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Gidney and R
* Gidney, R. D. and Millar, W. P. J.
* Gidney, R. D. and Millar, W. P. J. Inventing Secondary Education: The Rise of the High School in Nineteenth-Century Ontario.

Gidney and .
The first Wood Badge training was organized by Francis " Skipper " Gidney and lectured at by Robert Baden-Powell and others at Gilwell Park ( United Kingdom ) in September 1919.
' Art e Scienza ' exhibition with works by Eric Bainbridge, Alastair Brotchie, Anthony Caro, Leonora Carrington, Ithell Colquhoun, Stephen Cox, Tony Cragg, Neil Cummings, Brian Eno, Barry Flanagan, Jeremy Gardiner, Eric Gidney, Jocelyn Godwin, Anthony Gormley, Paul Hayward, Allen Jones, Liliane Lijn, Peter Lowe, Kyeran Lyons, Conroy Maddox, Thomas Major, Kenneth Martin, Mary Martin, Alastair Morton, Hugh O ' Donnell, Andrew Owens, Digital Pictures, Mike Punt, Bridget Riley, Kurt Schwitters, Peter Sedgley, Jeffrey Steele, Paul Thomas, Philip West, and Alison Wilding.
The axe and log logo was conceived by the first Camp Chief, Francis Gidney, in the early 1920s to distinguish Gilwell Park from the Scout Headquarters.
Gidney wanted to associate Gilwell Park with the outdoors and Scoutcraft rather than the business or administrative Headquarters offices.
Seeing this, Gidney chose the axe and log as the totem of Gilwell Park.
Captain Francis " Skipper " Gidney became the first Camp Chief in May 1919 and served until 1923.
The Gidney Cabin was built and named in his honour in 1929 to serve as a training centre.
Potter created wood carvings at Gilwell Park, including the Jim Green Gate, Gidney Cabin, the Leopard Gates, and totems he carved for the 1929 World Jamboree.
Francis Gidney, the first Camp Chief, conducted the first Wood Badge course at Gilwell Park 8 – 19 September 1919.
* Gidney, W. T., Joseph Wolff, ( Biographies of eminent Hebrew Christians ), London Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews, 1903
* Little, S. and Gidney, C. 2004.

R and .
As our radius of penetration, R, increases, the area of new knowledge increases by Af, and the total of human knowledge becomes measured in terms of Af.
For United States expenditures under subsections ( A ), ( B ), ( D ), ( E ), ( F ), ( H ) through ( R ) of Section 104 of the Act or under any of such subsections, the rupee equivalent of $200 million.
Companies of all types have made great advances in production capabilities and efficiencies -- in modern equipment and new processes, enlarged R & D facilities, faster new product development.
M & R Dietetic Laboratories, Inc., Columbus, gives all its workers a facsimile checkbook -- each check showing the amount the company spends on a particular fringe.
Many companies have systems, particularly in R & D, which work more or less well, depending upon size and actual belief in the policy on the part of administration, as will be abundantly apparent in subsequent quotations.
We have set up a central R & D department, as well as engineering-management departments -- about 80 people working on problems related to those of our plants.
`` Above these jobs we have chief engineer for the company and vice-president of Engrg, R & Aj.
Paper electrophoresis was carried out on the concentrated samples in a Spinco model R cell using barbital buffer, pH 8.6, ionic strength 0.075, at room temperature on Whatman 3MM filter paper.
We say that N is nilpotent if there is some positive integer R such that Af.
for, using the fact that N and N' commute Af and so when R is sufficiently large every term in this expression for Af will be 0.
Since Af are linearly independent functions and the exponential function has no zeros, these R functions Af, form a basis for the space of solutions.
Some predictions had been made concerning factors R, N, I and Co on these inventories which appeared to be directly related to control and security aspects of personality functioning which were hypothesized as being of importance in differential Kohnstamm reactivity.
The action and reaction forces are R and Af, respectively, and are equal and opposite in direction.
An analysis of the vector relationships shows that the rake angle **yc and the friction angle **yt determine the vector direction Af of the force resultants R and Af.
It is difficult to measure the direction and magnitude of R directly.
This is not a constant value like Af, but varies with the thickness of the coating and the direction and magnitude of the resultants R and Af of Fig. 6.
If the rake angle **yc of the knife is high enough and the friction angle **yt between the front of the knife and the back of the chip is low enough to give a positive value for Af, the resultant vector R will lie above the plane of the substrate.
A sufficiently good approximation for determining the end reflection losses R can be obtained from the angle independent Fresnel formula: Af.
Moreover, by systematically varying the operating conditions in the first stage and always using the optimal Af-stage policy for the remaining stages, we shall eventually find the optimal policy for all R stages.
If all the operating variables were varied simultaneously, Af operations would be required to do the same job, and as R increases this increases very much more rapidly than the number of operations required by the dynamic program.
But even more important than this is the fact that the direct search by simultaneously varying all operating conditions has produced only one optimal policy, namely, that for the given feed state and R stages.
But Af is vastly larger than R.
Consider the process illustrated in Fig. 2.1, consisting of R distinct stages.
These will be numbered in the direction opposite to the flow of the process stream, so that stage R is the T stage from the end.
Let the state of the stream leaving stage R be denoted by a vector Af and the operating variables of stage R by Af.

