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Footage and interview
* Footage from interview conducted in 2003 of Rachel two days before her death.
* Footage of October, 1968 interview with Dick Gregory regarding his candidacy for the Presidency in 1968
Footage from the interview sessions was used in the 1987 documentary Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow.
In an attempt to repair his image following the Bashir interview, Jackson released a second interview, called Take Two: The Footage You Were Never Meant to See ( also referred to as " the rebuttal video ").
* Footage of an interview with Gilmore and Nadramia for KK Magazine is included on the Church of Satan Interview Archive DVD.

Footage and with
Footage was sped up, rapid cutting used to distance the audience from the narrative, and it was difficult to discern with whom the audience must ultimately align.
* Footage of Orson Welles ' landmark " Voodoo Macbeth " – with informative annotations
* Footage of Lawrence of Arabia with publisher FN Doubleday and at a picnic
Footage of Jimmy Walker is used in the 1983 Woody Allen film Zelig, with Walker being one the guests during Zelig's visit to Randolph Hearst's mansion, San Simeon.
Footage from non-HD sources is presented in a standard definition, 4: 3 format with stylized pillarboxes.
Footage of the actors shot in front of them as they reacted to a brick wall in the Aquarium was combined with shots taken from their rear as they stood in front of a large blue screen at ILM to produce this scene.
Footage of a kakapo named Sirocco attempting to mate with Cawardine's head was viewed by millions worldwide, leading to Sirocco becoming " spokesbird " for New Zealand wildlife conservation in 2010, as part of the International Year of Biodiversity.
Footage in the Anthology series features voice-over recordings of all four Beatles to push the narrative of the story, with contributions from their producer, road manager and others.
Footage of Cromwell from Star Trek: First Contact was used in the Enterprise episode " In a Mirror, Darkly ( Part I )", along with new footage of an identically-dressed actor whose face is not shown.
Footage from Slow Century shows the band being pelted with mud and rocks.
Footage was shot with a 16 mm Bell & Howell camera which had to be wound by hand and thus could only take 32 seconds of footage at a time.
Footage was also shown of the Clowns Incident, where police were shown beating unarmed clowns with batons.
It was re-released as a single CD with the original eight tracks along with the music video for " Gold " and some Home Video Footage of the band.
Footage of this-complete with the song-has been included on punk documentaries such as BBC2's Arena: Punk and the Pistols.
Footage of a traditional " Harvest Festival " was aired along with a discussion of the breeding necessary to develop a strain to produce the perfect length.
Footage of Refa's death at the Narn's hands is interspersed with a Baptist prayer service on Babylon 5, which includes a hymn about the inevitability of the punishment of a fleeing sinner (" No Hiding Place ").
Footage is mostly from the multiplayer modes of Halo: Combat Evolved and its sequels, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4, along with its prequel, Halo: Reach on the Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360 video game consoles.
Footage shows a large hole in the wall of the sports hall, with a man saying, " The hole in the wall is not from this of explosion.
Footage recorded on MicroMV format initially could not be directly edited with mainstream DV editing software such as Adobe Premiere or Apple Final Cut Pro ; instead Sony supplied its own video editing software MovieShaker ( for Windows PCs only ).
Footage of McMahon is included in the 1982 documentary The Atomic Cafe giving a speech urging a reasoned response to the acquisition of atomic weapons contrasting with the more McCarthyite speeches of Republican Senators Owen Brewster, Richard Nixon and Democratic Representative Lloyd Bentsen.
Footage of the team attempting the task is interspersed with various recurring segments.
Footage from this tryst is rumored to live on Seabrook Road, along with Lurch's RedSox Highlights tape.

Footage and at
Footage that was portrayed as being part of the Frontline broadcast ( i. e. Studio or field reports ) was shot at broadcast quality, to increase the " realism " of the satire and complement the behind the scenes footage.
Footage shows the kidnappers leaning over to look at the police who were in hiding on the roof.
* Footage of Pablo Picasso at Second World Peace congress in 1950
Republic Steel Strike Riot Newsreel Footage is a 1937 documentary film which tells the story of a strike at Republic Steel on Memorial Day, May 26, 1937, which escalated into a massacre in which 10 workers were killed, documented by this film.
* Cendrars looks for Modigliani at Montparnase, TV Footage, 1953.
* Footage of campaign speech given by George Wallace on May 1, 1964 at Ball State Teachers College in Muncie, Indiana
* Footage of Strand reading poems at the Erotikon Symposium, University of Chicago
Footage of his appearance on the show was later used by the prosecution to match him to witness reports at the time.
* Footage of 1962 game at Colt Stadium ( YouTube )
Footage of past Washington Bullets games held at the Capital Centre were used in the 1979 comedy film The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh.
Footage covers the stock-car racer's open-wheel roots and successes leading up to his June 2009 win at Infineon Raceway, his first for Richard Petty Motorsports.
Footage was also used in later films and games: a clip from the film ( in 3-D ) is shown during the movie theater fight scene at the end of Bachelor Party, and footage was also used for the laser disk game Astron Belt.
Footage exists of classic races like the 1986 Los Angeles Times Grand Prix in which the Chevy Corvette of Doc Bundy, attempting a three-wide pass, hit the Ford Probe of Lyn St. James and the Jaguar of Chip Robinson at Turn 1.
Footage from these specials was used to fill time between live stage performances, as seen in Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl.
" Footage of Cramer at his family home with his daughters and wife was also included.
* Footage from the 1995 " Uncovered " show at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club.
Footage for the DVD was requested by Gordie Johnson from all in attendance at Grady's October 2009 show at the Pyramid Cabaret in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Footage for their first live DVD was also shot at the end of 2004.
Footage of Yokozuna hitting a Banzai Drop at the show was televised before the qualifying match to explain his absence in which Doink the Clown was his replacement.

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