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Even and newer
Even now, many devices are shipped with channels 1, 6 and 11 as preset options even though with the newer 802. 11g standard there are four non-overlapping channels-1, 5, 9 and 13.
Even then, most customers were unaware of its significance and merely enjoyed the better audio performance of the newer decks.
Even in the cold areas of Canada, broadcast media began to switch to the newer method of reporting after metrification.
Even other, newer, approaches integrate the interactive functionality in the TV, thus negating the need for a separate box.
Even though an older version of a word processing program is operating correctly, it might not be able to read data saved by newer versions.
Even though the state gave $ 5. 5 million to the arena for new paint, signage, and scoreboards, the Coliseum simply could not compete with newer facilities.
Even as the Leopard 1 was entering service in 1965, an up-gunned version with the new Rheinmetall L44 120 mm gun was being considered to keep pace with newer Soviet designs, but this was cancelled in favour of the MBT-70 " super-tank " project developed jointly with the United States.
Even as the demand for some services is declining – for those offered by cobblers, for example, there are newer trades that are springing up – car and tractor mechanics, for instance, based on apprenticeship and ‘ on the job training ’ systems.
Even newer systems are smaller and more ambulatory so the patient can be sent home for drainage if indicated.
Even though newer scoring systems, such as SAPS II, have replaced APACHE II in many places, APACHE II continues to be used extensively because so much documentation is based on it.
Even newer students, who come to Zen Center and find out about these incidents, are sometimes confused and question whether I can be their teacher.
Even the original Ultima Online client uses a height map for terrain and three dimensions for item and character location within the world, but the newer " 3D Client " introduced with Third Dawn included 3D models for all creatures.
Even in the 1960s, when the Standards were at or approaching 50 years of age, a couple of cars were involved in minor yard collisions with newer cars.
Even more interesting, the mileage numbers and exit signs on the newer spur start at 20, as if the zero point were at the Oklahoma state line ( the southwest end of the older spur )-this should have meant that all of the exits on the older spur should have been renumbered to match, but that has not occurred.
Even taglines still had, " It's classic rock all day " despite still considered as a mainstream rock due to newer rock still played.

Even and designs
Even in balanced high performance designs, highly encoded and ( relatively ) high-level instructions could be complicated to decode and execute efficiently within a limited transistor budget.
Even though it was only featured in this one film ( although it was used for a couple of brief shots in Mothra vs. Godzilla ), this Godzilla suit was always one of the more popular designs among fans from both sides of the Pacific.
Even the simplest designs avoid the vicious circle of rocket launches from the surface, the difficulty that: the fuel needed to travel the last 10 % of the distance to orbit must be lifted all the way from the surface ; that requires extra fuel ; most of the extra fuel must be lifted most of the way before it is burned ; that requires more extra fuel ; and so on.
Even after focusing primarily on his manga career, Asamiya continued to do character designs and creative consultation on anime series based on his stories, occasionally under the Kikuchi name.
Even as the designs became more elaborate, visual depictions of the Labyrinth from Roman times until the Renaissance are almost invariably unicursal.
Even late in the design process, microcode could easily be changed, whereas hard wired CPU designs were very cumbersome to change, so this greatly facilitated CPU design.
Even before dominating the region they had continued the cylinder seal tradition with designs which are often exceptionally energetic and refined.
Even very small and worn pieces of material are suitable for use in patchwork, although crafters today more often use new 100 % cotton fabrics as the basis for their designs.
Even so, there were many expansion options, and despite the confusion of its users, the PC compatible design advanced much faster than other competing designs of the time, even if only because of its market dominance.
Even though Mackintosh became known as the ‘ pioneer ’ of the movement, his designs were far removed from the bleak utilitarianism of Modernism.
Even with such combinations, this framework is not complete: some countries define designs for usage contexts not expressible in this scheme such as air force ensigns ( distinct from war flags or war ensigns, flown as the national flag at air bases ; for example, see Royal Air Force Ensign ) and civil air ensigns.
Even then, MRAM designs currently do not come close to flash in terms of cell size, even using the same fab.
Even after WWII, the regenerative design was still present in early after-war German minimal designs along the lines of the " peoples receivers " and " small receivers ", dictated by lack of materials.
Even though the functionality of the cuckoo mechanism has remained basically unchanged, the appearance has changed as case designs and clock movements evolved in the region.
Even as the rounds were introduced, tanks were being designed and built with thicker armour rendering these rounds largely ineffective, though they remained in use against the older designs and armoured cars.
Even Gundam shows this tendency ; while the mecha designs are based in the real robot genre, the characters in the show typically have unique robots designed specifically for them, and the shows often feature characters with psychic powers or superhuman abilities ; the latter are both common in super robot anime, though the degree to which Gundam leans to either side of the spectrum varies considerably between installments.
Even more overwound pickups (" hot-wired " designs ) became popular, either for all three pickups ( a " hot " configuration ), or for the bridge position only ( so-called " Texas Hot " due to its popularity among Southern Rock guitarists ).
Even formidable military designs such as that at Château Gaillard were built with political effect in mind.
Even Li Ka-shing's Cheung Kong Holdings held an event in the district, which some found unsettling given the real-estate industry's designs on the land it sits on.
Even familiar materials, such as wood and silver, were worked more deeply in intricate and intensely three-dimensional designs.
Even today, upgraded components, rebuilding kits, and complete tube amplifiers using the basic Stereo 70 design are still in production, and the ST 70 has inspired numerous other amplifier designs, such as Ars-Sonum's Filarmonia SE.
Even many of his centerboard designs had boards that were off-center or all the way to one side or the other ( for example, the Birdwatcher and the AS29 ).