R and D
Is your R & D or product development program tuned in to the commercial realities of the market??
Are there regular communications from the field, or meetings of sales and marketing personnel with R & D people??
* Davis, Donald R .; Riordan, Hugh D. ( 2004 ).
* Smissen, R. D. ( December 2002 ).
There were four kinds of allegiances ( Rittson v Stordy ( 1855 ) 3 Sm & G 230 ; De Geer v Stone ( 1882 ) 22 Ch D 243 ; Isaacson v Durant ( 1886 ) 54 LT 684 ; Gibson, Gavin v Gibson 3 KB 379 ; Joyce v DPP AC 347 ; Collingwood v Pace ( 1661 ) O Bridg 410 ; Lane v Bennett ( 1836 ) 1 M & W 70 ; Lyons Corp v East India Co ( 1836 ) 1 Moo PCC 175 ; Birtwhistle v Vardill ( 1840 ) 7 Cl & Fin 895 ; R v Lopez, R v Sattler ( 1858 ) Dears & B 525 ; Ex p Brown ( 1864 ) 5 B & S 280 );
( c ) Ligeantia localis, by operation of law, when a friendly alien enters the country, because so long as they are in the country they are within the Sovereign's protection, therefore they owe the Sovereign a local obedience or allegiance ( R v Cowle ( 1759 ) 2 Burr 834 ; Low v Routledge ( 1865 ) 1 Ch App 42 ; Re Johnson, Roberts v Attorney-General 1 Ch 821 ; Tingley v Muller 2 Ch 144 ; Rodriguez v Speyer AC 59 ; Johnstone v Pedlar 2 AC 262 ; R v Tucker ( 1694 ) Show Parl Cas 186 ; R v Keyn ( 1876 ) 2 Ex D 63 ; Re Stepney Election Petn, Isaacson v Durant ( 1886 ) 17 QBD 54 );
* Rowe, D. L. and R. L. Honeycutt.
* Auriga ( company ), a software R & D and IT outsourcing services provider
* 1956 – In Sri Lanka, the Mahajana Eksath Peramuna win the general elections in a landslide and S. W. R. D.
* W. Slavin, D. C. Manning, G. R.
J. Diggle and F. R. D. Goodyear ( 1972 ; 3 vols.
Low productivity and competitiveness on the European and world markets alike due to inadequate R & D funding and a lack of a clearly defined development policy remain a significant obstacle for foreign investment and economic growth.
In April 2007, Borland announced that it would be relocating its headquarters and R & D facilities to Austin, Texas.
George R. Law, Ph. D., provides this list of candidates, who may identify with Darius the Mede:
In simpler term, Biotechnology is the research and development in the laboratory that involves bioinformatics for exploration, extraction, exploitation and production from any living organisms and any source of biomass by means of biochemical engineering where high value-added products could be planned ( reproduced by Biosynthesis, for example ), fore-casted, formulated, developed, manufactured and marketed for the purpose of sustainable operations ( for the return from bottomless initial investment on R & D ) and gaining durable patents rights ( for exclusives rights for sales, and prior to this to receive national and international approval from the results on animal experiment and human experiment, especially on the pharmaceutical branch of biotechnology to prevent any undetected side-effects on safety concerns by using the products ), for more about the biotechnology industry, see.
This gave R. D. Low, the head of children's publications at D. C. Thomson at the time, the idea to create another Big Five, this time of comics intended for both boys and girls and consisting mainly of ' funnies ' and more lighthearted adventure and text stories.
* Vientiane Buffalos RUFC, a semi-pro rugby union football club from Vientiane, Lao P. D. R., consisting mostly of expatriate players

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