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Fierce and Pajamas
He quickly became one of the magazine's most prolific humor contributors, writing dozens of essays including " Emily Dickinson, Jerk of Amherst ", selected as one of the funniest humor pieces in the magazine's history and included in The New Yorkers humor collection entitled Fierce Pajamas.

Fierce and from
Alexander I ( c. 1078 – 23 April 1124 ), also called Alaxandair mac Maíl Coluim ( Modern Gaelic: Alasdair mac Mhaol Chaluim ) and nicknamed " The Fierce ", was King of the Scots from 1107 to his death.
Apart from Fierce Creatures, Palin's last film role was a small part in The Wind in the Willows, a film directed by and starring Terry Jones.
* ' Send in the Clowns ' is an important piece to the character of Switters in the Tom Robbins novel Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates.
Fierce fighting at Bois de l ' Herbebois continued, but the Germans managed to outflank the French defenders from Bois de Wavrille and capture the position.
* Fierce competition for trade and colonies, especially from England, furthered the economic downturn of the country.
" In the book Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates, Switters and Case both spit whenever they refer to John Foster Dulles.
* One Fierce Beer Run, a DVD with behind-the-scenes footage from the One Fierce Beer Coaster tour
More subtle uses of alter egos can be seen in artists who redefine their image for an album, such as Christina Aguilera as Xtina and the members of My Chemical Romance as members of an outlaw gang known as the Fabulous Killjoys, and artists who describe their stage personalities as different from their private ones, such as Beyoncé Knowles ' identity as Sasha Fierce, Katy Perry's identity as Kathy Beth Terry in music video " Last Friday Night ( T. G. I. F.
Supporting actors from A Fish Called Wanda returning for Fierce Creatures include Maria Aitken ( wife of Cleese's character in A Fish Called Wanda, his assistant in Fierce Creatures ) and Cynthia Cleese ( daughter of Cleese's character in A Fish Called Wanda and Pip Small Mammals in Fierce Creatures ).
* Extract from Fierce dancing by C. J. Stone, Rimbaud talking about Wally Hope
Fierce fighting at close quarters, involving rifles, bayonets, shotgun, hand grenades and tomahawks, took place over the newly built parapet and in the boundary trench and lasted until daylight when British reinforcements arrived from Redoubt No. 1.
Fierce counterattacks followed, with American artillery fire narrowly preventing the Germans from retaking it.
* E. S. B., Extra Special Bitter: Track 9 from Volume 2 of Marian Call's 2011 album Something Fierce
Fierce resistance from the Corps ′ 1st Parachute Division — commanded by Heidrich ( supported by intense artillery fire from the Coriano ridge in the hills on the Canadians ' left — brought their advance to a halt.
* Fierce Females: Music Videos from Female artists.
Network programmes broadcast by the group include The Lunchtime Gameshow which returned to the network after a break of 2 years in November 2008, hosted by John Harding and Russ Leighton broadcasting from Minster FM in York to the Northern TLRC stations ; the hit40uk chart show ; the urban chart show Fresh 40 and the Fierce Angel Radio Show on Saturday nights.
Fierce winter weather is preventing U. S. military units from bases and forts in southern Alaska from reinforcing Caffey's unit.
Fierce competition for places hindered his international opportunities with forward players like Gianfranco Zola, Roberto Baggio and later Francesco Totti and Alessandro Del Piero hastened his self-imposed exile from the Italian national team.
It received a mixed reaction and failed to make the breakthrough hoped for, leading to a change of label with Fierce Panda releasing later singles and second album The Race from the Burning Building ( 2000 ).

Fierce and New
" New Union Affiliation Ends Fierce Organizing Competition.
* Elisabeth Bumiller, " Fierce Defender of President to Lead Campaign for Court ", New York Times, July 6, 2005.
* New Fierce Festival site
Theatre X won a 1978 Obie Award for the set design and lighting design for the New York production of their original play A Fierce Longing, based on the life of Yukio Mishima.
* Liu Binyan, a Fierce Insider Critic of China, Dies at 80 ( The New York Times ; December 6, 2005 )
In 2003 the band signed to Fierce Panda Records, releasing two EPs: Act Your Rage and New Revolutionaries.
: CD 2: " Take the Long Road and Walk It " ( Fierce Panda version ) / " The Walls Get Smaller " / " New Instrumental " / Take the Long Road and Walk It " ( Fierce Panda video )

Fierce and by
Fierce fighting broke out throughout the foreign areas and railway station, and Beatty was injured by a bullet in the left arm and wrist.
Fierce resistance by police left almost fifty dead.
* Rollo Lee, the lead character in the film Fierce Creatures, played by John Cleese.
* Ram Dass Fierce Grace, a 2001 biographical documentary about Ram Dass directed by Micky Lemle.
Fierce Creatures was written by John Cleese, and directed by Fred Schepisi and Robert Young.
* Female Matadors: A Fierce Beauty – slideshow by Life magazine
The principal cast reunited in 1997 for Fierce Creatures ( dubbed an " equal " rather than a sequel or prequel, by Kline ), playing different roles and meeting less success.
Fierce fighting took place between the British and the Japanese and by December 16, 1941, the Japanese army had occupied the west coast of Kedah, including all the main towns.
Fierce battle ensued, and unable to injure Lakshmana by normal means, Indrajit resorted to the use of the three Supreme Weapons ( Brahmastra, Pashupatastra, and Vaishnavastra ) on Lakshmana.
" Transformation " became a Hendryx staple, and was later covered by Fierce Ruling Diva.
is an international performance festival produced by Fierce Earth that has taken place annually in and around Birmingham, England since 1997.
* BBC: Birmingham Birdman, Fierce Festival-article by Ciarán Ryan
Fierce fighting ensued, and the Highlanders were relieved by Le Régiment de Maisonneuve on 1 November.
Fierce fighters, they have recently been led into questionable acts by Kaen and Blöd.
His introduction to the tango came by orquesta típica leader Vicente Greco in 1908, and in 1912, he composed Pinta brava ( Fierce Look ).
* National Film Board's Most Popular Canadian Documentary Award: Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action directed by Velcrow Ripper
The last few albums to feature a Sony BMG logo were Thriller 25 by Michael Jackson, I Am ... Sasha Fierce by Beyoncé, Keeps Gettin ' Better: A Decade of Hits by Christina Aguilera, and Safe Trip Home by Dido.

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