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Fink and M
Taylor MA, Fink M: Melancholia for details of history.
More recently, MA Taylor and M Fink crystallized the present image of melancholia as a systemic disorder that is identifiable by depressive mood rating scales, verified by the present of abnormal cortisol metabolism ( abnormal dexamethasone suppression test ), and validated by rapid and effective remission with ECT or tricyclic antidepressant agents.
Dirty Harry ( 1971 ), written by Harry Julian Fink and Rita M. Fink, centers around a hard-edged New York City ( later changed to San Francisco ) police inspector named Harry Callahan who is determined to stop a psychotic killer by any means.
The script, titled Dead Right, was originally written by Harry Julian and Rita M. Fink, a story about a hard-edged New York City police inspector Harry Callahan, determined to stop Travis, a serial killer, by any means at his disposal.
* Fink, Gary M., ed.
* Fink, Gary M. Prelude to the Presidency: The Political Character and Legislative Leadership Style of Governor Jimmy Carter ( Greenwood Press, 1980 )
Prominent American advocates for infant circumcision include Dr. Thomas Wiswell, who began publishing research on the relative incidence of urinary tract infections in the mid 1980s ; Dr. Edgar Schoen, ( b. 1925 ) former chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics ' Task Force on Circumcision, who maintains a web site promoting circumcision and claims physical benefits in sexual performance in addition to medical arguments ; and Aaron J. Fink, M. D.
* Fink, Gary M., ed.
* Fink M .-Meduna and the Origins of Convulsive Therapy.
* Fink, M: ECT: Serendipity or Logical Outcome?
* Fink, M: Historical Article: Autobiography of L. J.
* Fink, M: Ladislas J. Meduna, M. D.
* Gazdag G, Bitter I, Ungvari GS, Baran B, Fink M. László Meduna ’ s pilot studies with camphor induction of seizures: The first 11 patients.
* Fink, Gary M., ed.
After several years of operating under receiverships, Mahone's relationship with the creditors soured, and an alternate receiver, Henry Fink, was appointed to oversee the A, M & O's finances.
* Fink, Gary M., ed.
In 1885, Trexler married Mary M. Mosser of Allentown ( Fink 1925 ; Hall 1981 ).
In 2005 Graham Fink was made Executive Creative Director of M & C Saatchi London.
The couple who wrote the screenplay for the film, Harry Julian Fink and Rita M. Fink, also wrote the original script for Dirty Harry, which was also released in 1971.
He also worked on Ice Station Zebra ( 1968 ), and, with Rita M. Fink, Big Jake, Dirty Harry ( both 1971 ), and Cahill U. S. Marshal ( 1973 ).

Fink and ),
* Annemarie Gethmann-Siefert ( 1995 ), Einführung in die Ästhetik, Munich, W. Fink.
With guitarist Miko Weaver and long-time keyboardist Doctor Fink gone, Prince added bass player Sonny T., Tommy Barbarella on keyboards, and a brass section known as the Hornheads to go along with Levi Seacer ( taking over on guitar ), Rosie Gaines, Michael Bland, and the Game Boyz.
** Martin Sauer ( producer ), Michael Brammann ( engineer ), Nikolaus Harnoncourt ( conductor ), Norbert Balatsch, Erwin Ortner ( chorus masters ), Bernarda Fink, Matthias Goerne, Dietrich Henschel, Elisabeth von Magnus, Christoph Prégardien, Dorothea Röschmann, Michael Schade, Christine Schäfer, Markus Schäfer, Oliver Widmer, the Arnold Schoenberg Chor, Wiener Sängerknaben & Concentus Musicas Wien for Bach: St. Matthew Passion
The band originally consisted of Clark Baechle, Todd Fink ( formerly Todd Baechle ), and Joel Petersen.
" After completing Barton Fink ( 1991 ), the Coens were looking forward to doing a more mainstream film.
* “ Hegel and the Myth of the Given ”, in Wolfgang Welsch und Klaus Vieweg, Herausg., Das Interesse des Denkens: Hegel aus heutiger Sicht ( München: Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 2003 ), pp. 75 – 88.
According to the Miami Valley Historical Society ( specifically, Miami Valley Vignettes by George C. Crout ), until 1815, when he moved west, Mike Fink did not operate keel boats on the Ohio but on the Great Miami River from the Ohio River to Fort Loramie, where portage was made to the Maumee River in order to continue going on up to Lake Erie.
The Fink project is an effort to port and package open-source Unix programs to Mac OS X. Fink uses dpkg and APT ( Debian's package management system ), as well as its own frontend program, ( which is implemented as a set of Perl modules ).
He first worked with the Coen Brothers in " Raising Arizona " ( 1987 ), he would go on to appear in " Barton Fink " ( 1991 ), " The Big Lebowski " ( 1998 ) and " O Brother, Where Art Thou?
John Michael Turturro ( born February 28, 1957 ) is an Italian-American actor, writer and director known for his roles in the films Do the Right Thing ( 1989 ), Miller's Crossing ( 1990 ), Barton Fink ( 1991 ), Quiz Show ( 1994 ), The Big Lebowski ( 1998 ), O Brother, Where Art Thou?
A versatile actor comfortable with both comedy and drama, Turturro also had an extended collaboration with the Coen Brothers, appearing in their films Miller's Crossing ( 1990 ), Barton Fink ( 1991 ), The Big Lebowski ( 1998 ), and O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Fink and Origins
On the other hand, George T. Dennis SJ of Catholic University of America says: " There is simply no clear evidence of a general tradition or practice, much less of an obligation, of priestly celibacy-continence before the beginning of the fourth century " Peter Fink SJ agrees, saying that underlying premises used in the book, Apostolic Origins of Priestly Celibacy, " would not stand up so comfortably to historical scrutiny ".

