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H and .
For United States expenditures under subsections ( A ), ( B ), ( D ), ( E ), ( F ), ( H ) through ( R ) of Section 104 of the Act or under any of such subsections, the rupee equivalent of $200 million.
, S & H,, and.
Of interest is a recent announcement by Du Pont's Polychemicals Dept. of a new methyl methacrylate monomer designated as Monocite H 100, which was developed specifically for production of cast acrylic sheets for the sign and lighting industry.
Consider a shear field with a height of H and a cross-sectional area of A opposed by a manometer with a height of H ( referred to the same base as H ) and a cross-sectional area of A.
Af is the work necessary to fill the manometer column from the reference height to H.
The total volume of the system above the reference height is Af, and H can be eliminated to obtain an equation for the total potential energy of the system in terms of H.
The minimum total potential energy is found by taking the derivative with respect to H and equating to zero.
Here, H is the coatings removal force measured parallel to the surface of the substrate and T is the film thickness.
The measured force, H, in cutting removal of coatings from their substrates consequently can be seen to be the sum of that force required to cut the coating, Af, that due to the bluntness of the knife, Af, and that due to the friction between the bottom of the knife and the substrate, Af, or Af.
The gyro angular momentum is defined by H.
The next thing he knew he was reporting for duty as commanding officer of Troop H, 7th Cavalry, in the middle of corps maneuvers in Japan.
But his first few days with Troop H were full of surprises, beginning with First Sergeant Robert Early.
He set out to keep Troop H the best troop in the best regiment.
They found it at the junction between Troops H and G, and prepared to counterattack.
" Historian Donald described the speech as a " superb political move for an unannounced candidate, to appear in one rival's ( William H. Seward ) own state at an event sponsored by the second rival's ( Salmon P. Chase ) loyalists, while not mentioning either by name during its delivery.
On May 18, at the Republican National Convention in Chicago, Lincoln's friends promised and manipulated and won the nomination on the third ballot, beating candidates such as William H. Seward and Salmon P. Chase.
" Running the ' Machine ' ": An 1864 political cartoon takes a swing at Lincoln's administration — featuring William Fessenden, Edwin Stanton, William H. Seward | William Seward, Gideon Welles, Lincoln and others.

H and Science
* Davenport, Thomas H. and Harris, Jeanne G. Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning ( 2007 ) Harvard Business School Press.
In D. J. Depew and B H Weber, eds., Evolution at a Crossroads: The New Biology and the New Philosophy of Science, Cambridge MA: The MIT Press, pp. 43 – 63.
Science fiction author H. G. Wells noted, " Pym tells what a very intelligent mind could imagine about the south polar region a century ago.
" Fiorello H. La Guardia, Political Maverick " Political Science Quarterly 1990 105 ( 1 ): 113 – 122.
* " H. G. Wells's Idea of a World Brain: A Critical Re-assessment ", by W. Boyd Rayward, in Journal of the American Society for Information Science 50 ( 15 May 1999 ): 557 – 579
* " History in the Science Fiction of H. G. Wells ", by Patrick Parrinder, Cycnos, 22. 2 ( 2006 ).
His contributions to the genre as publisher were so significant that, along with H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, he is sometimes popularly called " The Father of Science Fiction ".
Links to Responses by Stanford Materials Science Professor Richard H. Bube and another member of the ASA Cohn Duricz.
In the July 20, 1956 issue of Science, Clyde Cowan, Frederick Reines, F. B. Harrison, H. W. Kruse, and A. D. McGuire published confirmation that they had detected the neutrino, a result that was rewarded almost forty years later with the 1995 Nobel Prize.
When he was seventeen, Bradbury read stories published in Astounding Science Fiction, and said he read everything by Robert A. Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke, and the early writings of Theodore Sturgeon and A. E. van Vogt, but cited H. G. Wells and Jules Verne as his big science fiction influences.
* Brooke, John H., Science And Religion: Some Historical Perspectives, New York: Cambridge University Press, 1991, ISBN 0-521-23961-3
* Stephen H. Schneider, Tim Flannery introduction ( 2009 ) Science as a Contact Sport: Inside the Battle to Save the Earth's Climate.
Stephen H. Goldman, " John Brunner's Dystopias: Heroic Man in Unheroic Society ", Science Fiction Studies 16, 1978
Dr. Thomas E. Lovejoy is the first Biodiversity Chair of the H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics and the Environment.
* Brooke, John H. Science and Religion: Some Historical Perspectives, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1991.
* William H. Riker, " The Two-party System and Duverger's Law: An Essay on the History of Political Science " American Political Science Review, 76 ( December, 1982 ), pp. 753 – 766.
* William H Riker Prize: administered by the University of Rochester, Department of Political Science
In December 1970, at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science ( AAAS ), its retiring president, geneticist H. Bentley Glass, cheered by the legalization of abortion in New York, envisioned a future where pregnant women would be required by the government to abort XYY " sex deviants ".
* Schmitt, Lothar M ; Nehaniv, Chrystopher L ; Fujii, Robert H ( 1998 ), Linear analysis of genetic algorithms, Theoretical Computer Science 208: 111 – 148
During the academic year 2005-6, he was briefly the Carl F. H. Henry Professor of Theology and Science at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, as well as the first director of the school's new Center for Theology and Science ( since replaced by prominent creationist Kurt Wise ).< ref >< cite > Creationist to will lead seminary science center </ cite > Peter Smith.
* Bush, Vannevar, ( 1950 ) Science, the Endless Frontier, Report from the Director of the OSRD to President H. Truman
Science fiction author Harry Turtledove has used the name H. N.
Carnegie Mellon has seven colleges and independent schools: the Carnegie Institute of Technology ( engineering ), College of Fine Arts, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Mellon College of Science, Tepper School of Business, H. John Heinz III College and the School of Computer Science.

H and Empty
There have been a number of novelizations by authors like Martin H. Greenberg, and fiction such as The Empty Throne, The Huntress and The Sphinx, The Thief Of Hermes, and Prophecy of Darkness.

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