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General and Headquarters
There, along the east bank of the Southern Bug, opposite the hamlet of Zhitzhakli a few miles north of the Black Sea, he arrived at General Headquarters of the Russian Army.
At General Headquarters the newcomer in turn got to know others.
In March 2008, ambassador Gustavo Machin Gomez met General Tariq Majid, the Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee ( CJCSC ) at Joint Staff Headquarters and discussed issues related to military cooperation.
The parliament also appoints the president of the Bank of Estonia, the Chief of the Headquarters of the Estonian Defense, the Comptroller General of Estonia, the Chancellor of Justice of Estonia and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Estonia, all on the proposal of the President of Estonia.
The liaison conference created in 1893 also made the Emperor the leader of the Imperial General Headquarters.
The General Headquarters was created with Spiro Moisiu as the commander and Enver Hoxha as political commissary.
Of the General Headquarters ( GHQ ) staff, nine members were in favour of the Treaty while four opposed it.
In December, Imperial General Headquarters, a structure completely autonomous from the elected government, ordered its forces in China to drive toward Nanking, the Chinese capital.
Navy Headquarters, which controlled the three fleet commands, was subordinate to the PLA General Staff Department.
( German General Headquarters for the Mediterranean zone ) in Frascati is bombed by USAAF.
With the imposition of the martial law led by then-Army Commander-in-Chief General Ayub Khan, the state capital was moved from Karachi to Army Generals Combatant Headquarters ( The GHQ ) at Rawalpindi in 1959, whilst the federal legislature was moved to Dacca.
** Frascati bombing raid September 8, 1943: The USAAF bombs the German General Headquarters for the Mediterranean zone.
In 2012 the IWW moved its General Headquarters offices to 2036 West Montrose, Chicago.
Under the emperor were a political cabinet and the Imperial General Headquarters, with two chiefs of staff.
To isolate the American forces stationed in the Philippines and to reduce American naval power, the Imperial General Headquarters ordered an attack on the U. S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on 7 December 1941.
In 1806 Napoleon Bonaparte took Reggio and made the city a Duchy and General Headquarters.
General Alfred Jodl, German Chief-of-Staff, signed the surrender at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force ( SHAEF ) as the representative for German President Karl Dönitz.
The French agreed to transfer Xiang to the Shanghai Garrison Headquarters, under the command of General Xiong Shihui, who subjected Xiang to relentless torture and interrogation.
The General Staff Headquarters in Tokyo initially decided not to expand the war due to heavy casualties and low morale of the troops.
The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly during its 62nd session at UN Headquarters in New York City on 13 September 2007, but only mentions " genocide ", not " cultural genocide ", although the article is otherwise unchanged.
In response to the Allied landings on Guadalcanal, the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters assigned the Imperial Japanese Army's ( IJA ) 17th Army, a corps-sized command based at Rabaul and under the command of Lieutenant General Harukichi Hyakutake, the task of retaking Guadalcanal.
However, the execution of each plan fell to the various theatre commanders, in the case of Fortitude this was Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force ( SHAEF ) under General Dwight D. Eisenhower.
) Oskar Alfred-Berger's letters, Stauffenberg had commented openly on the ill-treatment of the Jews when he " expressed outrage and shock on this subject to fellow officers in General Staff Headquarters in Vinnitsa ( Ukraine ) during the summer of 1942.
Being increasingly concerned about the heavy casualties sustained in taking Shanghai combined with the concomitant exhaustion of the troops and deteriorating military discipline, the General Staff Headquarters in Tokyo decided not to expand the war front any further.

General and United
Shortly the group would issue its report to the Secretary General, recommending Paul Bang-Jensen's dismissal from the United Nations.
The editorial concerned legislative proposals to ease the tax burden on DuPont stockholders, in connection with the United States Supreme Court ruling that DuPont must divest itself of its extensive General Motors stock holdings.
A Member of the United Nations which is in arrears in the payment of its financial contributions to the Organization shall have no vote in the General Assembly if the amount of its arrears equals or exceeds the amount of the contributions due from it for the preceding two full years ''.
According to the official interpretation of the Charter, a member cannot be penalized by not having the right to vote in the General Assembly for nonpayment of financial obligations to the `` special '' United Nations' budgets, and of course cannot be expelled from the Organization ( which you suggested in your editorial ), due to the fact that there is no provision in the Charter for expulsion.
Had it been bestowed while the Secretary General of the United Nations was living, unquestionably he would have been greatly encouraged in pursuing a difficult and, in many ways, thankless task.
The Attorney General shall assign such officers and employees of the Department of Justice as may be necessary to represent the United States as to any claims of the Government of the United States with respect to which the Commission has jurisdiction under this title.
if such person is deceased or is under a legal disability, payment shall be made to his legal representative: Provided, That if the total award is not over $500 and there is no qualified executor or administrator, payment may be made to the person or persons found by the Comptroller General of the United States to be entitled thereto, without the necessity of compliance with the requirements of law with respect to the administration of estates ; ;
in the case of a partnership or corporation, the existence of which has been terminated and on behalf of which an award is made, payment shall be made, except as provided in paragraphs ( 3 ) and ( 4 ), to the person or persons found by the Comptroller General of the United States to be entitled thereto ; ;
Whenever the Secretary of the Treasury, or the Comptroller General of the United States, as the case may be, shall find that any person is entitled to any such payment, after such payment shall have been received by such person, it shall be an absolute bar to recovery by any other person against the United States, its officers, agents, or employees with respect to such payment.
Recent events in the General Assembly of the United Nations confirm that the cold war will remain with us, and probably intensify, for the foreseeable future.
The Attorney General of the United States, in considering the power of the Secretary to issue similar regulations under the Wagner-Peyser Act relating to the interstate recruitment of farm workers, has rendered an opinion sustaining his authority.
* 1933 – Joycelyn Elders, American physician, 15th Surgeon General of the United States
* 1945 – World War II: Filipino troops of the 66th Infantry Regiment, Philippine Commonwealth Army, USAFIP-NL and the American troops of the 33rd and 37th Infantry Division, United States Army was liberated in Baguio City and they fought against the Japanese forces under by General Tomoyuki Yamashita.
* China Coast – closed in 1995 ; owned by General Mills Corp., formerly 52 locations throughout the United States
* 1944 – Antonia Novello, Puerto Rican physician, 14th Surgeon General of the United States
* 1955 – Alberto Gonzales, American politician, 80th United States Attorney General
* 1967 – Vietnam War: American General William Westmoreland says in a news conference that the enemy had " gained support in the United States that gives him hope that he can win politically that which he cannot win militarily.
Like the United Kingdom, prior to 1922 Australia used the rank Brigadier General
Category: United Nations General Assembly observers
The treaty was signed in Moscow on May 26, 1972 by the President of the United States, Richard Nixon and the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Leonid Brezhnev ; and ratified by the US Senate on August 3, 1972.
John Wesley consecrated Thomas Coke a " General Superintendent ," and directed that Francis Asbury also be consecrated for the United States of America in 1784, where the Methodist Episcopal Church first became a separate denomination apart from the Church of England.
In the United Nations General Assembly's 1947 resolution to partition Palestine, Bethlehem was included in the special international enclave of Jerusalem to be administered by the United Nations.

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