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knew and Lincoln
Lincoln learned from his chief of staff General Henry Halleck, a student of the European strategist Jomini, of the critical need to control strategic points, such as the Mississippi River ; he also knew well the importance of Vicksburg and understood the necessity of defeating the enemy's army, rather than simply capturing territory.
Thus, it has been suggested that Adams is the only major figure in American history who knew both the Founding Fathers and Abraham Lincoln, though Martin Van Buren knew Founding Fathers Thomas Jefferson and his mentor Aaron Burr and met the young Lincoln while on a campaign trip through Illinois.
Abraham Lincoln had become convinced that the appropriate objective for his Eastern army was the army of Robert E. Lee's, not any geographic features such as a capital city, but he and his generals knew that the most reliable way to bring Lee to a decisive battle was to threaten his capital.
They knew the Lincoln Highway name was fixed in the mind of the public, and James promised them that, so far as possible, the Lincoln Highway would have the number 30 for its entire route.
So while the date of his death in the latter novel does not precede his adventures in the former novel, some chronological inconsistencies still exist: Cyrus and Gideon knew of Captain Nemo years before Aronnax published his story ; Nemo being trapped under Lincoln Island all during the time in 20, 000 Leagues Under The Sea.
Lincoln was aghast, but outsmarted Greeley by appointing him to a peace commission he knew the Confederates would repudiate.
He also tried to pressure Lincoln by repeatedly threatening resignation, which he knew would cause Lincoln difficulties with the Radical Republicans.
* He knew Lincoln 1907
An example of rhetorical device is this passage attributed to a speech by Abraham Lincoln about a political adversary in which Lincoln said that his adversary had " dived down deeper into the sea of knowledge and come up drier than any other man he knew ".
Sumner, however, knew that the pressure of the Civil War would eventually cause President Lincoln to free the slaves.
General Benjamin Lincoln, commanding those forces, knew that he could not recapture Savannah without naval assistance ; for this he turned to the French, who had entered the war as an American ally in 1778.
Mr Lincoln knew that I had answered that question over and over again.
Lincoln wrote to a friend in 1838: " I knew she was oversize, but now she appeared a fair match for Falstaff ".
Following Lincoln ’ s assassination, Herndon began to collect stories of Lincoln ’ s life from those who knew him.
There were about five and a half days rations of coffee, and less than two days of bread and salt left ; the distance to the Black Hills was definitely not known, and the Ree Indian scouts, who alone knew anything of the intervening country, left us at this point to carry dispatches to Fort Lincoln.

