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Some Related Sentences

Has and same
* " Has the same birthday as " on the set of all people.
** " Has the same absolute value " on the set of real numbers
** " Has the same cosine " on the set of all angles.
# Has previously been declared to be a vexatious litigant by any state or federal court of record in any action or proceeding based upon the same or substantially similar facts, transaction, or occurrence.
She returned to No. 1 on the same charts in November 2004 with " Everyman ... Everywoman ...," a reworking of her song " Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him ", in January 2008, with " No No No ," and in August 2008, with " Give Peace a Chance.
Pope Saint Adeodatus I or Deodatus I ( which is Given by God in Latin, also called Deusdedit, which is God Has Given ; both are now considered variants of the same name ) ( died 8 November 618 ) was Pope from 13 November 615 to his death.
This period also saw a number of side projects, including the live jazz performances of 1996's How Long Has This Been Going On, from the same year Tell Me Something: The Songs of Mose Allison, and 2000's The Skiffle Sessions – Live in Belfast 1998, all of which found Morrison paying tribute to his early musical influences.
Has the same advantages for target shooters but is easier to load into the gun and works more reliably in semi-automatic guns.
Mountain Home Has two rairoads that use the same line.
That same year his autobiography This Terrible Business Has Been Good to Me was published, expressing the enthusiasm, conviction and creative passion that have sustained a rewarding career.
* DIL headers – Has pins with the same spacings as standard DIL ICs.
) Has little tolerance for stupidity and sucking up ( usually done at the same time by Newt ), and can quickly slip into a drill sergeant-esque tirade that would make R. Lee Ermey proud.
David Tibet, the primary creative force behind the experimental music / neofolk music group Current 93, named the group's album Sleep Has His House after the Anna Kavan book of the same title.
" Later in the same year, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch would write in praise of the novel in an essay entitled " A St. Louis Woman Who Has Turned Fame Into Literature.
The Wind Done Gone is the same story, but told from the viewpoint of Cynara, a mulatto slave on Scarlett's plantation and the daughter of Scarlett's father and Mammy ; the title is an African American Vernacular English sentence that might be rendered " The Wind Has Gone " in Standard American English.
Jor-El also appears in the Justice League Unlimited episode " For The Man Who Has Everything ," an adaptation from the print story of the same name written by Alan Moore, which originally appeared in 1985's Superman Annual.
The same samples were also used on Megadeth's " The Scorpion " from the 2004 album The System Has Failed, the Spin Doctors ' " What Time Is It ," Chamillionaire's song " The Morning News ," off his 2007 album, Ultimate Victory, and Jonathan Coulton's song " Shop Vac.
The album met with a large underground success, as it followed the same path Violence Has Arrived did, but this time with a more serious and technical edge, partially thanks to the efforts of new lead guitarist Cory Smoot ( Flattus Maximus ) and bass guitarist Todd Evans ( Beefcake the Mighty ).
* Brick: Has the same criteria as the bottle, but is thrown instead of swung.
Has same games.
Has the same body shape as the standard Jaguar, but is equipped with two low-output Fender designed Dragster humbucking pickups, a fixed adjusto-matic bridge ( similar to a Gibson Tune-O-Matic ), a 24 " scale length, and chrome knobs.
Has the same things as others except his moods are modified.
Has the same moves, but are all more powerful and can jump much higher too.
Others are " Kentucky Woman ", originally from the album " The Book of Taliesyn " from 1968, " Mandrake Root " from the same album that originally featured " Hush ", and " Bird Has Flown " from the album Deep Purple, or Deep Purple III, released in 1969.

Has and image
Jennings referred to the over-exploitation of the image in the song " Don't You Think This Outlaw Has Gone a Bit Out of Hand?
However, he refused to contribute to the Futurama episode " Where No Fan Has Gone Before " or allow his image to be used in it, and was " replaced " in the episode by the created character " Welshie " who was ultimately given the redshirt treatment.
Has body image problems ( she occasionally vomits after meals ) and is attracted to Sick Boy.
Has not the artificier of wood made an image, or the goldsmiths, having melted gold, gilt it over, and made it a similitude ?"().
It is contended that the use of this screenshot image from a cartoon or other broadcast media qualifies as Fair Use when used in the article on Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants for the following reasons.
He had clever gadgets ( such as a cane whose head becomes a projectile and a diamond stud that fires teargas ) and he usually left behind a calling card bearing the image of a clock-face and the words " The Clock Has Struck.

Has and under
Has not that way been lit always by the lamp of liberalism up until the turning back under Eisenhower??
About 3. 6 % of families and 5. 8 % of the population were below the poverty line, including 9. 1 % of those under age 18 and 5. 8 % of those age 65 or over. Hellam Twp Has 2 Fire departments Hellam ( 21 )& Wrightsville ( 41 ).
# Has been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions ;
Has been printed under various labels over the years.
In Finland, Liikkuva Poliisi Has the primary responsibility of traffic policing, although regional police units occasionally organize sting operations to catch people driving under the influence and to monitor seatbelt and mobile phone usage.
In 2009, a German film collector discovered a print of it and brought it to the attention of CBS / Paramount, which then released it under the title " Where No Fan Has Gone Before "-The Restored, Unaired Alternate Pilot Episode as part of the TOS season 3 box set on Blu-ray ; it has not yet been released on DVD.
In 1991, ten more were added: Bulqizë ( previously under Dibër ), Delvinë ( Vlorë ), Devoll ( Korçë ), Has ( Kukës ), Kavajë ( Durrës ), Kuçovë ( Berat ), Kurbin ( Krujë ), Malësi e Madhe ( Shkodër ), Mallakastër ( Fier ) and Peqin ( Elbasan ); giving the map we have today: Albania Counties.
Has been known to display a better side to his nature when not under the influence of the other two.
The duo recorded a second album, a hip hop jazz album " Once in a Blue Moon ", in 1994 under their new name ' FMob '. The duo also Has written a few Television theme songs as well, like " Hanging with Mr. Cooper ", TV show " Roc ", and BET's " Video soul ".
:# Has the Government of the United States committed acts of aggression against Vietnam under the terms of international law?
In Junie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed, he tells her about the monster that lives under the bed which rekindles her fear of monsters.
# Junie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed (# 8 ) ( 1997 ) ( ISBN 0-679-86697-3 ) During Picture Day when Junie B. is told by Paulie Allen Puffer that a monster lurks under her bed, she takes desperate actions to make it go away, which also causes her get less sleep.
* Guy Chadbury: Has controlling interests in several munitions companies and is under Shiwan's control / influence.
* Has the function of accepting on behalf of the House of Representatives a gift, except as otherwise provided by law, if the gift does not involve a duty, burden, or condition, or is not made dependent on some future performance by the House ; and promulgating regulations under which to do so.
* Has an existing Water District which is now under the Partido Development Authority ( PDA )
The opening track, " Tight Connection to My Heart ( Has Anybody Seen My Love )", was originally recorded for 1983's Infidels under the title " Someone's Got a Hold of My Heart " ( eventually released on The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 ( Rare & Unreleased ) 1961-1991 ).
*( NOTE 3 ): Has failed and is now under receivership with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
* Has been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions

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