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Halbert and N
& Halbert, J. N.
& Halbert, J. N.

Halbert and into
Pope AFB is named after First Lieutenant Harley Halbert Pope who was killed on 7 January 1919, when the Curtiss JN-4 Jenny he was flying crashed into the Cape Fear River.
In particular, it touches on the impact of such a system on the requirements of university students, one ( Dan Halbert ) of whom is forced into a dilemma in which he must decide whether to loan his computer to a fellow student ( Lissa Lenz ), who may or may not illegally access his purchased documents.

Halbert and Journal
The initial idea of record linkage goes back to Halbert L. Dunn in his 1946 article titled " Record Linkage " published in the American Journal of Public Health.

Halbert and .
* Kim, Tae-Hwan ; & White, Halbert.
At Bell Labs Clinton Joseph Davisson and Lester Halbert Germer guided their beam through a crystalline grid.
A son of John Murdoch, a former Hanoverian artillery gunner and a Millwright and tenant of Bello Mill on the estate of James Boswell in Auchinleck, he was educated until the age of ten at the Old Cumnock Kirk School before attending Auchinleck school under William Halbert, author of a highly regarded arithmetic textbook.
Construction on the fourth ( and current ) courthouse began that same year ; Halbert Fillinger and John Bayard were the architects.
Shoals is a town in Center and Halbert townships, Martin County, Indiana, United States.
In 1843, Terrill, along with Anson W. Halbert, built a sawmill on the Sebewa Creek, just west of " The Corners " located where the corners of four sections met along the eastern township line.
Halbert had arrived in 1841 and married one of Terrill's daughters and carried out some trade at the Corners.
The councilmembers as of 2011 are Bret Baldwin ( Mayor ), Dennis Richmond, John Daugherty, Scott Bradley, Bernard Grant, Colleen Halbert and Dave Brandon.
Steen was born in Leiden, where his well-to-do, Catholic family were brewers and ran the tavern The Red Halbert for two generations.
Clapp, along with Hiram F. Stevens, Ambrose Tighe, Thomas D. O ' Brien, and Clarence Halbert, was also a co-founder of William Mitchell College of Law.
At Bell Labs Clinton Joseph Davisson and Lester Halbert Germer guided their beam through a crystalline grid.
The company was established in 1865 when James Sargent and Halbert Greenleaf became partners.
Beauford Halbert Jester ( January 12, 1893 – July 11, 1949 ) was a U. S. political figure, the son of George Taylor Jester and his second wife, Frances Gordon Jester.
* Rongowhakaata Halbert, Horouta, Reed Books, 1999.
Inpop assigned former Sonicflood members Dwayne Larring and Jason Halbert to produce a third praise-and-worship album, to be called Revival — a none-too-subtle reference to the label's hopes for Petra's career.
Typical of the circumstance surrounding the shootings are the events connected with the deaths of PFC Dean Halbert and Pvt.

N and Derr
* Ward, T. J .; Bielawski, J. P .; Davis, S. K .; Templeton, J. W .; and Derr, J. N. ( 1999 ) Identification of Domestic Cattle Hybrids in Wild Cattle and Bison Species: A General Approach Using mtDNA Markers and the Parametric Bootstrap, Animal Conservation

N and J
Englewood Cliffs, N. J .: Prentice-Hall, Inc.
* J. N. D. Kelly, Early Christian Doctrines, 1978, ISBN 0-06-064334-X
* Fjeldså, J., & N. Krabbe ( 1990 ).
West ( 1967 ) for Alcidamas ' invention of the contest of Homer and Hesiod, N. J. Richardson ( 1981 ) against
J. N. L. Myres built upon this suspicion and speculated that belief in Pelagianism reflected an actively provincial outlook in Britain and that Vortigern represented the Pelagian party, while Ambrosius led the Catholic one.
For example, in the authoritative modern monograph about the creed, J. N. D.
As seen from the definition, the derived SI units of angular momentum are newton meter seconds ( N · m · s or kg · m < sup > 2 </ sup > s < sup >− 1 </ sup >) or joule seconds ( J · s ).
* J. Bardeen, L. N. Cooper, and J. R. Schrieffer, " Microscopic Theory of Superconductivity ", Phys.
* J. Bardeen, L. N. Cooper, and J. R. Schrieffer, " Theory of Superconductivity ", Phys.
* MacKie, E W 1997 Dun Mor Vaul re-visited, J. N. G.
Reprinted in L. S. Stavrianos, TheEpic of Man ( Englewood Cliffs, N. J .: PrenticeHall, 1971 ), pp. 465466.
( 1995 ) The life and times of Menelik II: Ethiopia, 1844-1913, Lawrenceville, N. J .: Red Sea Press, ISBN 1-56902-010-8
* Kelly, J. N. D.
* Kelly, J. N. D.
Findlay, J. N., trans.
The 21 consonant letters in the English alphabet are B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, V, X, Z, and usually W and Y: The letter Y stands for the consonant in " yoke ", the vowel in " myth " and the vowel in " funny ", and " yummy " for both consonant and vowel, for examples ; W almost always represents a consonant except in rare words ( mostly loanwords from Welsh ) like " crwth " " cwm ".
* McKeeman, William Marshall ; Horning, James J .; Wortman, David B., A Compiler Generator, Englewood Cliffs, N. J.: Prentice-Hall, 1970.

