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Lang and New
New York: Lang, 1988.
( New York: Peter Lang, 2008 )
New York: P. Lang.
* Cappel, Constance, Utopian Colleges, New York: Peter Lang, 1999.
* Raberger, Ursula: New Queer Oz: Feministische Filmtheorie und weibliche Homosexualiät in zwei Filmen von Samantha Lang.
Fritz Lang: The Nature of the Beast ; New York: St. Martins Press, 1997 ; ISBN 0-312-13247-6
Sam Waterston later played the role himself at the Delacorte for the New York Shakespeare Festival, and the show transferred to the Vivian Beaumont Theatre in 1975 ( Stephen Lang played Bernardo and other roles ).
New York: Peter Lang.
New York: P. Lang, 1993.
New York: P. Lang, 1987.
New York: Peter Lang, 1997.
On July 1, 2009, Jonathan Veitch, formerly dean of The New School's Eugene Lang College, became Occidental's 15th president, and the first to be a native Angeleno.
Bern, New York: Peter Lang.
New York: Lang.
He also developed a friendship and discussed politics with former New South Wales Labor premier Jack Lang, then in his 90s.
* Frank J. Coppa, The Policies and Politics of Pope Pius XII: Between Diplomacy and Morality ( New York etc., Peter Lang, 2011 ).
* Andrew Lang, The Poltergeist and his explainers, The Making of Religion, ( Appendix B ), Longmans, Green, and C °, London, New York and Bombay, 1900, pp. 324 – 339.
The play had a 1987 New York revival by Roundabout Theatre at the Union Square Theatre, directed by Robert Carsen and featuring John Wood as the Player, Stephen Lang as Rosencrantz and John Rubinstein as Guildenstern.
The New South Wales Governor, Sir Philip Game, intervened on the basis that Lang had acted illegally in breach of the state Audit Act and sacked the Lang Government, who then suffered a landslide loss at the consequent 1932 state election.
* May 13 – The Premier of New South Wales, Jack Lang, is dismissed by the State Governor, Sir Phillip Game.
New York: Peter Lang, 2011.
* Andrew Lang, Fetishism and Spiritualism, The Making of Religion, ( Chapter VIII ), Longmans, Green, and C °, London, New York and Bombay, 1900, pp. 147 – 159.
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New York: Peter Lang Publishers, 1996.

Lang and Harmony
* Jenifer Lang Cooks for Kids by Jenifer Lang ( New York, NY: Harmony Books, 1991 )

Lang and According
According to Lang, propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels called Lang to his offices to inform him that The Testament of Dr Mabuse was being banned but that he was nevertheless so impressed by Lang's abilities as a filmmaker ( especially Metropolis ), he was offering Lang a position as the head of German film studio UFA.
According to cultural historian Bruce Thompson, Fritz Lang movie Dr. Mabuse the Gambler ( 1922 ) captures Berlin's postwar mood:
According to Yamaji, Australians in the water sang " Auld Lang Syne " to their trapped mates as the ship sank beneath the waves.
According to a 2004 Seattle Times article by Gillian G. Gaar, it was listed simply as " Kurt's Song # 1 " on the tracking sheets from the Robert Lang Studios recording session.
According to another hypothesis put forth by David M. Lang, the ancient name of Artsakh possibly derives from the name of King Artaxias I of Armenia ( 190-159 BC ), founder of the Artaxiad Dynasty and the kingdom of Greater Armenia.
According to philosophy professor Berel Lang, American reviews " reflected an odd combination of straight reporting and skepticism.
" " His love ... or his life ..." According to Eastwood and Jennings Lang, the film, aside from being poorly publicized, flopped due to Clint being " emasculated in the film ".
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, " For He's a Jolly Good Fellow " is the second-most popular song in the English language, following " Happy Birthday to You " and followed by " Auld Lang Syne.
According to future Premier Bob Carr ( who eventually succeeded Heffron in the eastern Sydney electorate of Maroubra ), the still-embittered Lang referred to Heffron as " Mr Magoo ".

Lang and Federal
In 1932 the New South Wales Labor Premier, Jack Lang, refused to pay moneys owing to the Federal government, which froze the state's bank accounts, causing Lang to order that payments to the state government be only in cash.
This action split the NSW Labor Party in two-Lang's followers became known as Lang Labor, while Scullin's supporters, led by Chifley, became known in NSW as Federal Labor.
After this third defeat, the Federal Labor forces began to gain ground in NSW, as many union officials became convinced that Labor would never win with Lang as leader.
* Otto Lang, Rhodes Scholar, Law School Dean, Federal Cabinet Minister, and Executive
It has been a safe seat for the Australian Labor Party, but in the 1930s and 40s it was fiercely contested between Federal Labor and Lang Labor factions of the party.
In 1932, New South Wales Premier, Jack Lang had the State's money removed from bank accounts and taken to Trades Hall so that the Federal Government would not be able to seize it.
The plan was signed by New South Wales Labor Premier Jack Lang, but he was a notable critic of its underlying philosophy and went on to pursue his own policy of defaulting on debt repayments, which led to confrontation with the Federal Scullin and Lyons Governments and resulted in the Lang Dismissal Crisis of 1932.
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia ( former Halifax Federal Building ) by George Lang ( builder )
Lang was elected party leader in 1922 by the NSW party caucus after two interim leaders had been appointed during a conflict between the NSW state executive of the party, ( dominated by the Australian Workers Union ), and the ALP Federal Executive.
In 1939, ILP was readmitted to the New South Wales Labor Party, under pressure from the Federal Executive of the party, and Heffron, William McKell and Lang contested the leadership of the reunited party, with McKell winning.
Lang continued to lead the New South Wales branch of the Labor Party, which had effectively seceded from the Federal Labor Party, when Lang's supporters sided with the UAP to bring down the Scullin Labor Government in November 1931.

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