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Every and normal
Every context-sensitive grammar which does not generate the empty string can be transformed into an equivalent one in Kuroda normal form.
Every grammar in Chomsky normal form is context-free, and conversely, every context-free grammar can be transformed into an equivalent one which is in Chomsky normal form.
Every time the Flaminica saw a lightning bolt ( Jupiter's distinctive instrument ), she was prohibited from carrying on with her normal routine until she placated the gods.
* Every connected graph with only countably many vertices admits a normal spanning tree.
Every context-free grammar can be transformed into an equivalent grammar in Greibach normal form.
Every Hermitian matrix is a normal matrix, and the finite-dimensional spectral theorem applies.
Every generalized eigenvalue of a normal operator is thus genuine.
Every formula in classical logic is equivalent to a formula in prenex normal form.
Every first-order formula is logically equivalent ( in classical logic ) to some formula in prenex normal form.
Every first-order formula can be converted into Skolem normal form while not changing its satisfiability via a process called Skolemization ( sometimes spelled " Skolemnization ").
:* Every generalized eigenvector of a normal matrix is an ordinary eigenvector.
Every zombie is restored to normal when Hal Jordan defeats Nekron.
Every year the club hosts a two week long ( three weekends ) camp at Bohemian Grove, which is notable for its illustrious guest list and its eclectic Cremation of Care ceremony which mockingly burns " Care " ( the normal woes of life ) with grand pageantry, pyrotechnics and brilliant costumes, all done at the edge of a lake and at the base of a forty-foot ' stone ' owl statue.
One particular ad line read " Every normal skin needs these two creams ".
Every normal mammalian eye has a scotoma in its field of vision, usually termed its blind spot.
Every ( normal ) Boolean algebra with operators can be represented as a field of sets on a relational structure in the sense that it is isomorphic to the complex algebra corresponding to the field.
Every grammar in Kuroda normal form is monotonic, and therefore, generates a context-sensitive language.
Every year thereafter Battle Bowl took place with only one ring and a normal battle royal.
Every homeworld ( except Gnasty's World ) contains a flying challenge level where Spyro's normal gliding ability is replaced with the ability to fly freely.
Every self-adjoint operator is normal.
Every ( nontrivial ) group has a normal series of length 1, namely
Every beach soccer match is won by one team, with the game going into three minutes of extra time, followed by a penalty shootout if the score is still on level terms after normal time.

Every and regular
Every regular language is context-free, every context-free language, not containing the empty string, is context-sensitive and every context-sensitive language is recursive and every recursive language is recursively enumerable.
Every regular ordinal is the initial ordinal of a cardinal.
* Every regular language is context-free because it can be described by a context-free grammar.
* Every metric space is Tychonoff ; every pseudometric space is completely regular.
* Every locally compact regular space is completely regular, and therefore every locally compact Hausdorff space is Tychonoff.
* Every topological group is completely regular.
* Every subspace of a completely regular or Tychonoff space has the same property.
* Every Borel set E is outer regular:
* Every open set E is inner regular:
Every regular space is locally regular, but the converse is not true.
Every such space is regular.
Nordau saw in Jewish Emancipation the result of ' a regular equation: Every man is born with certain rights ; the Jews are human beings, consequently the Jews are born to own the rights of man.
Every regular map of varieties is continuous in the Zariski topology.
Every such regular cover is a principal G-bundle, where G = Aut ( p ) is considered as a discrete topological group.
Every universal cover p: D → X is regular, with deck transformation group being isomorphic to the fundamental group.
Every fourth year when the games were also held, the festival was known as the " Great Panathenaia ," and was 3 or 4 days longer than the regular festival.
Every three months ( after regular cleaning ) the wheels should be coated with petroleum jelly .”
Every US President since Roosevelt has delivered a regular address.
Every polyhedron, regular and irregular, convex and concave, has a dihedral angle at every edge.
Every extremal monomorphism is regular.
Every extremal epimorphism is regular.

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