knew and other
But if they really hoped to succeed they needed professionals, men who knew how to use a gun against men, who would match the killers on the other side.
Two uniformed officers, a couple of plain-clothesmen I knew, and two other men stood on a gray cement area next to the pool on my left.
The two in the bed knew each other as old people know the partners with whom they have shared the same bed for many years, and they needed to say no more.
It was easy to see that they were made for each other, and they knew what they wanted.
Only a few other people -- very important people -- knew of the nitrogen-mustard eggs nestled below decks.
Though he knew no more about military science and tactics than any other desk officer, he managed to get transferred to the combat forces.
And the bed that sagged in a certain place where all the weight had been put too many times before and the walls fine and thin for overhearing talk in the next room when Gratt went out for ice, the sound coming through the walls like something on the other side of the curtain, so you knew they heard you when they were quiet and while you lay wondering what they had heard you listened.
Another neurologist, Franz Nissl ( 1860 – 1919 ), began to work in the same asylum with Alzheimer, and they knew each other.
The surprised director asked Whorf how he knew about the secret procedure, and he simply answered: " You couldn't do it in any other way.
Fuller earned a machinist's certification, and knew how to use the press brake, stretch press, and other tools and equipment used in the sheet metal trade.
He knew patristic literature, as well as Pliny the Elder, Virgil, Lucretius, Ovid, Horace and other classical writers.
At the beginning of the 20th century, half of the population of Lower Brittany knew only Breton, the other half being bilingual.
For example: if five ancient historians, none of whom knew each other, all claim that Julius Caesar seized power in Rome in 49 BCE, this is strong evidence in favor of that event occurring even if each individual historian is only partially reliable.
And, when I began to read the nursery rhymes for myself, and, later, to read other verses and ballads, I knew that I had discovered the most important things, to me, that could be ever.
At one point, while aboard HMS Mercury, she anchored off New York, where, among other visitors, the captain entertained William Tryon ; Allen reports that Tryon glanced at him without any sign of recognition, although it is likely the New York governor knew who he was.
These people knew no way of making a living other than the criminal activities that had made China too hot for them.
It was Rohmer's contention that he based Fu Manchu and other " Yellow Peril " mysteries on real Chinese crime figures he knew during his time as a newspaper reporter covering Limehouse activities.
Aubrey has been criticised for his evident credulousness in this and other works ; on the other hand, he knew Thomas Hobbes, Bacon's fellow-philosopher and friend.
In the spring he stayed briefly in Bramley, Leeds, with his sister Marjorie and her husband Humphrey Dakin, who was as unappreciative of Blair as when they knew each other as children.
" As he Emperor Alexios I knew that the Pisans were skilled in sea warfare and dreaded a battle with them, on the prow of each ship he had a head fixed of a lion or other land-animal, made in brass or iron with the mouth open and then gilded over, so that their mere aspect was terrifying.
In 1980, Julian Simon repeatedly challenged environmental scientists to bet against him on trends in prices of commodities, asserting that humanity would never run out of anything ... Paul and the other scientists knew that the five metals in the proposed wager were not critical indicators and said so at the time ...
Through his friend Richard Lower, whom he knew from the Westminster School, Locke was introduced to medicine and the experimental philosophy being pursued at other universities and in the Royal Society, of which he eventually became a member.
Each side sought to blame the other for the failure, but both knew that they could not take Egypt without the other's assistance: the alliance was maintained, and plans for another campaign in Egypt were made, which ultimately were to come to naught.
The Japanese Ambassador to the United States Nomura knew this, but managed to give each government the idea that the other had already agreed to the draft as the basis for negotiation.

knew and Billy
Billy Steinberg knew Celine Dion and had written " Falling Into You ," which was the title track of her 1996 album.
Mr. Milne (" Billy " to one and all who knew him ) started at once with his idea and by the latter part of the summer of 1909 had formed a troop of Boy Scouts with about a dozen boys from the Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church, Barre, Vermont, Mr. James Grearson, teacher.
Other notable residents included Patricia Kennealy-Morrison, who exchanged marriage vows in a Celtic Pagan handfasting ceremony in June 1970 with The Doors singer Jim Morrison, and who is the author of twelve books ( and who knew Billy Hayes in high school ).
Baldwin also knew Marlon Brando, Charlton Heston, Billy Dee Williams, Huey P. Newton, Nikki Giovanni, Jean-Paul Sartre, Jean Genet ( with whom he campaigned on behalf of the Black Panther Party ), Lee Strasberg, Elia Kazan, Rip Torn, Alex Haley, Miles Davis, Amiri Baraka, Martin Luther King, Jr., Margaret Mead, Josephine Baker, Allen Ginsberg and Maya Angelou.
On the other hand, in an interview for the web site TV Squad, Billy West states that his Zapp Brannigan is an imitation of Hartman and also " modeled after a couple of big dumb announcers I knew.
" Time reported in 1962 that Johnson knew that for a party thrown in Johnson's honor that year, a Goldberg aide, Jerry Holleman, solicited contributions from wealthy supporters of Johnson, including Billy Sol Estes.
Helena also claimed that " Billy knew all the languages in the world, while my father only knew twenty-seven.
Billy Sheehan was from Buffalo, and we all knew about Billy before the rest of the country did.
Five people who knew Billy signed affadavits that they identified Roberts and the Kid as one and the same.
She never knew the truth of his identity, because her father, Thomas U. Roberts, had helped to hide Billy / Brushy.
According to Wyatt's testimony later, 18 year-old Billy Clanton asked him insolently if he had any more horses to " lose ," but he gave the horse up without first being shown the ownership papers, demonstrating to Wyatt that Billy knew to whom the horse belonged.
Band of Gypsies bassist Billy Cox described " Red House " as " Jimi's way of using his musical roots, everything he knew and understood best, in a pop context ".
In his book 700 Sundays, actor / comedian Billy Crystal writes: " Another of my mom's cousins was married to a woman whom I knew as Cousin Marjorie.

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