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From and Another
The opening scene of The Brother From Another Planet takes place on Ellis Island.
* In the comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes: Weirdos From Another Planet!
Another Czech composer, Bedřich Smetana, included a significant viola part in his quartet " From My Life ": the quartet begins with an impassioned statement by the viola.
* April 29 – RKO releases the Howard Hawks sci-fi film, " The Thing ( From Another World )".
* Julia Kristeva: From One Identity to Another ; Women's Time
Ben Rayner of the Toronto Star listed " Cape Feare ," " Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming " and " Brother From Another Series " among the best episodes of the series, writing " forget Frasier, these are Kelsey Grammer's best roles.
From my point of view she ’ s just looking out the window .” Another example of the same phenomenon is recorded in a 1948 article in Time:
They are known in the UK for their hit songs " Cool for Cats ", " Up the Junction ", " Tempted ", " Labelled With Love ", " Black Coffee In Bed ", " Another Nail in My Heart "," Pulling Mussels ( From the Shell )" and " Hourglass ".
It was additionally a mild breakthrough in North America, as the single " Another Nail in My Heart " was a No. 56 hit in Canada, and second single " Pulling Mussels ( From the Shell )" received airplay on U. S. rock radio stations.
* Another episode of Justice League Unlimited, " Far From Home ", had Green Arrow, Supergirl, and Green Lantern shanghaied to the 31st century to aid the last free members of the Legion of Super Heroes.
From now on, in the certainty proclaimed at Porto Alegre that " Another World Is Possible ", it becomes a permanent process of seeking and building alternatives, which cannot be reduced to the events supporting it.
In 1990, Gira and Jarboe released the third and final World of Skin album, Ten Songs From Another World.
* Quinones, Sam, True Tales From Another Mexico: the Lynch Mob, the Popsicle Kings, Chalino and the Bronx ( Univ.
* Just Another Band From East L. A. ( As Los Lobos Del Este De Los Angeles ), 1978 ( LP ), reissued on CD in 2000
* Just Another Band From East L. A .-A Collection, 1993
* Clayton Rawson's " From Another World " ( 1948 ) " Off the Face of the Earth ", " Nothing Is Impossible " and others
Its later characterization as anti-intellectual may be seen as contributory to the popularity of anti-communist espionage ( My Son John, 1950 ) and science fiction movies ( The Thing From Another World, 1951 ) with stories and themes of the infiltration, subversion, invasion, and destruction of American society by un – American thought and inhuman beings.
Sheffield Wednesday have had a large variety of fanzines over the years ; examples include Just Another Wednesday, Out of the Blue, Spitting Feathers, Boddle, A View From The East Bank, Cheat!
* Things From Another World Online retailer of comics and collectibles ; sister company of Dark Horse Comics.
Another album with Virgin, Far From Home, was officially credited to Traffic, but nearly all the instruments were played by Winwood.
Another book, entitled Postcards From Divine, was released by the Divine estate on November 5, 2011.
Another member of the Royal Family may also perform this duty, such as when, on 1 September 1919, Prince Edward, Prince of Wales ( later King Edward VIII ), read the Speech From the Throne in the Canadian parliament.
Another fragment called " L ' Invention " sums up Chénier's thoughts on poetry: " De nouvelles pensees, faisons des vers antiques " (" From new thoughts, let us make antique verses ").
Another 2004 release was The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay, based on the Chronicles of Riddick series of movies.
Ince produced " From One American to Another " and Reyes " Life in the East " under the direction of Japanese Army overseers.

