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Henry and IV
* 1593 Pierre Barrière fails in his attempt to assassinate King Henry IV of France.
* 1503 King James IV of Scotland marries Margaret Tudor, daughter of King Henry VII of England at Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh, Scotland.
* 1572 Marriage in Paris, France of the Huguenot King Henry IV of Navarre to Margaret of Valois, in a supposed attempt to reconcile Protestants and Catholics.
Bilingual Franco-Turkish translation of the 1604 Franco-Ottoman alliance | Franco-Ottoman Capitulations between Sultan Ahmed I and Henry IV of France, published by François Savary de Brèves in 1615.
* 1598 Henry IV of France issues the Edict of Nantes, allowing freedom of religion to the Huguenots.
Although some sources state that Ealdred attended the coronation of Emperor Henry IV, this is not possible, as on the date that Henry was crowned, Ealdred was in England consecrating an abbot.
He enhanced this by bribing the German king Henry IV with 360, 000 gold pieces to attack the Normans in Italy, which forced the Normans to concentrate on their defenses at home in 1083 1084.
In 1474, King Henry IV of Castile died without a male heir.
Isabella died in 1455 and Afonso married again ( although not recognized by the Papacy ) in 1475, this time to Joanna of Castile ( known as " La Beltraneja "), daughter of Henry IV of Castile and Joan of Portugal.
This marriage was an attempt to inherit the throne of Castile as Joan was the sole daughter of Henry IV.
* Alfonso of Castile, Prince of Asturias, figurehead of rebelling magnates against his brother King Henry IV of Castile.
The reigns of King Przemysł II of Poland ( 1296 ), William the Silent of the Netherlands ( 1584 ), and the French kings Henry III ( 1589 ) and Henry IV ( 1610 ) were all ended by assassins.
In 1600, after the Treaty of Vervins, conflict returned between Henry IV of France and Savoy, and Lesdiguières retook Barcelonnette until the conclusion of the Treaty of Lyon on 17 January the following year.
Warbeck was proclaimed King Richard IV in Bodmin but Henry had little difficulty crushing the uprising.
He thus broke allegiance with Philip and assembled a broad coalition including Emperor Otto IV, King John I of England, Duke Henry I of Brabant, Count William I of Holland, Duke Theobald I of Lorraine, and Duke Henry III of Limburg.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. in his famous article, " The Path of the Law ", commented, " It is revolting to have no better reason for a rule of law than that so it was laid down in the time of Henry IV.
Some notable collectors were Pope Boniface VIII, Emperor Maximilian of the Holy Roman Empire, Louis XIV of France, Ferdinand I, Henry IV of France and Elector Joachim II of Brandenburg, who started the Berlin Coin Cabinet ( German: Münzkabinett Berlin ).
* then to Henry III of Navarre, who became Henry IV of France, of the House of Bourbon, a cadet branch of the Capetian dynasty.
** Henry IV ( 1589 1610 )
By the time of Henry IV, bargaining by the peasants for the benefit of the group was the norm.

Henry and 1589
** Henry III ( 1574 1589 )
* Henry III ( 1574 1589 )
When the Protestant Henry IV inherited the French throne in 1589, Elizabeth sent him military support.
** Henry III, 1574 1589
** Henry IV the Great, 1589 1610
Henry of Navarre was the heir presumptive and now effective King of France, so when he converted to Catholicism he was recognised by both Catholics and Protestants as King Henry IV ( reigned 1589 1610 ).
The most remarkable event of Clement VIII's reign was the reconciliation to the Church of Henry IV of France ( 1589 1610 ), after long negotiations, carried on with great dexterity through Cardinal Arnaud d ' Ossat, that resolved the complicated situation in France.
Mindful of the origin of his success, Innocent IX supported, during his two months ' pontificate, the cause of Philip II and the Catholic League against Henry IV of France ( 1589 1610 ) in the civil Wars of Religion ( 1562 1598 ), where a papal army was in the field.
The practice of civilian duelling, with specifically designed civilian swords such as the Italian Cinquedea and Swiss Baselard, became so popular that according to one scholar: " In France during the reign of Henry IV ( 1589 1610 ), more than 4, 000 French aristocrats were killed in duels in an eighteen-year period ... During the reign of Louis XIII ( 1610 1643 )... in a twenty-year period 8, 000 pardons were issued for murders associated with duels.
* 1551 Henry III of France ( d. 1589 )
* April 13 Catherine de ' Medici, queen of Henry II of France ( d. 1589 )
** Jacques Clément, French assassin of Henry III of France ( d. 1589 )
* September 19 King Henry III of France ( d. 1589 )
Henry III of Navarre, who was also count of Foix, in 1589 ascended the French throne as Henry IV, and by an edict of 1607 established the head of the French state, along with the bishop of Urgel, as co-princes of Andorra.
Saumur, however, and the Saumurois, for which King Henry IV had in 1589 created an independent military governor-generalship in favour of Duplessis-Mornay, continued till the Revolution to form a separate gouvernement, which included, besides Anjou, portions of Poitou and Mirebalais.
Catherine de ' Medici ( Italian: Caterina de ' Medici, 13 April 1519 5 January 1589 ), daughter of Lorenzo II de ' Medici and of Madeleine de La Tour d ' Auvergne, was a Franco / Italian noblewoman who was Queen consort of France from 1547 until 1559, as the wife of King Henry II of France.
When Henry III was assassinated on 31 July 1589, Navarre became the first Bourbon king of France as Henry IV.
* Henry IV, the Great ( 1589 1610 )

Henry and
Lewis Henry Morgan ( 1818 1881 ), a lawyer from Rochester, New York, became an advocate for and ethnological scholar of the Iroquois.
* Henry Austin ( architect ) ( 1804 1891 ), American architect
* Henry Austin ( baseball ) ( 1844 1904 ), American baseball player
Fort Henry on the Tennessee River was in an especially unfavorable low lying location commanded by hills on the Kentucky side of the river.
* 1810 Philip Henry Gosse, English naturalist ( d. 1888 )
* 1777 Henry Clay, American statesman ( d. 1852 )
* 1513 Edmund de la Pole, Yorkist pretender to the English throne, is executed on the orders of Henry VIII.
* 1172 Henry the Young King and Margaret of France are crowned as junior king and queen of England.
* 1865 James Henry Breasted, American archaeologist and historian ( d. 1935 )
* 1844 James Henry Greathead, English engineer ( d. 1896 )
* 1904 Henry Iba, American basketball player and coach ( d. 1993 )
* 1854 Henry David Thoreau publishes Walden.
* 1610 Henry Hudson sails into what is now known as Hudson Bay thinking he had made it through the Northwest Passage and reached the Pacific Ocean.
The most important Canadian theorist was an American immigrant, Henry Wise Wood, president of the United Farmers of Alberta ( UFA ) during that movement's time as the governing party of the province ( 1921 1935 ).
In the mid-19th century important leaders included Transcendentalists such as Ralph Waldo Emerson ( 1803 1882 ) and Henry David Thoreau ( 1817 1862 ).
* William Alexander Henry September 30, 1875
* Sir Samuel Henry Strong September 30, 1875
* 1815 Richard Henry Dana, Jr., American lawyer, politician, and author ( d. 1882 )
* 1910 James Henry Govier, English painter ( d. 1974 )
* 1912 Henry Jones, American actor ( d. 1999 )
* 1607 English colonists make landfall at Cape Henry, Virginia.
* 1730 Henry Clinton, English general ( d. 1795 )

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