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Five and Acres
The headquarters and offices are adjacent to the Trust's Five Acres nature reserve.
One of the ponds at Five Acres
Five Acres, at the Cornwall Wildlife Trust Headquarters, Allet, near Truro
In the latter part of the 20th century the school was moved to new premises and was renamed Five Acres Primary School.

Five and Too
He then released a novelty single: under the pseudonym " Henhouse Five Plus Too ," Stevens recorded a version of Glenn Miller's " In The Mood " in the style of a clucking chicken ; it became a Top 40 hit in the US and UK in early 1977.
The rendition by Stevens lasts a little over 1 minute and was his first chicken-clucking performance since 1977's " In the Mood ," released under the alias " The Henhouse Five Plus Too.
Within a year Joe Jones, a successful singer in his own right with the Top Five 1960 single " You Talk Too Much ," became their manager.
A new series titled Roobarb and Custard Too debuted on Five on 8 August 2005.
6 / 13 / 2005: Earl's Too Cool ; When I Was Five
* I Got Five On It Too ( 2009 )
" The Jive Five had a hit called " Hully Gully Callin ' Time "; Ike & Tina Turner had a song in their repertoire known as " If You Can Hully Gully ( I Can Hully Gully Too ).
# " In the Mood "-Henhouse Five Plus Too ( Ray Stevens )

Five and Much
Much of the gaming materials and other writings focus particularly on these Five Empires which control much of the world's northern continent ( only about an eighth of the planet's surface has published maps ).
Much prosperity took place throughout the empire at this time, ruled as it were by the Five Good Emperors, a succession of just and able rulers.
Much of the mythology of the Iroquois ( a confederacy of originally Five, later Six Nations of Native Americans ) has been lost.
Much of Mikaelyn Austin's material was obtained from PALESTRA PANDEMONIUM: A history of the Big Five, written by Robert S. Lyons, Jr. ( Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2002.

Five and satire
After the 1942-43 Lights Out, Oboler continued to work in radio ( Everything for the Boys and revivals of Arch Oboler's Plays ) and pursued a second career in filmmaking, first in the Hollywood mainstream and then as an independent producer, writing and directing a number of offbeat, low-budget films, including Five, about survivors of a nuclear war, The Twonky, a satire of television, and the 3-D film Bwana Devil, which made a huge profit on a small investment.
Participation in anti-government activities, resulted in his multiple arrests which granted him the time to write a satire in experimental pan ' sori form, " Five Bandits " ( Ojok ).
* Fred T. Jane's To Venus in Five Seconds ( 1897 ) is a satire and parody of the popular fiction of its era ; it features Venusian natives that blend the characteristics of elephants and horse-flies.

Five and provoked
In episode 11, " Winning Five ", the entire futsal club at Miyagami Academy gets sick and the Best Student Council, provoked by rival Kenran Student Council, participate in their place.

Five and by
Five years were spent with the Cologne Opera, after which he was called to Prague by Alexander von Zemlinsky, teacher of Arnold Schonberg and Erich Korngold.
Five years ago a House & Home Round Table cosponsored by the Lumber Dealers' Research Council reported unhappily:
Some of the classic indicators, as described by Drs. Pittenger, Hockett, and Danehy in The First Five Minutes, are these: ambiguity of pronouns:
Five candidates seek the place vacated by Secretary Hugh G. Stout.
Seven stories are inspired by a nursery rhyme: And Then There Were None by Ten Little Indians ; One, Two, Buckle My Shoe by One, Two, Buckle My Shoe ; Five Little Pigs by This Little Piggy ; Crooked House by There Was a Crooked Man ; A Pocket Full of Rye by Sing a Song of Sixpence ; Hickory Dickory Dock by Hickory Dickory Dock, and Three Blind Mice by Three Blind Mice.
In some stories the question of whether formal justice will be done is left unresolved, such as Five Little Pigs, and arguably Ordeal by Innocence.
The 1942 novel Five Little Pigs ( aka Murder in Retrospect ), in which Poirot investigates a murder committed sixteen years before by analysing various accounts of the tragedy, is a Rashomon-like performance that critic and mystery novelist Robert Barnard called the best of the Christie novels.
Five matches were played in 1902 but the first two were drawn after being hit by bad weather.
* Kundakunda ( 2nd Century CE ), exponent of Jain mysticism and Jain nayas dealing with the nature of the soul and its contamination by matter, author of Pañcāstikāyasāra ( Essence of the Five Existents ), the Pravacanasāra ( Essence of the Scripture ) and the Samayasāra ( Essence of the Doctrine )
The Synod of Dort ( 1618 – 19 ) was called by the States General to consider the Five Articles of Remonstrance.
J. J. Bellermann has speculated that " the whole represents the Supreme Being, with his Five great Emanations, each one pointed out by means of an expressive emblem.
* Medieval Sourcebook: Speech by Urban II at Council of Clermont, 1095 ( Five versions of the Speech )
In 1913, two of Berg's Five Songs on Picture Postcard Texts by Peter Altenberg ( 1912 ) were premièred in Vienna, conducted by Schoenberg.
The islands are connected to the mainland by the Five Bridges of Amakusa and by ferry from Hondo and Matsushima.
Capone was recruited for Chicago by Johnny Torrio, his Five Points Gang mentor.
In the summer of 1993, Dick Zimmerman, a 44-year-old retired broadcasting executive from Larkspur, California, happened to see the episode in which Butt-head joked, “ Hey, Beavis, let ’ s go over to Stewart ’ s house and light firecracker in his cat ’ s butt .” Five days later, a cat was found killed by a firecracker in nearby Santa Cruz.

Five and Edmund
Hawk may be modeled on the sidekick in Book Five of Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene ; Artegal, the knight of justice, has a helper named Talus, an invincible man of iron.
* In Edmund Cooper's book A Far Sunset, the starship Gloria Mundi touches down on the planet Altair Five.
In 942 Edmund struck back with a recapture of Mercia and the Five Boroughs of Danelaw, which so impressed contemporaries that a poem was written in honour of the achievement and included in the Chronicle.
Five of them, Sir Thomas Darnell, Sir John Corbet, Sir Walter Erle, Sir John Heveningham and Sir Edmund Hampden, attempted to gain their freedom, petitioning the Court of King's Bench for a writ of habeas corpus.
It appears that after Æthelstan's died, not only did Edmund lose control of Northumbria, but that the Five Burghs of the Mercian Danelaw also pledged themselves to Amlaíb mac Gofrith.
Edmund reconquered the Five Burghs in 942, an event celebrated in verse by the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.
Five writers explicitly responded in favor of Franco: they were Evelyn Waugh, Edmund Blunden,

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