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*" and Every
*" Lives of the Saints, For Every Day of the Year " edited by Rev.
*" Every Street's a Boulevard in Old New York "
*" Lives of the Saints, For Every Day of the Year ," edited by Rev.
*" Every Dog Has His Day " by Mel Powell ( Doctor Who Annual 1981 )-2nd incarnation
*" Hidden Daughter " Visits Kim Jong-il Every Year ( also includes photos of Kim during his youth )
*" Need Me " / " Every Night A New Surprise " ( 1968 )
*" I treasure Awards of Ridicule, Neglect, Isolation and Insult, which Every social activist is proud of ”.
*" More Trouble Coming Every Day / Knife " ( Single, 1983, Rough Trade Records )
*" Every struggling cause shall be ours "
*" Sonnet with a Different Letter at the End of Every Line ", Poetry Foundation
*" Every Time I See You Smile "-2: 45
*" Every Morning, Every Night ( The Only Way )" ( Barry Gibb )-3: 02
*" Avalon " ( Lovebugs song ), a 2006 song by Lovebugs from their album In Every Waking Moment
*" Afterglow " ( Tina Turner song ), from the 1986 album Break Every Rule
*" Making Toys ", " Every Christmas Eve / Santa's Theme ( Giving )", " It's Christmas Again ", " Patch!
*" Great Movies Every Night " ( 2011 – present ; slogan for movie programming )
*" Song For Every Man " – Ricky Rouge ( Juice Box Records 1993 )
*" Warheads " ( song ), a song by Extreme from the album III Sides to Every Story
*" Trouble Every Day " ( Beggar's Banquet, 2001 )
*" Every Little Step " – # 27 Australia
*" It Happens Every Spring "
*" 100 Tricks Every Boy Can Do: How My Brother Disappeared "
*" Every Day " by Stephen Fewell ( Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury )

*" and existing
*" Mobile Payment: A journey through existing procedures and standardization initiatives ", Stamatis Karnouskos, IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, Vol.
*" If it were not for the fact that Vietnam is but a pawn in the larger East-West confrontation, and that our presence here is essential to deny the resources of this area to Communist China, then it would be damned hard to justify our support of the existing government.
*" to develop new relationships between communities and speakers of Irish and Scottish Gaelic and enhance the links already existing.
*" Pigtailing ", which involves splicing a short length of copper wire ( pigtail ) to the original aluminum wire, and then attaching the copper wire to the existing electrical device.

*" and law
*" Hanging out a shingle ", a common phrase in the legal profession meaning to start one's own law firm.
*" prosecution has distorted the truth and cast aside the law to obey higher orders.
*" The law often, but not always, supports police deception.
*" Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law without contradiction.
*" Jewish law in the State of Israel " Sinclair, Daniel, in Hecht et al., eds.
*" A rule of law should not be drawn from a figure of speech.
*" Meshumad " (), or a heretic in Judaism, for a Jew who deliberately rebels against the observance of Jewish law.
*" No more fatuous chimera has ever infested the brain than that you can control opinions by law or direct belief by statute, and no more pernicious sentiment ever tormented the heart than the barbarous desire to do so.
*" Of the many and varied purposes for which law is made, none is more important than that of declaring, protecting and realising the full potential of human rights.
*" The unwarranted decision of the Supreme Court in the public school cases is now bearing the fruit always produced when men substitute naked power for established law.
*" What is my law, you ask?
*" Of Counsel Profile "-biography on law firm website
*" It has always been an accepted right of Americans, as the history of our Western states proves, that where the law is unable, or unwilling, to enforce order, the citizens can, and must act in self-defense against lawless violence.
*" The evil that drug dealers do cannot be adequately punished under our present law ; I would take a leaf out of China's book, and have them taken out and shot in the back of the head.
*" Hands off the basic law ( Grundgesetz )!
*" F. Lee Bailey mounts a comeback: Celebrated trial attorney bids to regain law license ", Associated Press, March 10, 2005.
*" Animal law and animal sacrifice: Analysis of the U. S. Supreme Court Ruling on Santaria animal sacrifice in Hialeah ," in A Communion Of Subjects – Animals in Religion, Science, and Ethics ( Paul Waldau and Kimberly Patton, eds.
*" The entitlement of chimpanzees to the common law writs of habeas corpus and de homine replegiando to challenge their legal thinghood ," 37 ( 2 ) Golden Gate Law Review 219 ( 2007 )
*" A new evolutionary law ," Evolutionary Theory 1 ( 1973 ), 1 ¬ 30.
*" Sterilization Law in Germany " ( includes text of 1933 German law in appendix )
*" Barking dogs: There ought to be a law "
*" The state secrets privilege is a common law evidentiary rule that allows the government to withhold information from discovery when disclosure would be inimical to national security.
*" In August 1967 I spent a few days in New Delhi, visiting a friend who had been a law school classmate seven years earlier.
*" Postscript: the judicial process and the nature of Jewish law " in An introduction to the history and sources of Jewish law " eds.

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