Even and have
Even so, Edward's ambassadors can scarcely have foreseen that five years of unremitting work lay ahead of them before peace was finally made and that when it did come the countless embassies that left England for Rome during that period had very little to do with it.
Even to be `` from hope and fear set free '' is at least better than to have lost the first without having got rid of the second.
Even musicians themselves have taken to writing poetry.
Even though headquarters actually have been moved into the Chatham building, do they believe that they can make the new name stick??
Even better, they have the examples of Nashville and Houston to hold up as peaceful and progressive programs.
Even so, every pool owner, in case of emergency, should have some idea of what makes things work.
Even if you live above that line, the FHA will back you, for they have decided that the inclusion of air conditioning in all new homes is a good thing and should be encouraged.
Even though I have always had a genius for `` throwing myself '' into every role and `` playing it for all it's worth '', no actress can be expected to do her best work when her fortune, her reputation, her livelihood, her home and her nation itself are all imperilled.
Even the non-church members -- the freewheelers, marginal religionists and so on -- have the values of Christian civilization internalized in them.
Even though the registers may have an incomplete record of persons present in a particular area or include persons no longer living there, they contain precise information on ages, by date of birth, for some of the persons present ( especially children in relatively stable communities ) and supplementary information ( such as records of marital status ) for many others.
Even Hudson, experienced in Arctic sailing and determined as he was, must have had qualms as he slid down the Thames.
Even a city of thirty thousand might have six baseball teams, sponsored by grocers and hardware merchants or department stores, that played two or three times a week throughout the summer, usually in the cool of the evening, before an earnest and partisan audience who did not begrudge a quarter each, or even more, to be dropped into a hat when the game was half over.
Even two or three years ago I doubt that she'd have become involved in this unfortunate Johnston affair.
Even for those who have been observing the political scene a long time, no script from the past is worth very much in gazing into the state's immediate political future.
Even though his theological theses have become, to us, commonplaces, the fundamental interrogation he phrased is very much with us.
And he took repeated care to let his colleagues know that he intended them: `` Even the Unitarian churches have caught the malaria, and are worse than those who deceived them '' -- which implied that they were very bad indeed.
Even Joan Sutherland may not have anticipated the tremendous reception she received from the Metropolitan Opera audience attending her debut as Lucia in Donizetti's `` Lucia Di Lammermoor '' Sunday night.
Even if that's all the promise he ever gave or ever will give, the giving of it once was enough and you believed it then and you will always believe it, even when it is finally the only thing in the world you have left to believe, and the whole world is telling you that one was a lie.
Even when he is on the way to Memphis you will still have the promise resting inside you like a gift, and it is he inside of you.
Even if they ever did say anything about people like Lucille Warren, I know they wouldn't have dreamed of saying it in front of me.
Even English has general, albeit complex, rules that predict pronunciation from spelling, and these rules are successful most of the time ; rules to predict spelling from the pronunciation have a higher failure rate.
Even in Athanasius ’ Orations against the Arians, Arius hardly emerges consistently as the creative individual originator of the heresy that bears his name, even though it would have greatly strengthened Athanasius ’ case to present him in that light.
Even those who support the intent of the law worry that it might have unintended consequences.
Even so, the flat country and weather uncertainties made flooding much more unpredictable than in the case of the Nile ; serious deluges seem to have been a regular occurrence, requiring constant maintenance of irrigation ditches and drainage systems.
Even with respect to slavery the new citizen law of 450 BC may have had effect: it is speculated that originally Athenian fathers had been able to register for citizenship offspring had with slave women ( Hansen 1987: 53 ).

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