N and 1995
N. p., 21 July 1995.
* Read, Ian G .( 1995 ) Australia's central and western outback: the driving guide Crows Nest, N. S. W.
In 1995, U. S. and NATO aircraft attacked Bosnian Serb targets to halt attacks on U. N. safe zones and to pressure them into a peace accord.
* Watson, G. N., A Treatise on the Theory of Bessel Functions, Second Edition, ( 1995 ) Cambridge University Press.
In 1995, a gas of rubidium atoms cooled down to a temperature of 170 nK was used to experimentally realize the Bose-Einstein condensate, a novel state of matter originally predicted by S. N. Bose and Albert Einstein, wherein a large number of atoms occupy a single quantum state.
Two English translations of the Various History, by Fleming ( 1576 ) and Stanley ( 1665 ) made Aelian's miscellany available to English readers, but after 1665 no English translation appeared, until three English translations appeared almost simultaneously: James G. DeVoto, Claudius Aelianus: Ποιϰίλης Ἱοτορίας (" Varia Historia ") Chicago, 1995 ; Diane Ostrom Johnson, An English Translation of Claudius Aelianus ' " Varia Historia ", 1997 ; and N. G. Wilson, Aelian: Historical Miscellany in the Loeb Classical Library.
To verify the correctness of an FFT implementation, rigorous guarantees can be obtained in O ( N log N ) time by a simple procedure checking the linearity, impulse-response, and time-shift properties of the transform on random inputs ( Ergün, 1995 ).
Wappingers Falls, N. Y .: Antique Collectors Club, 1995.
* Diehl, J. F., Safety of irradiated foods, Marcel Dekker, N. Y., 1995 ( 2.
* Robert, P. & Scott, N., ( 1995 ) " A History of Pagan Europe ".
* Bailey, Richard N., " St Oswald's Heads ", in C. Stancliffe and E. Cambridge ( eds ), Oswald: Northumbrian King to European Saint ( 1995, 1996 ).
* Bisson, Thomas N .; Cultures of Power: Lordship, Status, and Process in Twelfth-Century Europe ( University of Pennsylvania Press, 1995 )
* Rothbard, Murray N. Making Economic Sense, Chapter 51: Making Government-Business Partnerships ISBN 0-945466-18-8 ( 1995 )
The original SVM algorithm was invented by Vladimir N. Vapnik and the current standard incarnation ( soft margin ) was proposed by Vapnik and Corinna Cortes in 1995.
In 1995, Corinna Cortes and Vladimir N. Vapnik suggested a modified maximum margin idea that allows for mislabeled examples.
* Vapnik, Vladimir N .; The Nature of Statistical Learning Theory, Springer-Verlag, 1995.
Harry N. Abrams, Inc. 1995.
Harry N. Abrams, Inc. 1995.
Harry N. Abrams, Inc. ( 1995 )
In Revue et Corrigé, N ° 26, December 1995, p. 35
Until 1995, there was the Silver Creek Communications Annex 41 ° 20 ' 46. 00 " N 97 ° 43 ' 18. 18 " W a station of the Survivable Low Frequency Communications System of the United States Air Force.
A Penny A View ... An Album of Postcard Views ... Stillwater, N. J. ( Newton, NJ: Historic Preservation Alternatives, 1995 ).

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