From and Approach
* Number Theory: An Approach Through History From Hammurapi to Legendre ( 1984 )
From left: Richard Bowser of Violent Apathy, Scott Boman of the Degenerates and Spite ( punk band ) | Spite, and John Brannon of Negative Approach.
* Hoyle, Fred, and Geoffrey Burbidge, and Jayant V. Narlikar, " A Different Approach to Cosmology: From a Static Universe through the Big Bang towards Reality ".
* Esophageal Cancer From Cancer Management: A Multidisciplinary Approach
* Zabunov, S. " From Annoyance to Pleasure-The Artistic Popup Approach ".
His other influential books include The Moral Dimension ( 1988 ), How Patriotic is the Patriot Act: Freedom Versus Security In the Age of Terrorism ( 2004 ) and From Empire to Community: A New Approach to International Relations ( 2004 ).
:" From the North-western Corner of the North Inch, on the Right Bank of the River Tay, in a straight Line to the Bridge on the Mill Lead at the Boot of Balhousie ; thence in a straight Line to the Bridge on the Glasgow Road over the Scouring Burn ; thence in a straight Line to the Southern Corner of the Water Reservoir of the Dept ; thence in a straight Line to the Southern Corner of the Friarton Pier on the River Tay ; thence across the River Tay ( passing to the South of the Friarton Island ) to the Point at which the same is met by the Boundary of the respective Parishes of Kinfauns and Kinnoul ; thence, Northward, along the Boundary of the Parish of Kinfauns to the Point at which the several Boundaries of the Properties of Kinfauns, Kinnoul, and Barnhill meet ; thence in a straight Line to the North-eastern Corner of Lord Kinnoul's Lodge, at the Gate of Approach to Kinnoul Hill ; thence in a straight Line to the North-eastern Corner of the Enclosure of the Lunatic Asylum ; thence in a straight Line to the Point at which the Annatty Burn crosses the Blairgowrie Road ; thence down the Annatty Burn to the Point at which the same joins the River Tay ; thence in a straight Line to the Point first described.
* A Different Approach to Cosmology: From a Static Universe through the Big Bang towards Reality, 2005

From and 1944
From early 1942 until late 1944, transport trains delivered Jews to the camp's gas chambers from all over German-occupied Europe.
From 1942 to 1944 George Orwell was a proponent of Basic English, but in 1945 he became critical of universal languages.
From 1944 to 1971, pump systems drew cooling water from the river and, after treating this water for use by the reactors, returned it to the river.
From 1936 to 1944, DeMille hosted and acted as pitchman for Cecil B. DeMille's Lux Radio Theater, a popular dramatic radio show of the time.
From the ashes of the Second World War, seventeen Commonwealth Prime Ministers ' Conferences were held between 1944 and 1969.
From the end of the Continuation War with the Soviet Union in 1944 until 1991, the policy was to avoid superpower conflicts and to build mutual confidence with the Western powers and the Soviet Union.
From Munich to Liberation 1938 – 1944 ( The Cambridge History of Modern France ) ( 1985 )
Three of Gershwin's songs (" They Can't Take That Away From Me " ( 1937 ), " Long Ago and Far Away " ( 1944 ) and " The Man That Got Away " ( 1954 )) were nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song, though none won.
From August 1944 Fuchs worked in the Theoretical Physics Division at Los Alamos, New Mexico, under Hans Bethe.
From 1943, the Luftwaffe also had an armoured paratroop division called Fallschirm-Panzer Division 1 Hermann Göring, which was expanded to a Panzerkorps in 1944.
From 1938 to 1944, Romania was a dictatorship.
From 1944 to 1946, during World War II and shortly afterward, he served in the United States Army.
From September 1941 to May 1944 Germany managed to send 62 U-boats into the Mediterranean.
From 1934 to 1944 the Commeinhes family ( René and his son Georges ) from Alsace invented and successfully tested a demand regulator, but the main inventor, Georges, was killed in 1944 during the liberation of Strasbourg and Cousteau's regulator had no competitors immediately after the war.
From January through March 1944, sabotage accounted for three times the number of locomotives damaged by Allied airpower.
From December 1944 until his death two years later, Baird lived at a house in Station Road, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, immediately north of the station itself.
From 1944 until 1948, between 13. 5 and 16. 5 million Germans were expelled, evacuated or fled from Central and Eastern Europe.
From 1944, the advancing Red Army was also seen as a foreign occupation force, prompting skirmishes with the Soviets as well as Soviet-backed partisans.
From February 12 to July 17, 1944, it hosted the Government of Marshal Pietro Badoglio.
From November 1944 to April 1945, Trento was bombed as part of the so-called " Battle of the Brenner.
From late 1944 until early 1945, the Japanese launched over 9, 300 of these fire balloons, of which 300 were found or observed in the U. S. Despite the high hopes of their designers, the balloons were ineffective as weapons: causing only six deaths ( from one single incident ) and a small amount of damage.
From 1944 onwards, he left Komsomol for Communist Party work.
From then it was the major opposition to the Labor party until it merged with pro-Joseph Lyons Labor defectors to form the United Australia Party in 1931, which was the predecessor to the 1944 foundation of the Liberal Party of Australia.
From July 1944 to April 1945 Blohm & Voss used inmates of its own concentration subcamp at its shipyard in Hamburg-Steinwerder.

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