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From and above
From the terraces -- eighteen in all -- broad flights of steps descend into the water or onto still more terraces barely above the level of the river.
From above one could only occasionally catch a glimpse of life on the floor of this green sea: a neighbor's gingham skirt flashing into sight for an instant on the path beneath her grape-arbor, or the movement of hands above a clothesline and the flutter of garments hung there, half-way down the block.
From above me and somewhere behind me, a rifle cracked.
From the early Middle Ages until after the Second Vatican Council the sacrament was administered, within the Latin Church, only when death was approaching and, in practice, bodily recovery was not ordinarily looked for, giving rise, as mentioned above to the name " Extreme Unction " ( i. e. final anointing ).
From the above, it is possible to reformulate the definition to either of the following:
From the above equation, it can be re-arranged to show that
From a geostructural perspective the Azores is located above an active triple junction between three of the world's large tectonic plates ( the North American Plate, the Eurasian Plate and the African Plate ), a condition that has translated into the existence of many faults and fractures in this region of the Atlantic.
From the above rule of calculation of heat with respect to volume, there follows one with respect to pressure.
From the Shockley ideal diode equation given above, it might appear that the voltage has a positive temperature coefficient ( at a constant current ), but usually the variation of the reverse saturation current term is more significant than the variation in the thermal voltage term.
From the above properties an important feature arises: Looking at two triangles ABD and BCD with the common edge BD ( see figures ), if the sum of the angles α and γ is less than or equal to 180 °, the triangles meet the Delaunay condition.
From another perspective, the farmer and the miller both reduce a risk and acquire a risk when they sign the futures contract: the farmer reduces the risk that the price of wheat will fall below the price specified in the contract and acquires the risk that the price of wheat will rise above the price specified in the contract ( thereby losing additional income that he could have earned ).
From the above equations, it can be shown that the spin singlet can also be written as
From the variables defined above, we find two other common expression for the value produced during a given period as:
From Muhammad IV ( 1859 – 1873 ) and Hassan I ( 1873 – 1894 ) the Alaouites tried to foster trading links, above all with European countries and the United States.
From his remarks on the importance of public, observable behavior ( as opposed to private experiences ), it may seem that Wittgenstein is simply a behaviorist — one who thinks that mental states are nothing over and above certain behavior.
From Persia, in medieval times polo spread to the Byzantines ( who called it tzykanion ), and after the Muslim conquests to the Ayyubid and Mameluke dynasties of Egypt and the Levant, whose elites favoured it above all other sports.
From above we can deduce that the eigenvalues of each σ < sub > i </ sub > are ± 1.
From a knowledge of the probabilities of each of these subprocesses – E ( A to C ) and P ( B to D ) – then we would expect to calculate the probability of both happening by multiplying them, using rule b ) above.
From the information above and the average cost per employee over time, or cost accrual ratio, a project manager can estimate:
From the above stated equations it can be expressed as follows:
From a variety of sites which were offered, Shrum recommended to the provincial government that the summit of Burnaby Mountain, 365 meters above sea level, be chosen for the new university.
From the definitions above, it is evident that, and.
From the definitions above, use of the terms " network " or " station " in reference to nationwide cable / satellite channels is technically inaccurate.

From and property
From this being come new movement ideas that utilize dancer and property as a single unit.
From this property, one can deduce that h maps the identity element e < sub > G </ sub > of G to the identity element e < sub > H </ sub > of H, and it also maps inverses to inverses in the sense that
From these hypotheses, it is also possible to prove that there is only one God in each world by Leibniz's law, the identity of indiscernibles: two or more objects are identical ( are one and the same ) if they have all their properties in common, and so, there would only be one object in each world that possesses property G. Gödel did not attempt to do so however, as he purposely limited his proof to the issue of existence, rather than uniqueness.
From this perspective, the speed of light is only accidentally a property of light, and is rather a property of spacetime, a conversion factor between conventional time units ( such as seconds ) and length units ( such as meters ).
From the linearity property it is derived that implies while from the positive-definiteness axiom we obtain the converse, implies
From Stirnerist positions he also disrespected private property when he said that " Only ethical and spiritual wealth " was " invulnerable.
From 1803, the Cardiff Arms Hotel and the Park had become the property of the Bute family.
From this has evolved the modern conception of property as a right enforced by positive law, in the expectation that this will produce more wealth and better standards of living.
From some anarchist points of view, the validity of property depends on whether the " property right " requires enforcement by the state.
From the RERUM NOVARUM, Pope Leo XIII wrote " It is surely undeniable that, when a man engages in remunerative labor, the impelling reason and motive of his work is to obtain property, and thereafter to hold it as his very own.
That reward is property, for of useful and active industry, property is the natural result .” From this simple reasoning he is able to present the conclusion that exclusive, as opposed to communal property, is to be preferred.
From its origin at the O ' Leary property, it had burned a path of nearly complete destruction of some 34 blocks to Fullerton Avenue on the north side.
From this point onward he began living a radical Christian life giving his property over to his wife, while the remainder of his belongings he distributed as alms to the poor.
From 11 April, Paris was placarded with posters headed Analyse de la Doctrine de Baboeuf, Tribun du Peuple, of which the opening sentence ran: " Nature has given to every man the right to the enjoyment of an equal share in all property ", and which ended with a call to restore the Constitution of 1793.
From any additive function f ( n ) it is easy to create a related multiplicative function g ( n ) i. e. with the property that whenever a and b are coprime we have:
From 1931 through 1933 there were overflows which inundated thousands of acres of farmland and destroyed much property.
From 1950 through 2009, 13 tornadoes were reported in Tipton County, resulting in two deaths and several injuries ; the total estimated property damage was over $ 3 million.
From 1950 through 2009, eight tornadoes were reported in Parke County ; none resulted in any deaths or injuries, but the total estimated property damage was over $ 280, 000.
From 1950 through 2009, six tornadoes were reported in Fountain County ; none resulted in any deaths, but the estimated property damage totaled more than $ 25 million.
From 1836 transient workers were brought to the area to work on the I & M Canal ; however, it was not until 1860, when the United States Government deeded property to a local settler, Hurls Polk, that the name " Polk " was given to the area.

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