Landau carriages give a glimpse of the grandeur of times when life's pace was a little slower.
Elaborate graffiti was drawn on the lower half of the carriage.

Elaborate and still
Elaborate meals ( often vegetarian meals ) would be served with empty seats for each of the deceased in the family treating the deceased as if they are still living.

Elaborate and is
Elaborate arborization is important for it allows for the simultaneous transmission of messages to a large number of target neurons within a single region of the brain.
Elaborate make-up designs portray which character is acting.
“ Among the other Curiosities of New-England, one is that of a mighty Rock, on a perpendicular side whereof by a River, which at High Tide covers part of it, there are very deeply Engraved, no man alive knows How or When about half a score Lines, near Ten Foot Long, and a foot and half broad, filled with strange Characters: which would suggest as odd Thoughts about them that were here before us, as there are odd Shapes in that Elaborate Monument .…”
Elaborate lip-synch of dubbing is also a lengthy and expensive process.
CloneDVD is a proprietary DVD cloning software, developed by Elaborate Bytes, that can be used to make backup copies of any DVD movie not copy-protected ( for this reason it is often used in conjunction with AnyDVD, a tool that includes disabling such protections ).
* Elaborate stained-glass window with symbolic representations of the three persons of the Trinity filling the three outer nodes — Trinity Episcopal Church, Lawrence, Kansas ( photo is contained in PDF file on all the stained-glass windows in the church )
Elaborate inlay is found most often on fretted instruments.
Elaborate decorative paintwork decorates the domed ceiling and in the centre of the floor there is a fountain.
Elaborate with extensive details of the typical South Asian interior elements, this part of the mall is accredited to the South Asian architectural style.

Elaborate and important
Elaborate brooches, essentially the same as those worn by important lay-people, appear to have been worn by monastic clergy to fasten vestments at the period.

Elaborate and Middle
Elaborate celebrations, organised by Francis Bacon, followed the ceremony ; these included a performance of The Masque of the Inner Temple and Gray's Inn by Francis Beaumont and The Memorable Masque of the Middle Temple and Lincoln's Inn by George Chapman.

Elaborate and music
Elaborate moving water effects and shifting colored lighting were coordinated with recorded music.

Elaborate and .
Elaborate studies have been made in labor surplus areas in order to identify sufficient numbers of local job vacancies and future replacement needs for certain skills to justify training programs for those skills.
Elaborate schemes allowed users to download binary files, search gopherspace, and interact with distant programs, all using plain text e-mail.
Elaborate triumphs were celebrated in order to boost his image as a warrior-emperor, but many of these were either unearned or premature.
Elaborate inlays are a decorative feature of many limited edition, high-end and custom-made guitars.
Elaborate ornamental gardens existed since ancient Egypt, when wealthy people used them for shade.
Elaborate cadenzas were composed by Tchaikovsky for his ballets The Nutcracker and The Sleeping Beauty ; as well as Alexander Glazunov for his score for the ballet Raymonda.
Elaborate objects can be created by using solid modeling techniques and easily rendered.
" Elaborate usability tests are a waste of resources.
Elaborate welding procedures may be used to achieve the highest quality repairs.
File: 2004 melford trinity church 02. JPG | Elaborate 15th century flint and limestone flushwork at Long Melford
File: Ethelbert Gate, to Norwich Cathedral. jpg | Elaborate patterned flushwork at top ( restored in 19th century ) and flint and limestone chequers below.
Elaborate air handling systems reduce hot or cold spots, to reduce variation in the finished product.
Elaborate systems of divination and fortune-telling date back to ancient times.
Walker's son describes this " Elaborate Machine " as " twenty feet high, and twenty-seven in diameter: it stands vertically before the spectators, and its globes are so large, that they are distinctly seen in the most distant parts of the Theatre.
Elaborate " opinions ," some of them forming veritable treatises-e. g.
Elaborate performances serve to commemorate the dead through the remembrance of their past life while simultaneously reinforcing the relationship between the living and the recently deceased ancestor.
" Elaborate hoaxes and pranks were major elements of his career.
Elaborate molded or inlay cases add significant value when in good condition.
The earliest written account of Elaborate codes of hygiene can be found in several Hindu texts, such as the Manusmriti and the Vishnu Purana.
Elaborate baths were constructed in urban areas to serve the public, who typically demanded the infrastructure to maintain personal cleanliness.

untexted and is
Diliges Dominum ( a8 ), which may also originally have been untexted, is an eight-in-four retrograde canon of little musical interest.

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