Fink and ",
* Mike Fink ( c. 1770 / 1780 – c. 1823 ) called " king of the keelboaters ", was a semi-legendary brawler and river boatman who exemplified the tough and hard-drinking men who ran keelboats up and down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.
Although the OED2 notes Granholm was " jocular ", it accepts his ironic etymology from a fictional " Fink and Wiggles " for Funk & Wagnalls lexicographer.
According to Ethan, " the movie was conceived as pivoting around that relationship between the Dude and Walter ", which sprang from the scenes between Barton Fink and Charlie Meadows in Barton Fink.
In " Bart the Fink ", Bart inadvertently reported Krusty as a tax fraud to the Internal Revenue Service and as a result Krusty lost most of his money.
" Three by Reich ", High Fidelity / Musical America 29, no. 6: MA 12 quoted in Fink, Robert ( 2005 ).
After " An Attempt to Tip the Scales ", there is a mock radio interview that features Todd Fink of The Faint doing an impression of Oberst while reading a script that Oberst wrote.
Mike Fink ( also spelled Miche Phinck ) ( c. 1770 / 1780 – c. 1823 ) called " king of the keelboaters ", was a semi-legendary brawler and river boatman who exemplified the tough and hard-drinking men who ran keelboats up and down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.
* " Compound B ", David H. Fink
The vast majority of Pinhead Gunpowder's songs were written by Cometbus, although a few songs such as " 27 ", " Anniversary Song " and " New Blood " were written by Billie Joe Armstrong under the pseudonym " Wilhelm Fink ".
Laker and Ruderman won for " their resourceful reporting that exposed a rogue police narcotics squad, resulting in an FBI probe and the review of hundreds of criminal cases tainted by the scandal ", Fink for " a story that chronicles the urgent life-and-death decisions made by one hospital ’ s exhausted doctors when they were cut off by the floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina.
* Burak Temelkuran, Shandon D. Hart, Gilles Benoit, John D. Joannopoulos, and Yoel Fink, " Wavelength-scalable hollow optical fibres with large photonic bandgaps for CO2 laser transmission ", Nature 420, 650 – 653 ( 2002 ).
On December 1, 2011, the band streamed two songs off Short Songs, " SOS " and " Brookfield ", as well as their covers of Green Day's " The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink " and NOFX's " It's My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite " on PunkNews.
* In " Bart the Fink ", he is one of the attendees at Krusty's fake funeral with Kermit The Frog on his arm.
* Richard Fink, " A closer look at SED, FED technologies ", EE Times-Asia, August 16 – 31, 2007, pp. 1 – 4
Wellington asks Irving to spy on the teenagers, which he does by donning a sweatshirt that reads " Fink University ", and " getting their trust " by joining them in dancing the Turtle.
Other episodes included in the collection set were " Marge in Chains ", " Bart the Fink ", and " You Only Move Twice ".
*" 17 Days ", written by Prince, Wendy, Lisa, Dr. Fink
*" America ", written by Prince, Wendy, Lisa, Brown Mark, Dr. Fink, Bobby Z.
*" Computer Blue ", written by Prince, Wendy, Lisa, Dr. Fink, John L. Nelson
Other episodes included in the collection set were " Homer the Vigilante ", " Bart the Fink ", and " You Only Move Twice ".

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